Vote Jay Inslee out and let him wait for his jobless benefits

There was a recent letter to The Herald praising Gov. Jay Inslee for his response to the covid-19 pandemic. I will continue the “praises.”

Let’s praise our “data daddy” for his “deer in the headlights” closing down of our businesses, schools and places of worship and his unilateral determination of essential businesses (pot shops and liquor stores are OK) causing thousands of businesses to shut down for good. By the way, Governor, if a small business is supporting the owner and employees, it is an essential business.

Let’s praise him for not saying a word about the take-over of our region by domestic terrorists and the destruction of our cities allowed by the political leaders who are acquiescing to these hoodlums. Let’s praise him for not supporting our police and opening the door for the lawlessness that is taking over our region.

Let’s praise him for the more than half a billion dollars of tax-payer money (which should have gone to the unemployed) given to Kenyan con artists with no one, including his director of the Employment Security Department Suzi LeVine, being held accountable. Let’s praise him for blaming climate change (which has been going on since time began) for our wildfire tragedy instead of the main reason—poor forest and land management.

Let’s praise him for his Joe Biden-like campaign strategy of hiding from his opponent and refusing to defend his failed policies that are destroying this state from within. Let’s praise him by giving him a taste of what it’s like to wait in vain for his unemployment check and a taste of what it’s like in the real world.

Mike Shouse


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