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Currently, we are facing an unprecedented number of people diagnosed with cancer in America. According to the American Cancer Society, in 2021 alone, there were an estimated 1.9 million new cancer cases and over 600,000 cancer deaths. It’s become so common to hear that someone received a cancer diagnosis that people have become immune to the news!

With the rising cancer rates, more and more health practitioners have dedicated their time heavily into related research, hoping to find effective solutions. As reassuring as such efforts are, one has to stop and wonder whether treatments are available to all.

The last thing anyone would want when dealing with a tough prognosis is having to sit at the computer and research for days on end. With that said, what if we told you that you could attend a seven-day summit alongside experts in the realm of cancer care? Would you be interested?

These guest speakers plan to share the latest findings in cancer treatment to help individuals and their families overcome such a challenge. This is a fitting point to introduce The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit.

What is The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit?

The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit is an informative, virtual, seven-day summit intended to shed light on the latest and greatest discoveries regarding cancer treatment and research. Individuals who attend this free summit may expect to depart with a wealth of information and tools to aid in the fight against cancer. Much of the knowledge-building entails scientifically backed resources that can benefit cancer patients, their family members, and anyone curious about preventative medicine.

According to the organizers at DrTalks, The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit will feature over 40 health experts, most of whom specialize in cancer treatment, have personal stories about cancer, or have contributed to innovative studies in integrative oncology. Ultimately, this is a valuable opportunity where attendees can put a variety of perspectives to potentially create meaningful links and, of course, to heal.

Most of what attendees will learn at this summit will go beyond traditional cancer treatment. At this juncture, let’s take a deeper look into the schedule breakdown of the summit.

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What is the schedule for The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit?

The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit will take place over the course of seven days, with each day focused on a different facet of cancer therapy and research.

Day 1: Muscle Testing, Integrative Cancer Research & Nutrition

The summit’s first day will kick off with a double segment from Dr. Michael Karlfeldt. He will begin by indulging the crowd on the basics of muscle testing and their respective techniques, emphasizing this strategy’s ability to identify cancer drivers. He plans to suggest solutions for people with food sensitivities along the way. His second segment will revolve around redefining the way cancer treatment is approached. He intends to investigate frequent problems in modern medical oncology and will delve into the science of photodynamic treatment, including how it is delivered, side effects, and its impact.

He will conclude his two-part section by discussing how Platelet Derived Nanoparticles can be employed as a medicinal delivery technique. Following that, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy will dive into integrative cancer care. She will start by explaining how crucial cancer prevention is and how it can alter cancer trajectory. Then, she will defend the importance of assessing key factors when receiving a cancer diagnosis.

Her piece ends with some insight into the consequences of resisting chemotherapy. Dr. Dan Rubin is up next with an explanation of the significance of a creative and philosophical approach to cancer care and treatment.

His goal is to highlight the need for personalized care with extensive and comprehensive lab diagnosis for cancer patients. To add to his agenda, changes are occurring within oncology care, where patients receive more personalized care. Switching gears, Dr. William Li will take the stage to reveal the evidence surrounding a diet’s role in cancer prevention. He will uncover the types of food that can prevent cancer and why it is imperative for those living with cancer to seek foods high in prebiotics. Dr. Akbar Khan plans to dive into the role of dichloroacetate (DCA) in metabolic cancer therapy.

Attendees will quickly realize the importance of proper dosing, possible side effects, and case reports related to DCA. In fact, when these factors are combined and analyzed, Dr. Akbar believes individuals have the best possible therapeutic approach, and he will make his case in support of this during the summit. To wrap things up, he will clarify the uses and benefits of low-dose naltrexone in cancer treatment.

The last speaker of the day, Dr. Joseph Antoun, will uncover the scientific evidence that shows how fasting can benefit cancer patients. His talk will mostly show how fasting before cancer treatment can improve response during treatment. He will provide details on Fasting Nutrition and its role in getting the body ready for therapy.

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Day 2: Healing Journey, Metabolic Mindset & Natural Therapies

Dr. Isaac Eliaz will start the day off with two back-to-back talks. His first segment will focus on the world of cancer healing, namely tips and tricks on how to deal with a cancer cell in survival mode and helping individuals navigate and filter out unnecessary advice regarding their cancer healing journey. His second piece aims to indulge the crowd with information on the survival paradox and its relationship with cellular metabolism. This requires detailed explanations on how survival paradox may impact cancer and metastasis. Individuals can expect to learn about the qualities of the heart organ and how to use them for healing.

