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There is an emerging concern about potential threats from foreign powers. An extensive statewide blackout caused by the use of an electronic nuclear weapon might have a devastating effect on American culture. That is where Operations Blackout comes in handy, it keeps you equipped with everything you need for safety.

Teddy Daniels, a military veteran, along with a former cop has come up with a survival guide called Operation Blackout: How to Survive the 365 Days of Darkness. You can check it out here!

Teddy predicts that the United States will soon go through a calamity that involves “365 days of darkness.” The collapse of society and famine could kill 90% of Americans during that disaster.

This is why he created the ultimate guide to help you in the case of an emergency. But before we get into a detailed review of Operation Blackout, let’s summarize this survival guide:


Operation Blackout


Survival Guide

Target Audience:


Name of the Author:

Teddy Daniels

Name of the Publisher:

Survival Secrets LLC


Operation Blackout Reviews are mostly positive


$67 along with two additional guides – free! (Official Website)

Money-back Guarantee:

60 days money-back guarantee.

Mailing Address:

4023 Kennett Pike, Ste 50405, Wilmington, DE 19807

Introducing Teddy Daniels – The Creator Of Operation Blackout

Teddy Daniels is the creator of Operation Blackout. He is an exceptional man who has spent his entire life protecting people and doing what is right for others. Teddy is a dedicated protector with a history of service as an investigator for the Baltimore Police Department and an infantryman for the United States Army in Afghanistan from 2011 to 2012.

Teddy has established a friendship with former President Trump and claims to be a fervent Christian outside of his business achievements. This link exemplifies his capacity to network effectively and collaborate with key players to further his goals.

The event that took place in Afghanistan on April 25, 2012, catapulted Teddy to fame. To protect his friends, he courageously put himself in harm’s way by luring the enemy’s fire.

Tragically, Teddy was severely injured during the event and nearly lost a limb after being struck by an AK-47 shell. Remarkably, he recorded the whole thing on his bodycam, and the resulting video went viral, drawing attention to his bravery.

Teddy Daniels is still vigilantly protecting and alerting the American people a decade later. In particular, he is worried about the growing threat posed by China and the persistent danger posed by Russia.

As a result, Teddy has taken it upon himself to serve as a resource for people looking to get ready for disasters. Notable works of his include the freely accessible internet guidance and emergency food supplies called Famine Fighter and the Operation Blackout guide.

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What Is Really Covered In Operation Blackout Guide?

In times of uncertainty and potential crisis, it is essential to be prepared and equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to survive. Operation Blackout is a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of surviving a blackout scenario.

From technology to self-defense, this guide provides valuable information to ensure your safety and well-being. Let’s take a closer look at what is included in this guide:

Increasing Your Family’s Chances of Survival

In the Operation Blackout Guide, the first hour after an attack is crucial. It emphasizes the importance of taking immediate action to increase your family’s chances of survival by 99%, especially if you live in a big city.

The guide provides detailed instructions on what needs to be done during this critical time to maximize your family’s safety.

Unlimited Electricity Solutions

The guide also offers alternative ways to have unlimited electricity without the need to buy expensive solar panels or backup generators. It explores innovative methods that can be utilized to generate electricity, ensuring that you and your family have a reliable power source during the blackout.

One major concern during an electronic nuclear attack is the potential damage to electronic devices. Operation Blackout provides valuable information on how to shield your electronics, including cell phones and even your car, from the effects of the attack. By implementing these strategies, you can safeguard your essential equipment and communication devices.

Evidence of Impending Attacks

Supported by evidence from United States intelligence sources, the Operation Blackout Guide presents irrefutable proof that countries like Russia and China are preparing for an electronic nuclear attack on the United States.

It explains the potential consequences of such an attack, which could result in a 365-day blackout, effectively disrupting the nation’s power infrastructure.

Action Steps During the Blackout

Knowing what to do when the blackout begins is crucial for survival. The guide provides a detailed plan of action to follow during the blackout period. By understanding these steps and being prepared, you can minimize risks and ensure the safety and well-being of your family during this challenging time.

