Two protests in Snohomish threat to us, democracy

Two groups appeared in Snohomish on Aug. 15. The first endangered our children and responsible citizens. The second aimed to destroy democracy. And while both groups brayed about patriotism, neither was patriotic to America. That is, the first group refused its duty to be civically responsible. And the second espoused Russian propaganda despite U.S. courts having repeatedly exposed that propaganda as lies.

The first group was anti-vaccine protestors opposing public health guidance and mandates by elected officials charged to protect public health. Folks in this group are unable or unwilling to accept that their behavior endangers the health and living conditions of everyone. They cannot reconcile personal freedom with civic responsibility as per America’s Constitution. So, for the community’s safety, I suggest anti-vaxxers be quarantined on military bases until the pandemic is over. That way they can have freedom not to be vaccinated and the rest of us can breathe a sigh of relief inside our masks.

The second group rallied at a Hearing on Elections. Opportunistic politicians fed them lies that Trump’s lawyers had regurgitated only until a judge put them under oath. Then, knowing all the facts, they testified 60 times, “ There’s no evidence to prove Trump’s claims of election fraud. He says these things as part of his sales pitch to keep campaign donations rolling in.” Sadly, outside the enforced honesty of court, Trump’s lies are repeated and resonate among the gullible, drawing them to unwittingly support anti-democracy events like this one in Snohomish.

Paul Heckel


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