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Have you ever seen a Renaissance-era film and thought about what it would be like to dress like the people of the time? Their mannerisms are so majestic that they cast a shadow over modern society. Although their perspectives may be outdated, their fashion sense has always been noticeably superior to what we see today. If anything, vintage fashion has made multiple reappearances in recent years. What if we told you there is a service out there that brings to life whatever your mind is imagining upon reading this? Here’s everything there is to know about Turn Me Royal.

What is Turn Me Royal?

Turn Me Royal is a service through which individuals can commission a Renaissance-style portrait of themselves, their friends, and their family members. The creators developed this service to produce unique art that captures every person’s essence. The simple reason for selecting the Renaissance is because the period celebrated portraiture. In other words, Turn Me Royal aims to mirror the artistic skills of artists of the time. Considering everything, let’s look at how user-friendly this service truly is.

How Does Turn Me Royal Work?

From the user’s perspective, it’s as simple as selecting a product category (e.g., Queen, King, Royal Couple, Viking, etc.), uploading an image to serve as the portrait’s face, and selecting one of three different canvas sizes. From Turn Me Royal’s side, the image will then be recreated by the talented artists in the chosen Renaissance character. This is hand-drawn, utilizing cutting-edge digital techniques so that the finished piece resembles a hand-painted masterpiece. Once completed, a preview of the artwork will be sent within 1 to 2 business days for revision. At this point, individuals can ask for as many revisions as they wish.

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What Features Does Turn Me Royal Have?

Turn Me Royal is an incredibly user-friendly service, as individuals are asked of very little and end up with a Renaissance portrait. However, this is simply one of several noteworthy qualities. Others that are likely to attract more attention to Turn Me Royal are as follows:

Digital Art

Turn Me Royal extensively uses digital art to create stunning Renaissance portraits. This technique is preferable to traditional paintings since it allows artists to undo mistakes easily and promotes flexibility in access to tools, resizing, modifying, getting creative, and ensuring speedy returns. As a compromise, digital art does lack the textural aspects that some people appreciate in paintings.

Top-Quality Canvas

All Turn Me Royal portraits are printed in Canada on premium, artist-grade canvases with FSC-certified hardwood frames. The Forest Stewardship Council is an international, non-profit organization that prioritizes the environment, wildlife, and people. So, any wood certified by the organization embodies sustainability and responsible harvesting practices. Moreover, the creators guarantee never fading ink, ensuring all portraits are as crisp as they arrived. Finally, each purchase includes a mounting kit for hanging it.

Fast & Sustainable Delivery

Turn Me Royal ships and prints locally out of one of two locations in Canada. This has been decided to reduce transportation distance, consequently cutting back on carbon emissions as much as possible. Additionally, such measures ensure that individuals receive their portraits as soon as possible.

100% Love It Guarantee

The 100% Love it Guarantee serves as a protection for customers. If a painting gets misplaced by the courier, the creators promise to deliver a new canvas at no extra cost. Likewise, they will print and mail a new canvas for free if the artwork arrives damaged. This Guarantee also offers unlimited revisions. Individuals needing further work on a portrait should contact customer service immediately. Finally, individuals have 30 days from arrival to decide whether they want a refund. The necessary steps can be taken by reaching out to customer support.

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Turn Me Royal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What Type of Images Are Accepted as References for Turn Me Royal?

A: Most types of images will be accepted for Turn Me Royal. Per the creators, their talented artists can create portraits from practically anything. Having said that individuals may want to ensure that their images at least meet the following criteria:

  • A photo taken at a straight angle (possibly with the chin pointing straight or slightly up)
  • A photo with visible facial features when zoomed in (and not pixelated)
  • A photo with the entire head visible (nothing cut off or hidden)

Q: Is Previewing the Turn Me Royal Portraits Possible Before Purchase?

A: No, since artists spend countless hours producing these portraits, it is impossible to provide a preview before an order has been placed. However, individuals can ask for unlimited revisions once paid, and the artist has an initial piece ready.

Q: What Types of Customizations Are Allowed for Turn Me Royal?

A: Anything can be customized, including hair length and color, removal of glasses, adding makeup, etc. Regarding skin color or tone, it will match the chosen portrait. However, should individuals prefer something different, a request can be made for the customization.

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Q: How Secure is the Turn Me Royal Packaging?

A: The Turn Me Royal packaging is considered highly secure. The canvas will be wrapped in plastic to prevent moisture exposure and secured in the center of the box to protect the edges from damage. If, with these preventive measures, individuals still receive a damaged portrait, the team at Turn Me Royal will send a replacement.

Q: How Long Will It Take for Turn Me Royal Shipments to Arrive?

A: Orders within Canada will take 5 to 10 business days to arrive, whereas all other locations might need to wait up to 21 business days. For further clarity, individuals are encouraged to review the shipping policy.

Q: Who Do I Contact if I Have Any Further Questions?

A: For any further questions or concerns on Turn Me Royal, customer support can be reached in one of the following ways:

  • Email: support@turnmeroyal.com.
  • Mailing Address: Turn Me Royal Headquarters, 1968 S. Coast Hwy #4204, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA

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How Much Do Turn Me Royal Portraits Cost?

Turn Me Royal portraits range in pricing depending on the character one wishes and the canvas size. Below is a quick rundown of prices to bear in mind (before applicable taxes and shipping fees):

  • 8 inches by 10 inches: starting at CAD$119.95 each
  • 12 inches by 16 inches: starting at CAD$139.95 each
  • 18 inches by 24 inches: starting at CAD$159.95 each

Turn Me Royal Concluding Remarks

Ultimately, Turn Me Royal is a service that enables individuals to see what they might look like if they were from the Renaissance period. Thanks to digital art techniques, individuals can upload an image and request a portrait of their choice (male, female, children, or two-person). The Turn Me Royal’s team of artists takes care of the rest, who will use digital means to reproduce a majestic portrait. Though digital art cannot compete with traditional art in terms of our sense of touch, a great deal of layering, shadowing, and optimizing realism can still be accomplished quickly.

If individuals require additional modifications, this team strongly supports it, which is uplifting. Considering the latter, as well as the time it takes to recreate these portraits, the quality of canvases and frames used (reflecting wildlife protection), the mounting kit, the Guarantee against fading, and the 100% Love It Guarantee (protecting consumers from several risk factors), the set prices are relatively low when compared to commissioned hand-paintings. To learn more on how to get hold of your very own Turn Me Royal Portrait, visit here>>>


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