Where are the facts to support impeachment of president?

What ever happened to giving a person the benefit of the doubt? Reading letter after letter to the editor and numerous columnists’ editorials regarding the impeachment hearings, I am stunned at the number of assumptions (all negative, I might add) about President Trump’s character, behavior, etc., without a shred of factual evidence to support them. For example, a letter on Dec. 6 included this, “lies on the average of 25 times a day. He alienates your customers and suppliers. He embezzles millions from the company.”

As a citizen, I’d like to hear specifically what the 25 lies per day are with proof they are lies. I’d like to know what evidence there is to “alienating my customers and suppliers,” including details of who those customers and suppliers are and how they were alienated. As far as the embezzlement of millions, please prove that statement. Last I read Trump donates his annual salary to different charities.

Even if you disagree with or simply don’t like Donald Trump, he is still the elected President of your country, and as such, deserves basic respect and civility. If there are credible allegations, then bring those to the attention of your elected officials and make sure you have some factual data to support those allegations.

Catherine Paxton


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