Monroe follows winless ’99 with state appearance

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No team in the state went further in one season than the Monroe Bearcats.

Despite being eliminated with three losses in pool play Friday at the Class 3A state tournament, Monroe reached the final 16 after going winless last season.

Monroe went into last week’s Northwest District playoffs as the fourth and final seed from the Western Conference 3A and went on to finish second.

Meanwhile, Lynnwood was also eliminated from the 3A tournament after going 1-2 in pool play.

Going into the evening session in Class 4A, Woodinville was 1-1, Cascade and Marysville-Pilchuck were both 0-1 and Kamiak was 0-2.

Granite Falls won its first match in the Class 2A tournament, but lost the next two and was ousted in a tiebreaker.

Darrington was 1-2 in pool play in Class A and failed to advance. The Loggers lost in three games to seventh-ranked Freeman and fourth-ranked Zillah before sweeping aside University Prep.

Erin Nations had 24 kills, Casey West had 21 kills and Michelle Meece served 27-for-27 with eight aces for the Loggers.

“We played outstanding defense against some awfully big-hitting teams,” said Darrington coach Greg Powell.

Snohomish County Christian was 1-2 in its Class B pool and failed to advance.

Burlington-Edison def. Blanchet 16-14, 8-15, 16-14

Selah def. Skyview 3-15, 15-9, 15-9

Burlington-Edison def. Selah 9-15, 15-7, 15-13

Skyview def. Blanchet 15-6, 15-10

Burlington-Edison def. Skyview 6-15, 15-7, 15-9

Blanchet def. Selah 15-7, 15-12

Tiebreaker: Selah def. Skyview 15-7; Selah def. Blanchet 15-9; Blanchet def. Skyview 15-10, loser out; Selah def. Blanchet 15-13, loser out.

Final Pool Standings: Burlington-Edison 3-0, x-Selah 1-2, Blanchet 1-2, Sky-view 1-2

x-advanced in playoff.

Kennedy def. Camas 15-10, 15-12

Seattle Prep def. Lynnwood 15-12, 15-5

Camas def. Seattle Prep 15-6, 15-0

Lynnwood def. Kennedy 15-7, 15-11

Camas def. Lynnwood 15-8, 7-15, 15-9

Kennedy def. Seattle Prep 15-4, 15-10

Final Pool Standings: Kennedy 2-1, Camas 2-1, Seattle Prep 1-2, Lynnwood 1-2.

Skyline def. White River 15-13, 15-11

Newport def. Monroe 15-10, 11-15, 15-10

Skyline def. Monroe 15-11, 15-12

White River def. Newport 15-5, 15-9

Skyline def. Newport 15-9, 15-10

White River def. Monroe 15-12, 15-2

Final Pool Standings: Skyline 3-0, White River 2-1, Newport 1-2, Monroe 0-3.

Columbia River def. Sequim 15-11, 15-11

West Valley (Yakima) def. Holy Names 15-7, 15-2

Holy Names def. Sequim 5-15, 15-13, 16-14

West Valley (Yakima) def. Columbia River 15-9, 15-13

West Valley (Yakima) def. Sequim 15-4, 15-6

Columbia River def. Holy Names 15-11, 13-15, 15-6

Final Pool Standings: West Valley (Yakima) 3-0, Columbia River 2-1, Holy Names 1-2, Sequim 0-3.

Columbia River vs. Burlington-Edison, 8 a.m.

White River vs. Kennedy, 8 a.m.

Camas vs. Skyline, 9:30 a.m.

Selah vs. West Valley (Yakima), 9:30 a.m.

Grandview def. Nooksack Valley 15-2, 15-8

Chelan def. La Center 15-12, 7-15, 15-3

Grandview def. La Center 15-2, 15-7

Chelan def. Nooksack Valley 15-9, 15-9

Grandview def. Chelan 15-4, 15-1

Nooksack Valley def. La Center 10-15, 15-7, 15-9

Final Pool Standings: Grandview 3-0, Chelan 2-1, Nooksack Valley 1-2, La Center 0-3.

Lynden Christian def. Newport 15-8, 15-4

Omak def. Forks 15-7, 15-9

Lynden Christian def. Omak 15-6, 15-6

Newport def. Forks 9-15, 16-14, 15-10

Lynden Christian def. Forks 15-2, 15-8

Omak def. Newport 15-6, 13-15, 15-6

Final Pool Standings: Lynden Christian 3-0, Omak 2-1, Newport 1-2, Forks 0-3.

Lakeside def. Woodland 15-6, 15-2

Meridian def. Ephrata 16-14, 9-15, 15-9

Lakeside def. Meridian 15-1, 15-5

Ephrata def. Woodland 15-9, 3-15, 15-8

Lakeside def. Ephrata 15-5, 15-1

Meridian def. Woodland 15-10, 18-16

Final Pool Standings: Lakeside 3-0, Meridian 2-1, Ephrata 1-2, Woodland 0-3.

Eatonville def. Ridgefield 15-7, 15-6

Granite Falls def. Kiona-Benton 3-15, 15-8, 16-14

Kiona-Benton def. Ridgefield 15-8, 15-3

Eatonville def. Granite Falls 15-5, 15-6

Ridgefield def. Granite Falls 15-13, 15-8

Eatonville def. Kiona-Benton 15-12, 15-5

Tiebreaker: Kiona-Benton def. Granite Falls 15-5; Ridgefield def. Kiona-Benton 19-17; Kiona-Benton def. Granite Falls, score not available (loser out); Kiona-Benton def. Ridge-field, score not available; Kiona-Benton def. Ridgefield, score not available (loser out).