Up next, Dr. Nasha Winters plans to teach the audience about mitochondrial signaling and its relationship with cancer gene expression. Her goal is to educate the audience on the effect of terrain in mitochondria and cancer cells. Finally, she will uncover 10 key takeaways that help heal the body’s terrain. Dr. Antonio Jimenez will begin his segment by revealing the differences between conventional and integrative cancer. This includes highlighting 11 integrative hallmarks of cancer and seven principles of cancer therapy. To wrap things up, he will list the benefits of non-toxic treatments.

Looking at cancer in terms of consumption is Dr. Kevin Conners , whose goal is to shame the world of diets, while demonstrating the dangers that stem from following extreme diets, especially for cancer patients. At this point, he will introduce the need for personalized diets based on individual needs and sensitivities. To conclude, he will disclose tips on how to establish efficient diets for cancer patients. Dr. Thomas Cowan will then take the stage to ponder the topic of existential questions surrounding cells.

He will also explain how cancer develops at a cellular level and builds up from there. In light of all this, the expert is a supporter of traditional oncology and hopes people might feel similarly. The last speaker of the day is Dr. Eric Schoen, who will start his talk by highlighting the general stance of the medical oncology community when it comes to natural therapies. Particularly, he will explain the dos and the don’ts of incorporating natural therapies with oncology plans. Finally, he will provide insight on the best supplements for natural cancer support.

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Day 3: Natural Medicine, Enzymes & Insulin Resistance

The third day of the summit kicks off with Dr. Michael Karlfeldt , who will speak about the life changing benefits of EFT, how it can address underlying emotions that are connected to cancer, all while showing techniques that maximize its therapeutic effects. Dr. Veronique Desaulniers will follow with a deep dive on the root cause of cancer and reveal the essential nature of the 7 Essentials. She will explain how to best approach breast cancer from a place of knowledge and not fear. Her goal is to provide the audience with detailed information on what cancer is and what it is not.

Words cannot describe the trauma experienced upon delivery of a cancer diagnosis, and this is where Dr. Aimie Apigian’s experience comes in handy. She hopes to differentiate between stress and unresolved and stored trauma. In her honest opinion, the most precious gift one can give to oneself is the ability to feel free of trauma. This requires identifying, addressing and ultimately, healing the trauma, all of which she plans to reiterate from time to time. Dr. Henning Saupe will then take the stage to uncover the reason why there needs to be a shift towards low-dose chemotherapy.

Precisely, he will walk everyone through the different chemotherapy approaches that can be personalized and the benefits of Insulin Potentiation Therapy for cancer treatment. Switching to the world of enzymes, Dr. Lina Isaacs will illuminate on the history and role that pancreatic enzymes play in cancer treatment. She will reveal how modern science is looking to use enzymes in cancer treatment. Her segment ends by highlighting the importance of diet and detoxification for a successful treatment.

Next in line is Sylvie Beljanski , who will start her piece by explaining the ways to effectively attack cancer cells. She will uncover the latest cancer research that the Beljanski Foundation has investigated and the steps to activating and protecting the immune system during cancer treatment. Dr. Thomas Seyfried will then do a deep dive on how cancer is a disease of mitochondrial metabolism. He will provide information on how to starve cancer in an attempt to cure the body and reveal new research that addresses severe cancers such as glioblastoma.

Covering the topic of chronic inflammation is the one and only, Dr. Cyrus Khambatta. Precisely, he has planned a full segment on the causes of chronic inflammation and the significance of insulin resistance in cancer risk. He will explain how food can be used as a powerful tool against chronic disease with focus on plant-based diets. Dr. Devin Stone will end the day by busting myths and unearthing the realities surrounding soy in cancer treatments. Not only that, but the expert also insists that soy can be converted into a superfood for nutritious benefit. During his segment, he will disclose exactly how people can make this happen.

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Day 4: Healing Potential, Cancer Prevention & Mitochondria

The day starts with Dr. Isaac Eliaz, who will reveal the science behind gratitude, kindness and love when it comes to healing. He aims to highlight the importance of incorporating these positive practices during cancer treatment even when it feels hard to do so. He will end by enlightening people on the physiology and energetics of the heart in cancer journey. The mic will be handed to Dr. Paul Anderson, whose goal for his talk is to address the core areas of health related to effective cancer prevention and therapy. He will uncover the foundational cancer therapies with the most significant results while catching the audience up with the evolving field of integrative cancer care.

