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Are you struggling to lose weight? The problem might be your digestive health. If your GI tract isn’t functioning properly, it leads to unwanted weight gain, bloating, and a drop in your well-being. Fortunately, DoFasting BOX fiber sachets offer you a way to turn things around and improve your digestive health for rapid weight loss and improvement in your quality of life.

Introducing DoFasting BOX – Enhance Digestion, kickstart Metabolism, and Eliminate Fatigue

If you want to improve your digestive health and lose weight, DoFasting BOX fiber sachets offer you the solution. This fiber supplement is leagues ahead of the conventional psyllium husk from supplement stores.

DoFasting BOX™ fiber sachets are keto, low-carb, or fasting-friendly and contain a daily dose of soluble fiber that keeps your gut health in check. With regular supplementation, you’ll experience a reduction in systemic inflammation in the gut. Systemic inflammation differs from the inflammatory cytokines facilitating healing and other beneficial bodily processes.

Systemic inflammation starts in the gut due to digestive problems and a poor lifestyle and diet. This inflammation spreads through the body as it leaves the gut through the intestinal wall. Increased levels of systemic inflammation lead to the onset of chronic disease and auto-immune conditions.

By improving your fiber intake, you’ll experience a dramatic reduction of systemic inflammation that benefits your overall health. When inflammation subsides, your digestive function improves. You can also restrain yourself from eating, and your weight drops.

After a few months of regular supplementation, you’ll experience the following health benefits.

Suppressed Appetite

The fiber fills you up and makes you less hungry during the morning. If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll experience fewer cravings or feel deprived of calories.

Boosts Gut Health & Digestion

Rebuild your GI environment and give your gut biome the raw materials it needs to grow and colonize your GI tract, improving digestion and reducing systemic inflammation.

Keeps Sugar Levels Steady

This fiber supplement stops you from overeating or binging on convenience foods. You’ll find you lose your cravings for junk food, and this abstinence improves your blood sugar profile, removing the risk of prediabetes.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

The fiber helps the body improve its cholesterol profile. The levels of the bad cholesterol “LDL” drop, and levels of heart-healthy “HDL” cholesterol increase. You also experience a reduction in overall triglyceride production.

Every sachet of DoFasting BOX fiber contains 2,000mg of Glucomannan super fiber and just ten calories. You get up to four hours of satiety from each serving, and there’s no sugar added, just natural stevia for sweetener.

Unlike other fiber supplements that taste terrible, DoFasting BOX sachets have a pleasant strawberry flavor that tastes fantastic.

Get lean! Order your DoFasting BOX today!

What are the Beneficial Gut-Health Ingredients in DoFasting BOX?

Every sachet in the DoFasting BOX contains a dose of beneficial dietary fiber from natural sources. This supplement results from years of research and development into the most beneficial fiber sources available across the planet.


You’ll find the following ingredients inside every sachet of DoFasting BOX fiber.

Glucomannan – Aids with weight loss by making you feel full. You won’t want to break your diet because you have no compulsion to eat. Its prebiotic effect primes your gut biome with the food it craves to boost the proliferation and colonization of healthy bacteria in the gut. The added fiber from this supplement helps to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels naturally.

Strawberries – These berries are rich in polyphenol antioxidants, which cleanse the body of toxins and eradicate free radicals, preventing them from causing cell oxidation and cell death. The polyphenols assist with managing your blood sugar and improve the look and hydration of your skin.

Cellulose – A soluble dietary fiber source that bulks up your stool, lubricates the GI tract and helps with the smooth, easy passing of bowel movements.

Sodium & Chloride – These essential minerals ensure optimal balance in your body. They regulate blood pressure, increase hydration, and aid in producing digestive juices.

Every sachet of DoFasting BOX fiber comes from a cGMP facility that meets FDA standards for manufacturing safety. All ingredients are third-party tested and sourced from sustainable providers in the USA. You get a high-quality fiber supplement with no cross-contamination of ingredients.

Support your fast with DoFasting BOX!

How To Use DoFasting BOX & What Results Can I Expect?

