Trump’s big lie and GOP voter suppression threats to democracy

There are two active and interrelated juggernauts that is currently poisoning the United States political landscape.

One is the damning and poisonous belief that the 2020 election was stolen wholesale from former president and narcissistic psychopath Donald Trump. That millions adhere to this toxic myth is both a testament and a warning about the power of unrelenting political propaganda.

The other is the incredible and unprecedented attack on voting rights choreographed by today’s Republican party. Both of these realities present a clear threat to the Republic.

It’s not possible to quantify the full scope of damage levied by Trump. Next to his wholesale and unrivaled commitment to environmental collapse and destruction his unrelenting attacks on both free elections and the right to vote may well be his greatest achievements. This coupled with the incredible loathing and hatred of democracy showcased by Republicans with their historic avalanche of over 300 voter suppression bills is horrifying.

And let us be clear: These voter suppression bills are not targeting affluent white people. The current political polarization that is highlighted by both the belief and adherence to an epic lie and an unprecedented attack on voting rights cannot be left unchallenged.

Reasoned and caring people need to rise up and voice their belief in both the integrity of elections and the right of all Americans to vote. This is the only real power that can prevail over this historic and unprecedented attack on American democracy.

Jim Sawyer


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