While on the topic of cancer care, Dr. Stephen Iacoboni will speak about the evolution of medical oncology spanning the last 50 years. He will highlight the benefits and limitations of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. To close, he plans to cover the integration of naturopathic therapies for cancer care and treatment. Dr. Frank Shallenberger will go up next to expound on the impact that ozone has on cancer. He will detail how ozone can be incorporated with traditional oncology for effective results. To close, he will provide comprehensive information on how to best administer ozone for cancer treatment.

Here to shake things up is Nathan Crane , who will demonstrate exactly how cancer cells can be eliminated without medication. The secret rests in an ancient technique poised to the cancer cell wall membrane. He will finish off by speaking about energy’s role in correcting cancer signaling. Dr. Tom O’Bryan will take over to re-introduce inflammation and chronic diseases. He will educate the audience on the origins and development of diseases, specifically in relation to gut health. If time permits, he also plans to reveal exactly why gluten is a concern despite Glyphosate’s presence.

Speaking of the gut, Dr. Deanna Minich will start her piece by indulging in the mitochondria and how it can be activated through light transfer from food. She will explain the impact that color diversity in food has on the immune system and provide information on how to prepare healthy foods to take advantage of their therapeutic effects. This day will end with Dr. Mary Hardy who will explain what Metatrol is, how it can fight cancer’s primitive metabolic processes and the clinical benefits of Metatrol, which supposedly ranges from symptom relief to recurrence reduction.

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Day 5: Reverse Cancer, Hormones & Drugs

The fifth day begins with Dr. Michael Karlfeldt who will do a deep dive on the multifaceted nature of cancer that goes beyond the tumor. He will explain the significance of the tumor microenvironment and wrap things up by providing insight on the factors that influence cancer stem cells. Dr. Dana F. Flavin sees value in establishing a comprehensive cancer reversal strategy that includes measures that go past conventional methods, thereby making this her main argument. She will speak about the significance of detoxification, dietary changes, emotional wellness, and supplements when it comes to fighting cancer.

In doing so, she hopes to get the audience to re-evaluate their cancer reversal strategies to identify gaps that should be addressed for best results. Up next, Dr. Jennifer Simmons will take the stage to reveal the important role that hormones play when it comes to fighting breast cancer. She will discuss the effects and use of tamoxifen for breast cancer treatment and finish off by detailing the pros and cons of lumpectomy versus mastectomy and radiation.

TJ Hills, another hormone expert will have people thinking about estrogen in cancer development and progression. She will go over the process that leads to metabolized estrogen, its overall significance and the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy. Switching things up a bit is Dr. Neil McKinney and his talk on cancer’s reliance on fermentative metabolism. He will provide insight on how cancer manipulates genetics and phenotype, while eventually exploring the significance of cancer stem cells in treatment resistance and metastasis.

Dr. Terry Wahls intends to educate the audience on the relationship between cancer and autoimmunity. She will highlight the effects of disease-modifying treatments for autoimmunity on cancer risk, therapeutic diets, and how they can prevent and reverse autoimmune-related symptoms and chronic fatigue following cancer remission. Following suit, Jane McLelland will explain how to attack the metabolic pathways of cancer, the potential of ferroptosis in killing cancer, and the impact of glutathione and NAC on cancer. Dr. William Pawluk will then take the stage to provide insight into the difference between beneficial PEMFs and harmful EMFs.

He will highlight the role of PEMFs in the body and how they can benefit cancer care. He will finish by listing the equipment and resources needed for PEMF therapy in cancer. The last speaker of the day was Catharine Arnston, who aimed to provide information on how nutrient deficiencies and increasing toxins can lead to a rise in cancer. She will go over the significance of mitochondria and why it is critical to protect them. Her talk will conclude with information about algae and its particular nutrients, which can potentially maintain and repair mitochondrial function.

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Day 6: EFT, Photodynamic Therapy & Quantum Healing

As we near the end of the summit, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt sees value in re-emphasizing EFT or Tapping and how it can boost the immune system, but from his perspective. He will discuss the effects of EFT on cellular repair, detoxification, and cancer cell death and the overall influence of EFT on cancer-related metabolic processes. Karla Mans Giroux is the next speaker, and she will inform the audience about the history of Radical Remission Research. She intends to share ten therapeutic recommendations affecting lifestyle adjustments and her firsthand account of a Radical Remission Survivor’s narrative.

Now, we have Ryan Sternagel, who is in line to explain how to manage the financial aspects of cancer treatment. He will discuss the significance of establishing and sustaining a supportive and efficient care team and conclude by offering advice on how to deal with information overload and manage daily healing practices. Dr. Steven Johnson will then begin his piece by enlightening on Mistletoe’s vast impact on quality of life and immunology. He will teach the audience why Mistletoe grows on different trees, its diverse administration routes, and the potential benefits it may induce in cancer patients.

