The Herald clearly has a pro-Trump bias

Ignoring the partisan rant by one reader of The Herald who apparently forgot to read the Constitution but readily spews right-wing media propaganda, I’d like to focus on what appears to be an intentional bias towards this president from your editors.

First, your headline the day after the fake trial conducted by Republicans was consistent with many papers I’ve seen across the country. However, the slant you placed below it “Senate’s swift vote goes almost exclusively along party lines” completely sidesteps the heroic action taken by Sen. Romney, in the face of brutal verbal assaults and threats by this dictator wannabe. Perhaps a more accurate line would be “Romney breaks with party to be the only senator ever to vote to remove a president of his own party”? That would, in fact, give a significant nod to how egregious Trump’s conduct is.

Then, you take your partisanship one step further. What’s the most significant story of the day? The president’s Stalinesque attack on those who did their legal duty, responding to subpoenas and testifying despite the threats (now realized) against them. Nary a word on that page about how true patriots stood up courageously against the purge that this man is conducting in violation of every norm that has held our country together over 200 years.

What’s your coverage? The death of a wheel-chaired athlete (which holds some human interest) and blather about a murder trial. How does that trial affect the vast majority of your readers? Not at all. I’ll give you the $30 car tabs article by the AP, but the murder case outcome needed to be buried and this most-undemocratic president’s grab on totalitarian-like power moved to that front-page spot.

You have a responsibility to fight for objectivity. You failed. Shame on you.

David Krause


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