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For some men, dating is not as simple as it looks. Some suffer from approach anxiety and fear of rejection, which makes it difficult to date women.

Stealth Attraction Secret is a program that provides the blueprint for improving your chances of getting any beautiful woman in a club. It offers the proper approach methods, which help fight anxiety.

Here is a comprehensive review that will help you understand what the Stealth Attraction Secret program is all about.

What is the Stealth Attraction Secret?

Stealth Attraction Secret is an online training program by Richard La Ruina that helps men discover ways to attract women. The program reveals how to approach the hot women, seduce them, and take them home.

The program provides an easy blueprint to improve your chances of getting the desired woman. The comprehensive guide will help you through all your dating and sex life. It contains step-by-step instructions that will get you prepared before approaching any woman.

Stealth Attraction Secret was initially designed for men who suffer from “approach anxiety.” It helps kill the feeling of worry and anxiety when trying to approach a lady. The guide reveals non-verbal that you can use to attract any woman of choice.

La Ruina claims that using Stealth Attraction Secret will prevent you from dealing with rejection ever again. The program enables you to create new connections and transition into sustainable intimate relationships. You can incorporate the lessons from Stealth Attraction Secret at a party, nightclub, public meeting, or virtual setup.

The creator of Stealth Attraction Secret offers videos, PDF guides, and additional training programs to make your journey seamless. You will also get a 100% money-back guarantee with each purchase.

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How Does Stealth Attraction Secret Work?

Stealth Attraction Secret uses a five-step process that includes Stealth Value, Stealth Opening, Stealth Seduction, Stealth Arousal, and Steal Extraction. The phases start with meeting someone in the club, taking her home, and saying goodbye the following day.

From the word stealth, Richard teaches men to go under the radar like ninjas and establish a connection instead of scaring a girl away. The program helps quell nervousness and anxiety before approaching a lady.

Stealth Attraction Secret prevents humiliating rejection but instead helps increase the intensity of the sexual approach. Richard uses micro-escalation to explain his “stealth” mentality.

Richard’s system enables you to evaluate her reaction to your physical advances. You will know it’s time for the first kiss from her positive answer. His approach is different from other PUAs. He introduces non-verbal communication, which will make your approach successful.

The non-verbal language makes you stand out from other guys. Stealth Attraction Secret shares methods to introduce yourself to a woman and disarm rejection using a familiarity opening strategy.

About the Founder

The creator of Stealth Attraction Secret is Richard La Ruina, a popular PUA. Richard is an entrepreneur, author, dating coach, and director of several dating programs. At 21, he started learning everything about the science of attraction. Richard’s skills and knowledge made him write well-received novels.

La Ruina’s breakthrough after his feature about The Ruled Seduction on channel 4. The program was viewed by over 2.5 million. He followed up with a significant publication, The Natural Art of Seduction, which gained popularity in the US and UK.

Richard is dedicated to helping men overcome nervousness and attract any girl. He teaches men innovative techniques that many PUAs don’t teach. Richard helps men overcome the defensive behavior of women, helping them relax and have more than a one-night stand interest.

Stealth Attraction Secret teaches essential skills to improve your dating approach and take any woman home. Richard’s program is practical as he demonstrates with an actual girl on stage.

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Inside Stealth Attraction Secret

Stealth Attraction Secret includes training videos in different modules that help attract the woman you like. The first module focuses on approaching a woman using body language. It teaches how to build confidence in public and catch women’s attention as you prepare to approach them.

The Stealth Seduction module focuses on the concept of seduction. It has a video in which Richard explains several techniques you can use to become attractive in women’s eyes. You can use the methods in a public setting. He uses practical examples to help you understand how to use the techniques.

Stealth Arousal and Stealth Extraction teach men how to create arousal and determine whether they will take that woman home. Richard provides simple tips and tricks to get a woman on the same page with you and take her home. He also shares essential information on how to deal with awkward moments the morning after a one-night stand.

