U.S. Senate: Tiffany Smiley’s ads are misleading

The Tiffany Smilley ads are almost laughable. She says that Patty Murray’s 30 years in the Senate are too many, yet wants to support Mitch McConnell and his agenda, with his 37 years and counting.

Now, to curry favor with local voters, Smilley claims to favor states’ choice on abortion after the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Think about it! What would she do when Lindsey Graham’s bill to outlaw abortion nationwide comes to a vote and Donald Trump would accuse her of being a RINO if she doesn’t support it? So much for state’s rights.

I guess she could go back to her other platform issue working on teacher pay raises (what office is she running for?) Maybe she should pay attention. Seattle teachers just got a pay raise, while Murray was on duty, although U.S. aenators don’t get involved in those negotiations.

Murray was also on duty when veterans benefits improved due to her advocacy, from which Smilley’s disabled husband has benefitted. If you listen to Smilley’s ads, it sounds like she thinks Joe Biden and Murray are the cause of the worldwide inflation, and that she hasn’t read that the 87,000 new IRS employees are not all a “stadium full” of auditors (some are auditors to make sure people pay their share, some are clerical to answer phones, some are processors of returns so refunds can be issued, some are to answer tax questions, and many are to replace losses through attrition). It would appear we are already being well served by the incumbent who knows the job.

Bill Severson


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