Saturday’s prep scores, recaps



Grace Academy vs. NW Yeshiva


Kentridge Invitational

43 teams

Team scores (champion and local schools) — 1. Mercer Island 698, 3. Kamiak 424, 7. Lake Stevens 273.5, 8. Glacier Peak 243, 9. Shorewood 237, 12. Shorecrest 144, 14. Snohomish 127, 17. Archbishop Murphy 74, 19. Cascade 50, 26. Stanwood 18, 28. Everett 16, 30. Marysville Pilchuck 11.

Top local placers — 200 medley relay: 1. Kamiak (Vlad Gliszmer. Walter Limm, Maxwell Fang, Brian Park) 1:37.88; 200 freestyle: 1. Jonah Schedin (Sno.) 1:44.70; 200 individual medley: 3. Ryan Price (ABM) 1:59.23; 50 freestyle: 1. Matthew King (GP) 20.58; Diving: 2. Joseph Hofman (C) 430.4; 100 butterfly: 6. Alejandro Flores (LS) 53.48; 100 freestyle: 1. King (GP) 46.04; 500 freestyle: 1. Gliszmer (K) 4:42.03; 200 freestyle relay: 4. Glacier Peak (Zach Cermak, Andrew Meneses, Jack Renschler, King) 1:30.14; 100 backstroke—4. Walles (LS) 53.91; 100 breaststroke: 2. Flores (LS) 56.78; 400 freestyle relay: Kamiak (Gliszmer, Maxwell Fang, Alex Kirby, Slava Gilszmer) 3:16.38.


Gut Check Challenge

At Kitsap Sun Pavilion

58 teams

Team scores (champion and local schools) — 1. White River, 128.5; 32. Stanwood, 40.5; 35. Edmonds-Woodway, 36.5; 40. Darrington, 31; 56. Mountlake Terrace, 8.

Individual placers (local schools) — 145: Salihou Fatty (Edmonds-Woodway), 4th; 152: Mason Phillips (Stanwood), 1st; 170: Gage Burtenshaw (Darrington), 4th.

Shoreline Invitational

At Shorecrest H.S.

8 teams

Team scores — 1. O’Dea 208.5, 2. Shorewood 202, 3. Lakewood 171.5, 4. Ingraham 106, 5. Shorecrest 101, 6. North Creek 91, 7. Oak Harbor 60.5, 8. Roosevelt 46.

Individual placers (local schools) — 106: Corbyn Taylor (Oak Harbor), 3rd; 113: Kaiya Conway-Yasuyama (Shorecrest), 1st; Nick Lotz (Shorewood), 2nd; 120: John Seth (Lakewood), 1st; Kelvin Schmidt (Shorecrest), 2nd; Richard Street (Shorewood), 3rd; Zach Wilson (North Creek), 4th; 126: Curt Tanaka (Shorewood), 2nd; William Perkins (Lakewood), 3rd; Nicholas Morris (Oak Harbor), 4th; 132: Kody Carpenter (Shorewood), 1st; Nick Metteer (Lakewood) 3rd; Hunter Hogarth (Oak Harbor), 4th; 138: Hunter Tretyak (North Creek), 1st; Trentyn Good (Shorecrest), 3rd; Devin Leach (Shorewood), 4th; 145: Alex Olivera (Shorewood), 2nd; Brendan McClellen (Lakewood), 3rd; Evan Beerbower (Oak Harbor), 4th; 152: Kevin Stokes (Lakewood), 1st; Matthew McMillan (Shorewood), 2nd; 160: Mark Yamane (Shorewood), 3rd; Darius Duciuc (North Creek), 4th; 170: Camden Bach (Lakewood), 1st; Edward Soloman (Shorewood), 2nd; Nicholas Mitchell (North Creek), 3rd; 195: Philip Ball (Shorewood), 3rd; Kai Axhelm (Lakewood), 4th; 220: Austin Nicherson (Lakewood), 2nd; Simon Dalton (Shorecrest), 3rd; Taejin Thondee (Shorewood), 4th; 285: Daniel Shapovalov (North Creek), 2nd; Keegan Bach (Lakewood), 3rd; David Rivera (Shorecrest), 4th.