Final Pool Standings: Eatonville 3-0, Kiona-Benton 1-2, Ridgefield 1-2, Granite Falls 1-2.

Chelan vs. Lakeside, 8:30 a.m.

Kiona-Benton vs. Lynden Christian, 8:30 a.m.

Meridian vs. Grandview, 10 a.m.

Omak vs. Eatonville, 10 a.m.

Kalama def. LaConner 15-6, 15-6

Mabton def. Orcas 15-2, 5-15, 15-13

Kalama def. Orcas 15-6, 15-1

Mabton def. LaConner 15-10, 15-12

Kalama def. Mabton 15-4, 15-9

Orcas def. LaConner 17-15, 5-15, 15-13

Final Pool Standings: Kalama 3-0, Mabton 2-1, Orcas 1-2, LaConner 0-3.

Life Christian def. Onalaska 15-0, 11-15, 15-11

Okanogan def. Royal 15-4, 15-8

Okanogan def. Life Christian 15-5, 18-16

Onalaska def. Royal 15-6, 15-3

Life Christian def. Royal 15-4, 18-16

Okanogan def. Onalaska 15-9, 7-15, 15-9

Final Pool Standings: Okanogan 3-0, Life Christian 2-1, Onalaska 1-2, Royal 0-3.

Zillah def. University Prep 15-4, 15-2

Freeman def. Darrington 13-15, 15-8, 15-11

Zillah def. Darrington 10-15, 15-10, 15-5

Freeman def. University Prep 15-2, 15-3

Zillah def. Freeman 15-7, 15-12

Darrington def. University Prep 15-2, 15-2

Final Pool Standings: Zillah 3-0, Freeman 2-1, Darrington 1-2, University Prep 0-3.

Colfax def. Bellevue Christian 15-4, 15-1

Toutle Lake def. Columbia-Burbank 15-6, 15-6

Colfax def. Columbia-Burbank 15-3, 8-15, 15-12

Toutle Lake def. Bellevue Christian 15-5, 15-3

Colfax def. Toutle Lake 15-6, 15-11

Columbia-Burbank def. Bellevue Christian 15-10, 15-7

Final Pool Standings: Colfax 3-0, Toutle Lake 2-1, Columbia-Burbank 1-2, Bellevue Christian 0-3.

Mabton vs. Okanogan, 8:30 a.m.

Freeman vs. Colfax, 8:30 a.m.

Toutle Lake vs. Kalama, 10 a.m.

Life Christian vs. Zillah, 10 a.m.

Tekoa-Oakesdale def. Pateros 15-5, 18-16

Almira/Coulee-Hartline def. South Bend 8-15, 15-4, 15-2

Almira/Coulee-Hartline def. Tekoa-Oakesdale 7-15, 15-1, 15-9

South Bend def. Pateros 15-0, 15-5

Tekoa-Oakesdale def. South Bend 15-10, 15-11

Almira/Coulee-Hartline def. Pateros 15-17, 15-4, 15-9

Final Pool Standings: Almira/Coulee-Hartline 3-0, Tekoa-Oakesdale 2-1, South Bend 1-2, Pateros 0-3.

St. George’s def. Manson 12-15, 15-12, 15-5

Pomeroy def. Lopez 15-6, 15-9

Lopez def. Manson 13-15, 15-5, 15-11

Pomeroy def. St. George’s 16-14, 15-12

Pomeroy def. Manson 15-13, 15-12

St. George’s def. Lopez 15-8, 15-7

Final Pool Standings: Pomeroy 3-0, St. George’s 2-1, Lopez 1-2, Manson 0-3.

Snohomish County Christian def. Wahkia-kum 15-5, 12-15, 15-11

Klickitat def. Valley Christian 15-3, 10-15, 15-3

Klickitat def. Snohomish County Christian 15-3, 15-3

Valley Christian def. Wahkiakum 15-5, 15-8

Valley Christian def. Snohomish County Christian 15-8, 16-14

Klickitat def. Wahkiakum, 15-4, 15-3

Final Pool Standings: Klickitat 3-0, Valley Christian 2-1, Snohomish County Chris-tian 1-2, Wahkiakum 0-3.

Naselle def. Mt. Vernon Christian 14-16, 15-8, 19-17

Davenport def. Garfield-Palouse 15-12, 15-12

Davenport def. Naselle 15-7, 15-3

Mt. Vernon Christian def. Garfield-Palouse 15-2, 15-4

Garfield-Palouse def. Naselle 15-4, 15-1

Davenport def. Mt. Vernon Christian 15-5, 15-3

Final Pool Standings: Davenport 3-0, Garfield-Palouse 2-1, Naselle 1-2, Mt. Vernon Christian 0-3.

St. George’s vs. Klickitat 8:30 a.m.

Garfield-Palouse vs. Almira/Coulee-Hartline, 8:30 a.m.

Tekoa-Oakesdale vs. Davenport, 10 a.m.

Valley Christian vs. Pomeroy, 10 a.m.

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