Up next, Dr. Michael Weber will reveal how Photodynamic Therapy can be a powerful tool for cancer treatment. He will explain how Photosensitizers can target cancer cells and at what point photobiomodulation can be employed for regeneration and mitochondrial support. Dr. Patrick Vickers will begin his segment by discussing the history and science behind the Gerson therapy and its associated protocol to defeat cancer. The day’s final speaker, Dr. Amit Goswami, will focus on the quantum healing process.

In particular, he believes people will be thrilled by learning about entanglement and how it can impact health. We have yet to see a quantum perspective into analyzing the causes of cancer, making this expert’s talk a highly anticipated one.

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Day 7: Light, Immune System & Botanical Medicine

The summit’s last day will begin with Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, who aims to help individuals understand the idea behind photodynamic therapy. He will discuss the various health impacts of different light colors and wavelengths, the mechanisms behind light, and how it can eliminate cancer cells. James Templeton will take the stage to explain why conventional therapies might not work for everyone. He will uncover two main strategies that helped him beat metastatic cancer, one of which takes a dietary approach. Dr. Kent Holtorf is scheduled to focus on the role and function of peptides in the body.

He plans to dig deeper into peptides’ role as modulators for the immune system while possibly looking into the relationship between immunosenescence and cancer. We were eager to see whether the world of cannabis will appear, and it looks like Andrew Serafini is making that happen. He will introduce the endocannabinoid system and how ensuring its wellness is critical for overall health. He will then justify the impact that cannabis has on cancer and the management of cancer symptoms. This also entails understanding how to achieve a fine balance between CBD and THC on a case-by-case basis.

Doug Kaufmann will introduce metabolic similarities between fungus and cancer. He aims to explain the genetic integration of fungus and the tools needed for addressing it. He will finish by uncovering cancer’s implications when dealing with fungal problems. John Kortum presents yet another angle, namely that of the origins and fundamentals of the Kortum technique for visual health assessment. He will describe how organs’ visual texture (wet vs. dry) directly correlates with vitality in cancer patients. As for Donald Yance, he insists on devoting some time on how to test the host, microenvironment, and tumor within a whole systems model.

He will demonstrate how to identify key biomarkers to assess cancer and will walk through the steps to creating a personalized treatment protocol. Much of his talk will introduce botanical and nutritional therapeutics believed to strengthen the host and alter the microenvironment. While on the topic of therapies, Dr. Ron Hunninghake plans to use this opportunity to shed light on the significance of vitamin C in cancer treatment. This includes understanding how vitamin C works in the context of cancer and the optimal dosing strategies. He will finish by detailing researched improvements that vitamin C provides for the quality of life in cancer patients.

The last speaker of the day, and the summit, is Dr. Marlene Siegal, who will focus on pet health. She will speak about the research behind the increased rates of pet sickness and offer advice on improving longevity. She will also disclose a 6-step approach for keeping a pet healthy and why detoxification is essential even in pet health.

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Does The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit include any bonuses?

The speakers at The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit are acclaimed cancer treatment and research experts. With that in mind, many of these experts are offering the following free bonuses to the attendees of the summit:

