Trump voters need to understand why some oppose him

Regarding, Mike Mitchell’s April 6 commentary (“What a Trump voter wants you to know”). I too am a product of the ’50s, voted for the first time in the ’60s. But do not limit myself to vote for the party that I am registered for. I vote for the person who is best for the job. And yes, I am registered as a Democrat, but view all who run for office as having worthwhile ideas, for the most part.

If Twitter, Instagram, etc., had been available 50 years ago, would the person holding the top position in our country use those social media tools to publicly name call, bully and belittle those who speak negatively of them? Would any top level government leaders speak of things that, on the face of the statement look good, but later are fact-checked to be false.

TV was around but I don’t recall any previous president governing by trends on Fox or any other news platforms. Yes the country is doing OK. But is that a result of Trump’s style of governing or just the way it is. I feel sorry about the folks that call you names, as they lower themselves to the same level as Trump. So let’s move on.

There will always be folks that disagree with opinions. I do recall a sage from the past telling me not to discuss sex, religion or politics. As those topics render feelings illustrated in your commentary.

D. Johnson


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