Vote no on I-976 to maintain transit and roads

Voting against Initiative 976 is a no-brainer.

Although it contains too many issues lumped together — the state’s method of calculating car values is wrong and would still need to be fixed — we still need to vote against it. Everyone living in a state needs to pay for state services. We need transit and safe roads whether as individuals we use all the services or not.

Because there is no income tax, the state must find other ways of bringing in revenue. (Many of those means are more burdensome to the poor and middle class than an income tax would be, but this is what citizens have voted for.)

To make it even simpler, my bottom line is always this: if Tim Eyman is for it, I’m against it because the one constant is that he is only for himself. He has made his living and his career by promoting extreme anti-tax initiatives that harm the state. And when we harm the state, we harm each other.

Sherry Rind


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