Why no coverage of plane theft in Saturday’s Herald?

I woke up Saturday morning and went to read my paper and was totally and completely disgusted to find that the major news item (“Stolen plane chased by fighter jets before it went down,” The Herald, Aug. 11), was not even mentioned.

A worker steals an airplane, an every day event and surely not newsworthy, flies around and gets the attention of the North American Air Defense Command, which scrambled fighters to protect against an attack, again an unnewsworthy event, and crashed on a small island killing the non-pilot flyer. These events, being so common, do not register on the editorial staff as being worthy of using up the Herald’s valuable space.

My dad owned a newspaper, and for several years I was employed by The Oregonian and the Journal, both in Portland. In all cases the front page would be reset to get the story to the readers. I went to bed Friday night with several unanswered questions which were not clarified by the total lack of interest the backward-looking and ignorant editors of the Herald chose to ignore.

I must reconsider my subscription and decide if there is any benefit at all in the news unworthiness of the Herald.

David Stewart


Editor’s note: A brief account of Friday night’s events with details available before press time was published in Saturday’s Herald on Page A7.

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