  • Bonus #1: The Anti-Cancer Essential Oil Reference Guide by Ryan Sternagel
  • Bonus #2: The Ultimate Cancer Prevention and Treatment Companion by Isaac Eliaz
  • Bonus #3: 11 Things Your Cancer Program Needs to Address by Michael Karlfeldt
  • Bonus #4: A Better Way to Treat Cancer by Michael Karlfeldt
  • Bonus #5: Your Anti-Cancer Guide to Toxin-Free Beauty Products by Haley Hanks
  • Bonus #6: Unleash the Power of Natural Remedies for a Balanced Life by ecoNugenics
  • Bonus #7: Mind-Body Healing: A Powerful Companion in Your Cancer Recovery by Isaac Eliaz
  • Bonus #8: Break Free of Survival Mode & Reduce Your Cancer Risk by Isaac Eliaz
  • Bonus #9: Becoming Cancer Free by Nathan Crane
  • Bonus #10: Steps to Identify and Heal Trauma – A Roadmap for Healing by Aimie Apigian
  • Bonus #11: Monitoring Cancer Using the CBC by Neil McKinney
  • Bonus #12: The Not-So-Radical Cancer Diet by Kevin Conners
  • Bonus #13: Breaking the Spell by Thomas Cowan
  • Bonus #14: Eating for Optimal Health by Donald Yance
  • Bonus #15: How to Sleep More Soundly by Jennifer Simmons
  • Bonus #16: Your Guide to Eating Colorfully by Deanna Minich
  • Bonus #17: Fueling Your Body: Personalizing Nutrition in Cancer Care by Dan Rubin
  • Bonus #18: Cancer and The Gifts it Brings by Sharon Stills
  • Bonus #19: 10 Favorite Recipes by James Templeton
  • Bonus #20: Kathryn Schmitz on Exercise and Cancer by Michael Karlfeldt
  • Bonus #21: Nasha Winters Root Causes of Cancer by Michael Karlfeldt
  • Bonus #22: Natasha Campbell-McBride on Gut Healing and Cancer by Michael Karlfeldt
  • Bonus #23: The Immune System and Cancer with Isaac Eliaz by Michael Karlfeldt
  • Bonus #24: Stephanie James on Mindset and Cancer by Michael Karlfeldt
  • Bonus #25: Ashok Gupta on Mindset and Cancer by Michael Karlfeldt
  • Bonus #26: Jane McLelland on Cancer Drivers by Michael Karlfeldt
  • Bonus #27: Neil McKinney Cancer Stem Cells by Michael Karlfeldt
  • Bonus #28: Paul Anderson Mitochondria and Cancer by Michael Karlfeldt
  • Bonus #29: Dr. Karlfeldt Interviewing Bharat B. Aggarwal, PhD on Inflammation and Cancer by Michael Karlfeldt
  • Bonus #30: Food and Cancer with William Li by Michael Karlfeldt
  • Bonus #31: Dana Flavin Detoxification and Cancer by Michael Karlfeldt
  • Bonus #32: Be Perfectly Healthy Book Digital Copy by Leigh Erin Connealy
  • Bonus #33: Winning the War on Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure by Sylvie Beljanski

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When will The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit officially launch?

The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit is scheduled to last seven days, from October 31, 2023, to November 6, 2023.

How much does The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit cost?

The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit is said to be completely free. Individuals are simply encouraged to register online by providing a name and email address for a free spot. When the summit launches, an email will be sent on how to join. Spots are limited, so it is imperative to act promptly. Undoubtedly, there will be times when sitting through a summit session will be impossible.

Failing to watch the session within the specified time frame will prevent people from ever accessing it again. Individuals who desire lifetime access to the videos, audio, and transcripts may want to purchase a buy-1-get-1-free buddy pass for $67.00. This grant’s two people access to many of DrTalks resources and those offered by guest lecturers.

Meet the Hosts of The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit

The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit is hosted by Dr. Michael Karlfeldt and Dr. Isaac Eliaz, whose expertise is summarized below:

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt has been clinically practicing since 1987 and runs his own integrative medicine center in Idaho. He is a board-certified naturopath who has appeared on different mixed media platforms, including radio shows and podcasts. It is worth noting that his podcast titled Integrative Cancer Solutions with Dr. Karlfeldt has been internationally recognized. His treatment plans mostly include spiritual, emotional, and nutritional components, along with harnessing the body’s natural ability to heal.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz

Dr. Isaac Eliaz is a leading integrative medicine expert specializing in cancer, detoxification, immunity, and complex conditions. He has over 30 years of training and practical experience. He has offered a holistic approach to health and healing during his career. On top of being a respected doctor, he is a best-selling author, educator, and mind-body practitioner. He consistently partners with the most prestigious research institutes, such as Harvard, to co-author studies on integrative therapies. He is also passionate about empowering patients, practitioners, and health enthusiasts through education and research.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit is an online seven-day free summit organized to provide individuals with information on new findings in cancer treatment and care. It consists of a panel of over 40 experts who specialize in cancer research in ways that go beyond modern medicine. Attendees should expect to leave with a full understanding of how to heal cancer through healthy lifestyle choices, tailored treatment plans, dietary goals, and strengthened mindset.

Given the agenda for The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit, it should be obvious that cancer patients and their families’ perspectives on cancer will be positively changed, shifting them from fear to encouragement and optimal healing. The only way to overcome fear is to educate oneself, which this summit strongly supports. Our editorial team was particularly impressed by their efforts to present information openly and clearly, which is also visible in their bonus materials.

The Cancer Breakthroughs Summit is scheduled to begin on October 31, 2023, and end on November 6, 2023 consumers can learn more by visiting the official website.


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