Everett Classic

32 teams

Team scores (local schools) — 1. Lake Stevens 183, 3. Cedarcrest 120, 5. Everett 118.5, 8. Meadowdale 76, 13. Cascade 47, 17. Stanwood 36.5, 18. Arlington 33, 20. Edmonds-Woodway 32, 25. Jackson 17.

Individual placers (local schools) — 106: Baylor Denkinger (Edmonds-Woodway), 3rd; 113: Matthew Johnson (Lake Stevens), 1st; Antonio Bernocco (Stanwood), 5th; 120: Ethan West (Lake Stevens), 5th; 126: Stephan Erosa (Everett), 2nd; Ryan Arboleda (Everett), 3rd; Clayton Brush (Lake Stevens), 3rd; Caden Cauley (Lake Stevens), 5th; 132: Seth Nickerson (Lake Stevens), 2nd; Edwin Andrade (Arlington), 5th; 138: Aria Zarei (Meadowdale), 1st; Michael Morris (Cedarcrest), 2nd); Kaige Bunsngean (3rd); 145: Yasin Alissa (Cascade), 2nd; Hayden Jones (Lake Stevens), 3rd; 152: Elias Lynch (Meadowdale), 1st; James Ryan (Jackson), 5th; 160: Riley Van Scoy (Stanwood), 1st; Freddy Reid (Cedarcrest), 2nd; 170: Mathew Weinert (Cedarcrest), 1st; Lester Howard (Everett), 3rd; Levi Wiseman (Arlington), 5th; Ben Duong (Meadowdale), 5th; 182: Krys Dupree (Everett), 2nd; Carson West (Lake Stevens), 3rd; 195: Caleb Lay (Cedarcrest), 1st; Christian Balmer (Everett), 3rd; David Voldenschuk (Lake Stevens); 220: Justin Thompson (Lake Stevens) 3rd; Aurick Martinez (Everett), 5th; 285: Garett Nelson (Cedarcrest),3rd.

Panther Classic

At Snohomish H.S.

15 teams

Team scores (champion and local schools) — 1. Decatur 168.5, 2. Glacier Peak 154, 3. Kamak 151, 4. Oak Harbor 142, 5. Arlington 125, 6. Snohomish 124, 8. Mariner 104, 15. Lynnwood 17.

Individual placers (local schools) — 106: Diana Cantini (Kamiak), 3rd; Zac McSpadden (Glacier Peak), 3rd; Gunnar Sturlaugson (Snohomish), 5th; 113: 2. Jayme Gonzales (Snohomish), 2nd; Blake Servatus (Oak Harbor), 3rd; Rubin Vierra (Kamiak), 3rd; 120: Richard Chung (Kamiak) 3rd; Mat Miller (Snohomish), 3rd; 5. Levi Elsberry (Mariner), 5th; Jakob Dailey (Oak Harbor), 5th; 126: Parker Hardy (Glacier Peak), 1st; Caleb Fitzgerald (Oak Harbor), 5th; Gavin MacDonald (Glacier Peak), 5th; 132: Will Rush (Arlington), 1st; Josh Ren (Snohomish), 2nd; David Richards-Perhatch (Glacier Peak), 3rd; Sergio Olivares (Mariner), 5th; 138: Brantley Stupey (Arlington), 1st; Sean Solberg (Kamiak) 5th; 145: Blake McBride (Oak Harbor), 1st; Gavin Howell (Arlington), 2nd; 152: Tim Mandzyuk (Glacier Peak), 1st; Ryan RJ Fry (Mariner), 2nd; Guage Holland (Kamiak), 3rd; Anthony Loutsis (Snohomish), 5th; 160: Joshua Giron (Mariner), 2nd; Aaron Fletcher (Oak Harbor), 5th; Sam Rush (Arlington), 5th; 170: Kristian Fairbanks (Arlington), 1st; Kyle Carlson (Snohomish), 2nd; Anthony Armad (Kamiak), 3rd; Ethan Pace (Oak Harbor), 5th; 182: Max Furlong-Benedetti (Kamiak), 2nd; Dylan Wheeler (Snohomish), 5th; 195: Josh Erling (Glacier Peak), 1st; Ryan Douglas (Snohomish), 5th; 220: Michael Fisken (Oak Harbor), 1st; Jose Parra (Mariner), 2nd; Drew Kindle (Kamiak), 3rd; 285: Josiah Palmaffy (Glacier Peak), 2nd; Alex Tran (Mariner), 3rd; Jody Notoa (Mariner), 3rd; Mason Bridges (Glacier Peak), 5th.

