TSA agents can help prevent another shutdown

I would like to commend Robert Breisch for his Jan. 23 letter to the editor (“TSA agents should go off job to force end to shutdown”). An organized united TSA group would have some real power if and when the word shutdown is mentioned again in government. Boycott en mass and see how fast a shutdown goes nowhere. The threat of boycott would stop it cold.

This 35-day shutdown cost the economy an estimated $6 billion, plus all the hassle and stress for furloughed employees. And for what? A wall or fence that can be tunneled under or flown over? The $5.7 billion the president wants would be better spent doing something meaningful and worthwhile.

In a previous letter, I wrote that Washington is becoming more “blue” steadily, and unless you’re a Democrat, your vote doesn’t count for much. But praise God, The Herald has the “Have your say” section in which I can “vote” as often as my correspondence gets published.

There is so much injustice and inequality in this world. I’d like to see it reversed, where things are more fair. Hopefully you would, too.

Richard Raymond


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