DoFasting BOX is a user-friendly daily supplement. Follow this simple three-step process to get the most out of your daily serving of beneficial fiber.


Step #1 – Add to Water

Add one packet of DoFasting BOX fiber to 8oz of water and stir until it dissolves. You can add the powder to water or juice. If you’re fasting, add it to water only.

Step #2 – Drink It Down

Drink the serving immediately after mixing. Please don’t leave it to settle; get it down as fast as possible and start your day the right way!

Step #3 – Feel Great!

You’ll reap the benefits of DoFasting BOX fiber right away. You’ll experience fewer food cravings during the day, no more energy crashes in the afternoon, and no more need to overeat at meals.

DoFasting BOX makes fasting and dieting easy. Even if you aren’t trying to lose weight, DoFasting BOX fiber keeps your GI tract operating optimally to keep you lean, energetic, and healthy. There’s no sugar to break your fast and no stimulants that keep you awake at night.

Best of all, the natural ingredients in DoFasting BOX combine to create a natural strawberry flavor that tastes fantastic!

There are only ten calories per serving and no sugar in the formula. It’s a great choice for anyone following a low-carb diet who needs more fiber. You’ll feel satiated for at least four hours after taking your morning supplement, and you can use it up to twice a day to keep your hunger and blood sugar under control.

Keep your gut in optimal health, lose the bloating and water weight, and eliminate constipation and digestive distress with one to two servings daily.

  • All-natural 100% sun-fed fibers.
  • 100% taste satisfaction.
  • Convenient single-serving sachets.

Order the DoFasting BOX on a Special Promotional Deal from Only $1 per Day!

You could save yourself thousands of dollars on weight loss supplements and personal nutritional advice by ordering the DoFasting BOX. This supplement gives you the best strategy for losing weight – improving your GI health. When you reduce inflammation in the gut and improve blood sugar levels, you’ll see the excess weight on your body melt away.

Today, you can access the DoFasting BOX from the official online store at a discounted price.

  • Order one DoFasting BOX and pay $39.99. That’s a 46% saving off the regular retail price of $74.05. That price equates to $1.33 per serving.
  • Order the three-box bundle, pay $89.97, and save big on the regular retail price of $166.59 for a three-month supply.

The team at DoFasting BOX is so confident you’ll love your results with this potent fiber supplement that it’s willing to guarantee your results for 14 days. If you’re not entirely happy with your outcome, send your box back for a full refund.

This potent fiber supplement is only available from the official online store. You won’t find it on Amazon or in supplement stores. After finalizing your order, you can expect to receive your DoFasting BOX in three to eight days if you live in the US. Canadian customers may have to wait three to 12 days, depending on your location.


DoFasting BOX – FAQ

Q: Can I use the DoFasting BOX when fasting?

A: Yes! Using DoFasting BOX fiber won’t break your fast. The complex carbohydrates in the fiber don’t absorb nutrients into your bloodstream. So, you won’t experience any spike in blood sugar levels that would take you out of a fasted state.

Experience improved digestion with DoFasting BOX!

Q: When do I use DoFasting Box?

A: The manufacturer recommends you take a serving of DoFasting BOX fiber supplement one to two hours before eating your first meal in the morning. This strategy gives the supplement time to settle in the GI tract before you eat your first meal of the day, improving its efficacy and results.

Q: How often do I use DoFasting BOX?

A: The DoFasting BOX fiber complex is a potent fiber supplement. Take one serving in the morning before breakfast during the first two weeks. After your GI tract builds tolerance to the nutrients and fiber, increase your dosage to two servings per day. Take one in the morning and one in the evening.

Q: Is DoFasting BOX suitable for people with digestive issues?

A: Yes! The fiber in DoFasting BOX helps to clear your digestive system of toxins and food waste, improving your digestion. You’ll experience a dramatic reduction in GI inflammation that causes issues like IBS and Crohn’s disease. Show the ingredients to your doctor and ask them why you shouldn’t supplement with DoFasting BOX.

Boost your fast effectiveness with DoFasting BOX!


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