Dick Pruett Invite

At Kent-Meridian H.S.

Team scores (winner and local teams) — 1. Sunnyside 302; 13. Archbishop Murphy 39.

Local placers — 182: 6. Devin Moore (AM); 195: 4. Matt Keck (AM).

Sky Valley Tournament

At Sultan H.S.

Local team scores — 1. Sultan 164.5, 2. Monore 141, 5. Marysville Getchell 97, 8. Granite Falls 85, 15. South Whidbey 38, 17. Darrington 16.

Top local placers — 106: 2. Ashton Buchholz, (GF); 113: 2. Cole Lance, (M); 120: 1. Luke Weaver, (S); 126: 4. James Klinman, (GF); 132: 4. Willie Bennett, (S); 138: 4. Joseph Littrell, (M); 145: 1. Taylor Ivy, (M); 152: 4. Austin Byron, (S); 160: 4. Kameron Weaver, (S); 170: 2. Devon Rose, (MG); 182: 1. Tre Sargent, (S); 195: 2. Hunter Harris, (M); 220: 2. Tyler Deason, (S); 285: 4. Ben Vanderwel, (GF).



Lopez at Darrington

King’s at Cascade Christian

Cedar Park Christian (Bothell) at Vashon Island

Monroe at Federal Way

NW Yeshiva 53, Grace Academy 34


Everett Classic

Individual placers (local schools) — 100: Arshprett Kuar (Cascade), 1st; Alyssa Marshall (Everett), 2nd; Emily Hood (Edmonds-Woodway), 3rd; 105: Maggie Telford (Jackson), 1st; Sarah Hood (Edmonds-Woodway), 2nd; Jayden Ogden (Everett), 3rd; 110: Carmen DeGregg (Everett), 1st; Vivian Potong (Arlington), 2nd; Claudie Rojas-Guzman (Cedarcrest), 3rd; 115: Mikayla Kolbeck (Arlington), 1st; Summer Leonard (Everett), 2nd; Tailer Cochran (Arlington), 3rd; 120: Kate Rosson (Arlington), 3rd; 125: Jenova Christensen (Everett), 3rd; 130: Kara Underhill (Everett), 1st; Nadia Diaz-Luna (Cascade), 2nd; 135: Daisy Ramirez (Everett), 1st; Lillia Servin (Everett), 2nd; Esther Martrinez (Cascade), 3rd; Hailey Prather (Everett), 3rd; 140: Leah Leeders (Jackson), 1st; Sierra Chapman (Everett), 3rd; 145: Maggie Kermoade (Everett), 3rd; 155: Crystal Larson (Everett), 1st; 170: Molly West (Everett), 1st; Leah White (Arlington), 3rd; Malia Wayman (Arlington), 3rd; 190: Bailey Peterson (Everett), 1st; Eliza Gijon-Garcia (Everett), 3rd; Alaska Luna (Cascade), 4th.

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