Trump’s decisions on environment a blessing in disguise

Trump has just rescinded the order that requires ethanol to be added to gasoline; that order presumably reduced smog. Ethanol is made by fermenting corn, and Obama supported this, because, as a senator from Illinois, he wanted to give corn farmers a good hand up. However, it takes more energy to grow, process, and deliver ethanol than there is in the ethanol itself, resulting in a net energy loss. (Do you think it would be smart to burn 100 barrels of oil in order to get 70 barrels of oil out of the ground?) Many of us were opposed to the ethanol plan because of that fact. Trump got rid of the plan because he hates anything that Obama achieved. Bad motive, good outcome!

Trump is mad at China, so he instituted heavy tariffs This will slow down world trade. Approximately a third of the carbon dioxide released every year comes from transportation, where boats, planes, cars, trucks, and trains race around the world distributing plastic bottles and trinkets. If Trump succeeds, the earth will be happy, because the industrial onslaught that has been roaring for a couple of centuries will be ameliorated. Trump’s anger at China is a bit stupid, but the outcome could be a blessing in disguise.

The only major religious leader to harp on this is the pope. Catholics revere Mary, the Mother, a stand-in for Mother Earth.

Trump turns out to be an inadvertent environmentalist! I bet he can’t see that.

John Lindstrom


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