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Even though there are other ways to activate the Theta wave, like meditation, waking up at 4 a.m., and a biofeedback machine, The Genius Wave provides the easiest and most effective solution. The program unlocks your brainpower, leading to abundance, high mental performance, wealth, and better relationships.

The following Genius Wave review will help you discover facts about the product and enable you to make an informed decision before getting the program.

What is The Genius Wave?

The Genius Wave is a 7-minute soundwave program that activates Theta and mind power to transform your life. It helps you attain eureka moments, solve complex problems, and unlock new abilities without much effort.

The soundwave will shift many things in your life, like confidence, health, relationships, and career, and you will learn new ideas. Listening to the calming soundwave gives you new benefits each day. It synchronizes with your brain waves and activates Theta, hence bringing abundance.

The Genius Wave addresses all aspects of your life, including physical, mental, and sexual. It lets you wake up feeling refreshed, unleashes your intuitive power, and improves your social skills.

According to the website, the 7-minute audio file has helped over 19,000 men and women. It has helped people quit smoking, get promotions at work, lose weight, find love, cure migraines, and more.

The Genius Wave is a safe program created by Dr. James Rivers, a neuroscientist. It was developed after years of intensive research. It’s backed by research from popular institutions. You can get the soundwave program at an affordable price on the official website. It comes with a risk-free 90-day money-back guarantee and three bonuses to boost the workings of The Genius Wave.

How Does The Genius Wave Work?

Dr. James River, the founder of The Genius Wave, believes that the NASA-backed brain wave that restores your true brainpower is Theta. Typically, kids have a very active Theta wave, but in adults, the wave is suppressed.

At the Theta level, remarkable transformations take place. Theta, or the Genius Wave, is what athletes and musicians activate to be in the flow state. The wave is usually elevated when you wake up at 4 a.m. That’s why many billionaires wake up at that time.

Research from Columbia University revealed that Theta waves could be passed to your kids and from one person to another. The reason why many people take ages to learn new skills or have financial breakthroughs is because the Genius Wave keeps shrinking. Some of the scientifically proven ways to switch on your brainpower include:

  • Meditation- You can activate your Theta wave by meditating for at least 20 minutes daily. Although meditation is challenging and time-consuming, it works for some people.
  • Waking up at 4 a.m.– many billionaires wake up at 4 a.m. to turn on their Theta wave.
  • Biofeedback machine- technological innovations inspired the creation of a biofeedback machine that combines medical knowledge to turn on the Theta wave. Even though the machine works, a single session can cost up to $300 per hour.
  • Special soundwave- it is what The Genius Wave program uses and consists of a 7-minute sound wave that activates the Theta wave.

The special soundwave uses Brain Entrainment, which guides your brain into the Theta state. Brain Entrainment usually takes one hour to activate Theta wave, but Dr. James River worked with engineers to compress it to a 7-minute session.

Dr. James Rivers and his team experienced many positive changes after listening to the 7-minute frequency. One colleague finished his book, which he had been working on for three years. The sound wave healed migraine headaches in another colleague, and another one quit smoking. Another team member was promoted at work, and another one lost 16lbs.

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About Dr. James Rivers

The founder of The Genius Wave is Dr. James Rivers, an MIT-trained neuroscientist who made a discovery that would activate your brainpower. He claims that 19,389 Americans have unlocked a new level of brain power using his 7-minute sound wave program.

Dr. Rivers, together with a team of experts, turned one hour of brain entrainment into a 7-minute sound wave. He claims to have helped celebrities, athletes, and other professionals become successful in their line of work.

The 7-minute audio file is affordable, and you can enjoy all the benefits in your home.

