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With the global energy crisis persisting into 2023 and set to continue into 2024, electricity bills are more expensive than ever. What if there was a way to reduce your energy costs with a simple device?

Introducing StopWatt – The Smart Solution to Better Electricity Management

StopWatt is an innovative solution to removing harmful EMF electricity entering your apartment or home. This “Power Factor Correction” device makes the electricity flow efficiently through your residential grid. As a result, you’ll use less electricity and save huge amounts of money on your annual energy costs.

How Does StopWatt Work?

Installing StopWatt in your apartment or home is easy. You don’t need professional assistance; no installation certification is required to ensure safe fitment. When installing a single StopWatt unit, we recommend using a central location in the home.

It’s usually a good idea to set it up close to the breaker box in your home if it’s indoors. Usually, this location is out of the way and hidden from view. As soon as you plug the StopWatt device into a power source, you’ll see a green bar light up showing you that it’s active and working.

The device immediately starts filtering the EMF electricity, optimizing the current entering your apartment and feeding your devices and appliances. StopWatt requires a few weeks to optimally filter all the electricity moving through the electrical circuit.

If you’re installing several StopWatt units, keep them as far away from each other as possible, but distribute them evenly along the floor plan of your home to ensure optimal coverage. You can fit all of them in the same location, but your circuit won’t receive the optimal benefit of spreading the devices around the home.

The time it takes to optimize the electrical circuit and the results you receive from the devices depends on several factors. The size of your apartment, your electricity usage, if you have a solar or hybrid system, the age of the wiring in your apartment, and the utility provider you use all play a role in the results you receive with StopWatt.

With two months of consistent use, you can expect StopWatt to filter electric pollution to the optimal range of 4kHz and 150kHz.

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Eliminates Harmful Electrical Surges

Electrical surges are risky when the grid goes down with a trip or a local outage. When power comes back, the surge through the system can damage appliances and electrical devices. Losing every device in your home to a sudden surge can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in replacement fees or insurance excess. StopWatt eliminates surge risk from your home, protecting your devices and appliances from overload damage.

Stabilizes Power Supply to Your Home

StopWatt features industry-first “Electricity Stabilizing Technology” (EST). StopWatt optimizes and straightens unstable electrical currents, providing a consistent, smooth electrical flow into your home’s electrical system. This optimized current delivery improves power flow throughout the apartment’s electrical circuit, creating higher levels of operating efficiency in the electrical system.

Reduces EMF Electricity

StopWatt features a patent-pending magnetic EMF filter. This unit removes carbon deposits from the electrical circuits and wiring, reducing your physical exposure to potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation. This (EMF/EMR) radiation comes from your home’s electronic devices and appliances and a carbonized “dirty” electrical grid.

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What are the Benefits of Installing StopWatt in My Home?

Installing a StopWatt device in your home or business has plenty of benefits. The electrical cost savings are just one of the appealing features of this revolutionary power factor device.

  • Stabilize the electrical current entering your apartment or home.
  • Reduce the electrical load on cables and power lines throughout your home.
  • Lower the amount of “dirty” electricity entering your property.
  • Receive immediate reactive power compensation to reduce surge risk.
  • Protects your devices and electrical equipment from surge risk.
  • Absorbs harmonic waves and provides a buffer against shock risk.
  • Reliable, meets US codes, and works in all residences.
  • Suitable for use in commercial venues like office blocks.
  • Easy installation, no professional setup required.

It’s a no-brainer to install StopWatt in your home. The energy efficiency and protective features of this innovative EMF filter power device will save you thousands of dollars over its service life.

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What Does StopWatt Cost?

What would you pay to save thousands on your electricity bills every year? How much is it worth to ensure you never lose a computer, TV, or electrical device to a power surge? With StopWatt, you get complete equipment protection and total optimization of your home’s electricity use for less than the price of your monthly homeowner’s insurance premium.

StopWatt is available on a special promotional deal when you order directly from the official online store. You benefit from direct-from-manufacturer pricing, giving you the best value on this revolutionary energy-saving device.

