What’s Kayak Point’s future? Whatever county already wants

It’s clear the county is ignoring comments, in particular from those who want to see a return of golf.

What can Kayak Point Golf Course become? Exactly what Snohomish County Parks wants it to become, just not a golf course (“County requesting plans to reimagine Kayak Point Golf Course,” The Herald, July 8.

I have lived in Kayak Estates for for 26 years. The golf course closed down in October 2018, with no real notice. Prior to this closure my husband and I had attended several meetings discussing what the county wanted to do with the land around the golf course: trails, camping, cutting down trees for parking, etc. I believe at these meetings the county already knew the course was going down. As with most government plans, they hold meetings for legal purposes already knowing what they already want to accomplish.

We went to several meetings about the golf course and along with many other folks expressed that it stay a golf course. Did I leave those meetings feeling like we had been heard? No! The county discussed the course becoming a zip-line park, BMX course, equestrian facility, camping, concerts. This is a beautiful piece of property, and those of us who moved out here to be near a golf course and the quiet are upset.

Snohomish County Parks Director Tom Teigen will tell you over and over that golf is not financially sustainable; he won’t tell you that the money received from the course was never put back into the course, but into the general fund. So who should the fingers be pointed at for letting this course close?

Also, Mr. Teigen says in the article that environmentally, a golf course is not a viable options. What is wrong with beautiful land, full of beautiful trees and wild critters including cougars, deer, bear, coyotes, possums, raccoons, tons of birds and more? Is it environmentally friendly to cut trees, put in campsites, have campfires, vehicles driving on the grass?

What can Kayak Point Golf Course become? Exactly what the parks department wants it to become; they certainly don’t care about what the public says. I’m not a betting person, yet I would bet that you will see the county go in and destroy the land, chase out the animals and make it a whole lot noisier out here.

Now there is no golf course, yet my tax assessment just came out, $66,500 more than last year; what’s wrong with this picture?

Karen Dickson


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