Things You Will Learn From Stealth Attraction Secret

  • Three magic words to say to a lady and instantly earn her trust;
  • How to neutralize rejection and avoid rejection ever;
  • How you can use Stealth Attraction Secret to feed dirty thoughts into a woman’s mind in a way that she won’t notice;
  • Ways to make a girl you’ve known for years start wanting you and craving your attention;
  • How to tell if a girl is in a relationship or seeing someone to avoid making further connections;
  • How to create sexual arousal when you first introduce yourself to a girl;
  • Stealth Attraction Secret reveals the one thing that women want and makes you the only guy they can get that thing from;
  • The phrase to say to a bad girl if you want to get laid;
  • Tips to make a lady think that you are great in communication even if you have no common interest apart from banging her;
  • Simple trips to turn her into a “f” buddy and additional tips to make her want to be your girlfriend or even wife;
  • How to position yourself in a bar and get the attention of multiple women;
  • Tricks to “steal” a girl from richer and better-looking guys easily.

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The Benefits of Stealth Attraction Secret

  • Improve your ability to interact with women- Stealth Attraction Secret provides social skills to help you build public confidence and attract multiple women.
  • Improve your seduction skills- Richard provides tips and tricks that you can use to seduce women and even build long-term relationships.
  • Simple and easy to use- the methods in Stealth Attraction Secret are easy to follow. Richard provides video training with three modules and practical examples. He shows you how to implement the techniques, giving you a better understanding of every concept in the program.
  • Well-structured program- Unlike other programs, Stealth Attraction Secret provides detailed video training with different modules. The program comprehensively demonstrates how to attract women in various settings, such as nightclubs and parties.
  • PDF guides- The program provides simple PDF guides to access in the members’ area. The guides will help you learn the basic techniques of seducing women before watching the videos.


Richard offers the following bonuses to make your journey even more interesting:

  • Bonus 1: Approaching Confidence- It includes a 45-minute video with a series of anxiety-killing sounds you can listen to whenever anxiety tracks. The sounds help fight stress before approaching any woman.
  • Bonus 2: The Social Domination Blueprint– contains a video that will help you become a social god and attract women’s attention in social gatherings.
  • Bonus 3: 9 Secret To Getting 9s and 10s- The guide will help you learn things to do to date the most beautiful women around you. The guide provides tips on not settling for average women and how to become attractive to women.


  • Stealth Attraction Secret comes with a 100% money-back guarantee;
  • The program has a professional customer support team ready to assist you at any time of day and night;
  • Stealth Attraction Secret provides instant access to the member’s area, which gives you a free PDF guide and other resources;
  • The program has lecture-style presentations and practical demonstrations that are easy to follow;
  • Stealth Attraction Secret provides lessons, tips, and tricks that are easy to follow.


  • Stealth Attraction Secret focuses on attracting high-end women and leaves out women with lower status.
  • Using the tips in Stealth Attraction Secret may not be suitable for men with no experience visiting nightclubs and parties.
  • Customers can only purchase Stealth Attraction Secret on the official website.

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

You can purchase Stealth Attraction Secret online on the official website at $69.95 and make payments through Visa or MasterCard.

Richard offers a 60-day money-back guarantee that allows you to get a 100% refund if you are unsatisfied with the program. Customers can reach out to Richard at:

  • Phone: (855) 696-1379
  • Email: support@puatraining.com


Stealth Attraction Secret is a simple program that can improve your ability to attract and seduce beautiful women. It provides techniques that will make any woman want you in a club.

The program offers video courses with practical demonstrations for easy understanding.

Richard provides tips to counter rejection and ensure you don’t face rejection. Besides attracting a one-night stand, you can use Richard’s technique to make a woman want to be your girlfriend or wife. Stealth Attraction Secret can help you maintain a serious relationship and even keep you aroused.

Stealth Attraction Secret helps fight anxiety by getting you prepared with non-verbal cues. Richard uses unique techniques to help you know if you will take the woman home from the first introduction. It offers methods to create dirty thoughts in a woman’s mind. Additionally, Stealth Attraction Secret provides tips to overcome awkwardness the morning after a one-night stand.

Stealth Attraction Secret comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee that protects your investment. If you feel the program is not helping attract women, you can request a complete refund.

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