Install one StopWatt device for every 450 sq. ft of floor space in your home. This setup gives you the optimal EMF filtering for the area. If you have more floor space, order two devices. However, don’t order more than one per 450 sq. ft because it won’t increase the results.

Order one StopWatt device for a small flat and pay €45.11 per unit, which is a 50% saving off the regular retail price of €90.22.

For larger flats, order two StopWatt devices and pay €90.22, save €90.22 off the regular retail price of €180.44.

For flats larger than 900 sq. ft, or single-family homes, order three StopWatt devices for €108.27 and save €108.27 off the regular retail price of €216.54.

StopWatt is available internationally, with fast, free shipping included with your purchase.

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Try StopWatt Risk-Free!

What if you could order StopWatt on a risk-free trial? Well, if you purchase your StopWatt device through the official online store, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee on your order. The company is so confident its device will optimize your electricity usage it’s willing to guarantee your purchase.

If you don’t notice a difference in your electricity bill in two months, send your StopWatt back for a full refund, no questions asked. The “StopWatt Power Saving Guarantee” ensures you cover the cost of your purchase with the electricity you save in the first two months.

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StopWatt is Fully Guaranteed

Your StopWatt comes with a one-year warranty included with your purchase. If you experience any technical problems, defaults, or defects with the device, StopWatt will replace it for free within the warranty period. Reach out to the StopWatt service team at support@stopwatts.com to report a defective or damaged device. You have full coverage for any problems.

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StopWatt Review – FAQ

Q: Does StopWatt work in America?

A: Yes. StopWatt meets all US building and electrical codes in all US states. Order your StopWatt and stabilize the electricity entering your home.

Q: Which buildings can benefit from installing StopWatt?

A: StopWatt is the ideal power-saving and system-stabilizing solution for residences, businesses, retail outlets, offices, and commercial buildings. Condos, duplexes, trailers, RVs, and bungalows can all benefit from installing StopWatt to manage electricity consumption.

Q: Can I leave the StopWatt unit plugged in if I’m not home?

A: Yes. It’s an operating requirement to leave StopWatt plugged in and running at all times. There’s no risk of the unit creating an electrical accident from continuous use. StopWatt is RoHS-compliant and UL-approved. It’s the safest power factor device available.

Q: Who is StopWatt for?

A: StopWatt is suitable for homeowners and tenants. Both parties can benefit from the electricity cost savings generated by this power factor device. If you’re renting, speak to your landlord or the homeowner’s association before installing StopWatt in your apartment or home.

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Q: Can I use StopWatt if my home has solar power?

A: Yes. You can install StopWatt on any solar-powered or hybrid residential power grid. StopWatt meets all regulatory safety standards and increases the efficiency of your solar setup, saving you energy and maintenance on your system.

If you have a hybrid solar/grid system, StopWatt doesn’t require filtering of the entire flat’s electricity during the switchover from one to the other. There’s no new EMF electrical current entering the unit to power devices.

As long as you keep the StopWatt plugged in during the change from grid to solar or during a blackout in residential homes connected to the grid, the filtering resumes as soon as the electricity returns.

Q: Is it legal to install StopWatt in American homes?

A: Yes. StopWatt is legal and meets building and electrical codes in all 50 states. The passage of the Residential Energy Stabilization (RES) legislation allows consumers to use EMF filters and power factor devices in their homes to optimize their electricity usage and reduce the impact of the nation’s energy crisis.

Q: What are customers saying about StopWatt online?

A: Users rate their experience with StopWatt as 4.7/5 stars, with hundreds of reviews. Make your apartment or home the next energy-efficient success story and order your StopWatt today!

Q: Can I order StopWatt from Amazon?

A: No. StopWatt is only available from the official online store. The manufacturer ensures product authenticity with this distribution strategy, giving you a genuine, guaranteed device. If you find StopWatt on sale at any other online location, it’s not a real StopWatt.

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