Resource Management

During a prolonged blackout, it is essential to have enough resources to sustain your family. Operation Blackout offers insights and guidance on how to manage your resources effectively, including food, water, and other necessary supplies. This information will help you prepare ahead of time and ensure your family’s survival throughout the blackout.

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Military Preparedness and National Security

The guide sheds light on the potential vulnerability of the United States military to such an attack, highlighting the importance of individual preparedness. It provides an in-depth analysis of the reasons why the military might not be fully prepared and emphasizes the need for civilians to take proactive measures to protect themselves and their families.

Imminent Threat and Time Sensitivity

Operation Blackout stresses the urgency of preparing for the attack, as Russia and China could strike against the United States within a short timeframe. The guide explains the reasons behind this urgency and the potential time constraints, urging individuals to take immediate action to ensure their safety.

Creating a HEMP-Proof Energy Source

One significant aspect of the guide is the inclusion of methods to create a HEMP-proof source of unlimited energy that can be easily stored in your pocket. These techniques provide alternative energy solutions that can be invaluable during a prolonged blackout.

Installation of HEMP Shield Devices

Operation Blackout introduces a 5-inch device that can be installed on your breaker box, effectively turning your entire home into a HEMP shield. The guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to easily install this device in less than 10 minutes, even without prior electrical experience. This shield can help protect your home and essential electronics from the effects of the attack.

Critical Communication Methods

The Operation Blackout Guide reveals an Air Force One secret that can safeguard your computers and cell phones from the attack, ensuring uninterrupted and critical communication in the aftermath of the HEMP attack. This information can be crucial in maintaining contact with loved ones and accessing important resources during the blackout period.

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Ignoring Criticism and Preparing

Operation Blackout addresses the skepticism and criticism faced by individuals who choose to prepare for such an attack. It emphasizes the importance of ignoring negative remarks from friends, family, and neighbors and staying focused on taking the necessary steps to protect your family and ensure their survival during the blackout.

How To Get A “Super Phone”

It shows you how to get a “super phone” that uses NASA technology outside of the bounds of America’s major carriers (like AT&T and Verizon):

In the event of a blackout, communication becomes a crucial aspect of survival. This guide provides information on obtaining a specialized phone that utilizes advanced NASA technology, enabling you to communicate even when traditional carriers may be inaccessible.

Essential Items To Pack

Preparation is key, and this guide helps you identify the critical items you need to have on hand during a blackout scenario. These essentials include items like flashlights, batteries, a first-aid kit, and other crucial supplies.

Infinite Hydration Secret

Access to clean drinking water is vital for survival. Operation Blackout reveals a secret technique that ensures you can continue hydrating yourself and your family using readily available resources, even in a blackout situation.

Knowledge Of New “Blackout Currency”

In a post-blackout world, traditional currency may lose its value. This guide presents an alternative currency system that will become prevalent, allowing you to navigate the new economic landscape effectively.

100 Food Items That Will Last A Year

Stocking up on long-lasting food items is crucial for survival during a blackout. Operation Blackout provides a list of 100 food items that have a longer shelf life, ensuring you have an ample and nutritious food supply to sustain yourself and your family.

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Protecting Your Family Against Mobs

Safety and security are paramount during uncertain times. This guide offers valuable insights on how to protect your family from potential threats without solely relying on firearms. It emphasizes alternative methods and strategies that can be equally effective.

Everything About Bottled-Water

Water is a basic necessity, and having an adequate supply is crucial. Operation Blackout provides guidance on determining the right amount of bottled water to store and offers suggestions on where to store it to ensure its longevity and accessibility.

Maneuvering Techniques

During a blackout attack, being aware of life-saving maneuvers can make a significant difference. This guide explains a specific maneuver that can help you navigate potentially dangerous situations if you are in your vehicle when the attack occurs.

Why Traditional Generators “will become useless” In Darkness

While generators are generally considered a reliable power source during blackouts, this guide sheds light on why traditional generators may not be effective during an extended period of darkness. It offers alternative solutions to ensure your power needs are met.

Learning Why Waiting Till An Attack Is Not Ideal

Time is of the essence when it comes to survival. Waiting until the attack begins may leave you ill-prepared and vulnerable. This guide emphasizes the importance of taking proactive measures before the attack occurs to ensure your safety and survival.