Benefits of The Genius Wave

  • Weight loss- The Genius Wave helps you ditch bad behavior towards bad food and curb your cravings. You will experience weight loss in the coming weeks or months.
  • High energy levels- The Genius Wave rejuvenates your physical and mental energy. It helps you stay alert, productive, and motivated.
  • Increased learning skills- The Genius Wave unlocks your mind, expanding your learning skills and ability to retain knowledge. As the sound wave activates Theta, you will remember critical ideas and open deep learning.
  • Amazing relationships- listening to the sound wave consistently improve your relationships. One of Dr. James’ team members, a divorcee, found love after listening for three weeks.
  • Thriving career- The Genius Wave improves creativity and productivity and helps bring insights that may help your professional life.
  • Eureka moment- many people have experienced an eureka moment within a few hours of listening to The Genius Wave for the first time. The soundwave enables you to solve difficult problems and unlock your creativity.
  • You can transfer to your kids- according to research by Columbia University, if you have more Theta, you can pass it to your kids or even influence another person by teaching them various skills.
  • Creativity flow- The Genius Wave helps you build innovative ideas and solutions in your personal and professional life. The website claims that the program has been helpful to many creative minds like athletes and musicians.
  • Ability to handle difficult conversations- listening to the 7-minute soundwave will help improve your communication skills, increasing the flow of words even when having the most difficult conversations. It also helps enhance emotional intelligence, which is important when conversing with strangers.
  • Improve your finances- The Genius Wave enhances your finances by ensuring better decision-making and problem-solving skills, contributing to better financial management and new opportunities to make money.
  • Improve your health- many users have reported amazing health after listening to the sound wave. Dr. James River claims one of his team members suffering from persistent migraines experienced total healing after one week of consistent listening.

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How to Use The Genius Wave

Using The Genius Wave is simple, and you don’t need any prior experience. You will get instant access to download the program on your smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet. The audio track will only take seven minutes of your time.

Get your best pair of headsets and plug in your device, and when in a comfortable position, listen to the calming audio track for seven minutes. You don’t have to meditate. For best results, listen to the soundwave daily. The website claims you gain enhanced benefits from the program every time you listen.

Many customers begin to notice significant results within 2-3 days. The most common effects include clarity, solutions to substantial problems, and even a “eureka moment” within a few hours after listening to the audio for the first time.

You will notice a shift and ability to unlock new opportunities as days go by. In a few months, you will become a completely new person. Weight loss and financial freedom may happen in the following weeks or months. According to the website, over 19,000 men and women are enjoying the benefits of The Genius Wave.

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The creator of The Genius Wave offers three gifts to everyone who orders the program on the website.

Bonus 1: The Secret Behind Attracting Money and Wealth you will get a free copy of the best-selling book that was originally written more than 100 years ago. It is based on the movie “The Secret,” which helps you attain immense wealth. It provides proven strategies that will unlock your financial freedom.

Bonus 2: Get Genius Visualization- the book provides guided visualization from the creators of Calm App. It helps you learn how to visualize money, love, health, and happiness.

Bonus 3: Create Your Ideal Future- the infographic provides you with the five most crucial habits you should practice to create a suitable future. You can print out the infographics and hang them as a reminder.

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

The Genius Wave is exclusively available on the official website at a discounted price of $39.00, a one-time payment.

The program offers a risk-free offer, allowing you a full 90 days to test it. If it does not activate your genius wave, request a complete refund, no questions asked. You can contact the responsive customer service team for assistance at:

  • support@geniuswave.com


The Genius Wave is a soundwave audio track that helps bring happiness, abundance, success, health, and extraordinary relationships. It helps activate the Theta wave, which enhances your brainpower. Listening to the soundtrack daily brings shifts in your life and unlocks new opportunities.

Many people have experienced weight loss and rejuvenation. It improves creativity flow, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and access to new ideas that advance your career and boost your learning skills.

The Genius Wave is backed by years of intensive research and was developed by an MIT neuroscientist with a team of experts. It is 100% safe and effective as long as you stay consistent. The 7-minute soundwave program has a 90-day guarantee and three bonuses to enhance your brainpower.

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