Time to amend or repeal the Second Amendment

I keep waiting for someone with a brain to point out the flaws in the Second Amendment, but it hasn’t happened. I guess I’ll have to do it myself.

I’m a retired U.S. history teacher. The Second Amendment states “the need for a well-regulated militia,” and thus the need for citizens to own guns. We no longer need a militia; we have a National Guard and a standing Army. The reason for the Second Amendment no longer exists.

Unfortunately, the fire power of modern weapons has far outstripped anything the original writers of the Second Amendment could imagine. They had single-shot muzzle-loaders. Now a single shooter can kill numerous people before he can be stopped. And this has happened far too often.

Also, unfortunately, the NRA has turned the Second Amendment into a “sacred right,” and fights any effort to curb the proliferation of weapons.

Therefore, the Second Amendment needs to be amended or better yet, removed, so reasonable gun laws can be enacted and this gun-madness stopped.

David Dollarhide


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