We’re hearing all sides from letters to the editor

Had to chime in on the latest letter to the editor from Ken Weigel of Edmonds. He just seems like an angry old guy who seems to be OK with everything the guy he voted for has done. I’m an angry old white guy as well who believes we should not imprison children in concentration camps, give huge tax brakes to people that don’t deserve them, work with our allies to make things better around the world, not throw fuel on the fire by loosely supporting hateful right wing white supremacy groups, etc.

Kudos to The Herald for printing all sides of the issues with local flavor!

Isn’t that what real journalism is all about, or should be?

And bravo to Lynda M. Dawson for her letter giving 10 reasons she did not vote for Trump. Perfect!

A proud FDR democratic socialist,

Steve Prenguber


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