Trump stood up to China on trade

Maybe Trump was as dangerous as Nancy Pelosi and friends said he was, but they never said why. So, as usual, we can only speculate.

He stood up to China and proclaimed American exceptionalism; probably not music to the ears for global corporations who profit from a stable, global economy. Any threat that would de-stabilize trade relations with the world’s greatest manufacturer would not fit their agenda.

China is ruled by a thug regime without ethics or moral persuasion for guidance. China can be compared to a three-year-old infant, who, when deprived, immediately throws a tantrum. Except, in this case, the infant has a vast, up-to-date nuclear arsenal attached as warheads to myriad missiles ready to fly at a hair-trigger notice.

Trump was a patriotic symbol. Patriotism and American exceptionalism are dying. Perhaps Trump’s re-election loss symbolized the proverbial nails hammered into the coffin. Now the globalists can once again relax and bask in the warm sunshine of economic excess.

Sadly, we have forfeited decency for security. China’s human rights violations are documented. Socialism is no longer the ideology that guides leadership. Rather, the new ideology is profit margin, an ideology that loomed roughshod over the welfare of American textile workers in the early 20th century, it has now become the brutal taskmaster over the common Chinese laborer.

As for America. It will never be great again. But it had its days.

Dan Palmer


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