Very few good ideas coming from the right

I would like to comment on a recent letter to the editor that ascribes every imaginable societal ill to our Democratic governor. This letter echoes the rhetoric of the varied groups that ran against Inslee. Unfortunately, “anger, grudge and grievance” seems to be the only platform they are capable of offering. If they really want change, they need to quit the blame games, and start offering more realistic solutions to the many problems referenced in this letter:

“Homelessness,” “drug addiction” and “crime”? The right wing’s lock ‘em up and ship ‘em out approach comes at considerable taxpayer expense, and offers little to solve the complex underlying causes of these problems.

“Racism”? There is only the barest acknowledgement from the right that it even exists, despite tragic evidence to the contrary, and months of demonstrations. Their solutions seem to revolve around resistance to defunding the police, forming unauthorized militias and conspiracy theories about Antifa.

“Covid is out of control” and “unemployment”? We can only hope the writer is following CDC guidance for wearing their mask and social distancing. Those who don’t, should stop blaming the governor for the failure to contain the pandemic and keep businesses open.

And if those angry rants don’t move voters, they default to the “government waste and abuse” trope, with no evidence provided. They always want to lower taxes, but they never explain how they will solve the many problems they complain about (like traffic) with reduced revenues.

Our governor isn’t perfect, and there are major issues, but he sure beats the non-alternatives promoted by the right. I, for one, am tired of angry rhetoric about problems, without realistic policy solutions and economic plans to support them. Until conservative candidates start providing that, I, like most other Washingtonians, will continue to vote Democratic.

Ann Morgan


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