What Are The Benefits of Operation Blackout?

  • Step-by-step guidance on safeguarding your residence and family during an extended blackout.
  • Best strategies for coming up with an improvised power source, shielding electronic devices, and ensuring the security of your home.
  • Supported by a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Bundled with two additional informative eBooks.
  • Available to individuals of all experience levels, irrespective of technical skill.

Get your hands on Operation Blackout and experience the benefits now!

Understanding The Focus Of Operation Blackout – High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Attacks

The primary focus of Operation Blackout is to equip you with knowledge to counteract the effects of high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) attacks.

Teddy Daniels sheds light on the “electric weapon” by stating that the HEMP attacks use strong gamma rays that are released from a great height for the means of destroying the electrical grid.

Following a HEMP attack, the following could happen:

  • Significant damage to the electrical system and electronic equipment.
  • Total breakdown of all forms of communication, including the telephone, radio, television, and internet.
  • Discontinuation of essential services including banking and transportation.
  • Lack of necessities like lighting, refrigeration, and heating.
  • Quickly growing social unrest brought on by a lack of resources.

Beyond the initial impact, the enduring consequences of a HEMP attack might encompass:

  • Temporary energy could be provided via generators to allow for limited operations.
  • Societal systems will slowly decline because generators are not reliable for continuous operation.
  • Law and order would come down significantly which may cause looting and lack of essential goods.
  • The state would gradually regress to being vulnerable and resource-limited just like the pre-modern times.
  • Anarchy could take place due to social unrest brought on by a lack of fundamental essentials.

That is not it, Daniels has cited convincing evidence of preparedness efforts being made, despite the possibility of such events being disputed. Operation Blackout can help us secure our preparation and survival when things go south.

Pricing of Operation Blackout – Why Is Now the Best Time to Buy It?

Operation Blackout book retails for $67, which is a one-time fee. As and when you buy the book, you get immediate access to the book along with two additional bonus guides. That’s a Win-Win!

You can get the two bonus eBooks immediately after your purchase is confirmed.

Get Operation Blackout for the best price today!

What Are The Bonus eGuides Available With Operation Blackout?

Here is what the additional guides are all about:

eBook 1: The Invisible Survival Garden: How to Safely Grow Your Food During a Blackout:

This book is a great resource for learning how to grow your own food in the event of a power outage.

Vegetables, potatoes, fruits, and legumes are highlighted as essential to a family’s survival. To further emphasize the importance of protecting your garden from potential dangers, author Teddy also discusses the problem of looters who may try to steal your food.

Looters will likely raid your garden if Teddy’s forecast of 365 days of darkness comes true.

This guide will give you the resources you need to start and maintain a flourishing garden from scratch. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this book will teach you everything you need to know to grow food even if the power goes out.

eBook 2: How to Turn Your Home Into an Impenetrable Fortress:

The projected anarchy in the United States after a power outage makes it all the more important to know how to keep yourself and your possessions safe. This eGuide provides helpful advice on how to protect your family and property from intruders and looters.

Among the many subjects discussed in the book is the use of a little-known 10-inch object placed behind doors to prevent break-ins, as well as the reinforcement of windows to make them impregnable. As a further precaution against looters, it suggests hanging a certain sign on your front door.

The eGuide also details the strategies that Hurricane Katrina survivors used to prevent looting of their homes.

These two eGuides are normally $59 each if bought separately. Both of these e-Guides, however, are free with the purchase of Operation Blackout.

What If Things Go South – The Refund Policy

Operation Blackout comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you do not like the product within 60 days for whatever reason, you can ask for your money back.

The best part? Asking for a refund doesn’t mean you lose access to the two additional guides too, you can keep those as is!

Summing up: Operation Blackout Review

Given the Operation Blackout reviews and our analysis, the guide is pretty legit and takes a comprehensive approach toward survival during imminent blackouts.

So, if you want to be ever-prepared and get on with life with the right tools and knowledge at hand in the face of an emergency, Operation Blackout is your go-to solution.

Get Operation Blackout – your blackout survival guide!


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