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Are you ready for the winter? You’re probably out at the stores buying jackets, blankets, and sweaters, but what are you doing to heat the personal space around you? We all want to feel comfortable in the cold weather, but gas prices are crazy this year, and it looks like this valued commodity will only get more expensive during the winter months.

It would help if you had a pragmatic solution to affordably heating yourself this winter. That’s where the Blast Auxiliary comes into play. This handy device offers you portable, on-demand heating you can set up in any room in your home.

Blast Auxiliary – Portable, Personalized Heating When You Need It

This powerful personal heater belongs in every home. No other technology offers you a rapid heating of your personalized space at such an affordable cost. Blast Auxiliary uses less power than conventional heating systems while heating what matters – the air around you.

You don’t care if the corner of the room is warm; what matters is the air around you. This energy-efficient system offers you a user-friendly, compact, portable heater you can take with you anywhere you go. Set it up in the lounge when you’re watching TV, bring it to the bedroom to keep you warm at night, or set it up in the office to keep the chill away while you work.

The Blast Auxiliary utilizes energy-efficient PTC ceramic heater technology to superheat air as it passes over the heating element, turning it from cold to comfortable in seconds. You’ll feel an immediate impact on your personal space, bringing up the temperature to comfortable, cozy levels.

The ceramic heating element takes three to five seconds to warm, and the simple one-touch operation of this unit means there are no complicated settings to adjust. Simply set it up wherever you are and hit the power button – that’s all it takes to get toasty in the coldest conditions.

The unit’s portability means you can set it up in any home room or take it to the office. Slip the Blast Auxiliary into a bag and take it with you on the road. It connects to any outlet, giving you a fast and easy setup in any space.

Heaters can be dangerous. Every year, there are stories of people who experienced a problem with their heater, causing a fire hazard in their home. Unfortunately, some of those stories have terrible endings. The Blast Auxiliary has built-in safety protocols that ensure nothing bad happens when you’re heating yourself.

The tip-over switch automatically turns off the device, ensuring it doesn’t overheat anything in the local area. With Blast Auxiliary, you get the perfect personal heating device at a discounted price.

  • Heat up your personal space fast, using less energy than conventional heating systems.
  • Powerful ceramic heating technology with PTC element delivering optimal heat.
  • Cost-effective and efficient heating available on-demand.
  • Remove the chill from your bones in seconds, and feel comfortable in your personal space.
  • Completely safe to use with an integrated tip-over safety switch.

Stay snug this winter! Get your Blast Auxiliary now!

Blast Auxiliary – Features & Functions

  • Easy & Fast Set Up – The Blast Auxiliary offers a fast, effective, user-friendly personal heating device for winter. It’s easy to set up in seconds and comes with a plug-and-play operation. Plug it into the outlet and turn it on. Set your fan speed and start feeling the warmth wrap around your personal space.
  • Fast Heating Action – The PTC ceramic heater technology in the Blast Auxiliary heats up your personal space fast. You’ll feel warm and toasty just a few minutes after switching it on. You don’t have to wait for conventional heaters to warm the room. This device pushes superheated air directly into your personal space for fast heating action.
  • Simple Design & Function – Unlike other heaters with different heat settings, you won’t have to play around with the Blast Auxiliary to get the perfect temperature. This device comes with a one-button action. Switch it on and relax while the warm wraps around you. Just press and go; that’s all you need to stay warm this winter.
  • Compact, Portable Design – The Blast Auxiliary is lightweight and small, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go. Place it on your desk, near your feet, on the kitchen counter, or on your bedside table. It’s convenient, powerful, and affordable.

Order Blast Auxiliary Today & Save Up to 58%

Why spend more on electricity to power home heating systems, gas burners, or coil heaters when you can get Blast Auxiliary and save? You could spend hundreds of dollars on conventional heaters or get this personal heater for a fraction of the price.

Order your Blast Auxiliary from the official online store, and you’ll get a special promotional price today. However, stocks are limited, and you’ll need to act fast before they disappear – this special pricing won’t be repeated!

  • Order one Blast Auxiliary heater and pay $66.66. That’s a 44% saving off the regular retail price of $119.98.
  • If you live with a partner, pick up the two-device bundle and keep both of you warm and toasty this winter (you won’t have to fight over turns!). The two-device bundle is available for $133.32, saving you 44% off the regular retail price of $239.96.
  • If you have kids, order the three or four-device bundle and keep the whole family warm this winter. The three-device bundle is available for the special promotional price of $149.99, saving you 58% off the regular retail price of $359.94.
  • Buy the four-device bundle and pay $199.99, saving you 58% off the regular retail price of $479.92.

You get a 30-day money-back guarantee with your Blast Auxiliary, giving you a risk-free trial of this powerful personal heater. If you’re unhappy with it, send it back and call (855)-219-4892 or fill out a contact form on the official website for a full refund. This device isn’t available on Amazon; you’ll only find it at the official online store.

Hundreds of Americans have already ordered the Blast Auxiliary personal heater in preparation for the winter. The device has a 4.6/5-star rating from verified buyers.

Save energy, keep warm with Blast Auxiliary!

Blast Auxiliary Review – FAQ

Q: Can I leave my Blast Auxiliary running overnight when I go to bed?

A: It’s never a good idea to leave any electrical device, especially a heater, running when you’re not in the room. While the manufacturer recommends turning the device off, the safety tip switch in the device prevents it from causing a fire hazard if you’re not around.

Q: Does Blast Auxiliary meet international safety standards?

A: Yes! Blast Auxiliary is a safe device complying with all international safety standards. The tip-over safety switch stops the unit if it ends up face-down on the floor, preventing safety hazards.

Q: Does Blast Auxiliary run on gas?

A: No. Blast Auxiliary is an electric device. It operates a heating element and fan to heat your personal space. You get a fast, effective, affordable heating system that keeps you toasty in any room. Its portability and lightweight design make it ideal to carry with you to the office or on vacation.

Q: How does Blast Auxiliary compare to gas heaters or coil heaters?

A: Blast Auxiliary offers fast, effective heating in personal spaces. Typically, gas-powered and electric coil heaters are whole-room heaters. They use more energy to heat the area. Coils chew through electricity, and gas is expensive to refill your heater. Oil heaters are the most costly option to run to heat a room, consuming huge amounts of electricity to heat the oil and maintain temperature. Blast Auxiliary uses a fraction of this energy, giving you the most affordable heating option for the coming winter.

Blast Auxiliary, your perfect companion for chilly nights!


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