Why isn’t our tax money solving problems?

When we accepted the lottery idea in Washington state, we were assured these funds would solve all of our school funding problems. Hmm. We accepted the selling of alcohol in retail shops. Where are those taxes going? Where are all the taxes generated by the free enterprise of retail marijuana? And not to mention the gas taxes, the sales taxes and all the B&O taxes paid to the state. Where does the money go?

The only way to stop the repressive and rapacious government is to cut off the endless supply of money through civil disobedience. My businessman husband told me yeas ago that it is so easy for the government to spend other peoples’ money and demand more. At the beginning of our country, Thomas Jefferson even warned against citizens becoming enthralled by the demands of government.

Another president, Eisenhower, warned of the military-industrial complex, which would also keep citizens enthralled. Shall we add the homeless-industrial complex to this mix?

How do we make faceless bureaucrats and nongovernmental organizations behave? I wish I knew how to make them all be efficient and honest (whatever that means). With all the money thrown at them, why are problems never solved? Where is all the money going that the government and others must frequently beg and blackmail for more, more, more?

Susan Birkenbuel


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