Fresh Knight Sonic Fresh Reviews – Here is What Real Customers are Saying!

Sonic Fresh is an ultrasonic mouthpiece and retainer cleaner made by Fresh Knight.

Sonic Fresh uses the power of UV-C light to clean your oral healthcare products – from mouthpieces and dentures to retainers and more. Just place it in Sonic Fresh, then let Sonic Fresh’s UV-C light and ultrasonic vibrations go to work.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Fresh Knight’s Sonic Fresh and how it works today in our review.

What is Sonic Fresh?

Sonic Fresh is an oral healthcare product available exclusively online through GetFreshKnight.com.

You can place your retainer in Sonic Fresh and let the device automatically disinfect it. Each cleaning cycle lasts about five minutes and uses ultraviolet (UV) light to cleanse germs and bacteria from your retainer.

Sonic Fresh works with retainers, mouthpieces, dentures, and other oral healthcare products. The large container fits all sizes and types of products, making it easier to enjoy a cleaner product – and fresher breath.

Sonic Fresh is priced at $64.99 per device. Each device comes with a one-year warranty.

Sonic Fresh Benefits

Some of the benefits of Sonic Fresh, according to Fresh Knight, include:

  • Cleans mouthguards, retainers, dentures, mouthpieces, and more
  • Uses UV-C and ultrasonic vibrations
  • Lift debris while cleaning viruses, germs, and bacteria
  • 365nm wavelength light for maximum cleansing power
  • Priced at $64.99
  • Free shipping

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How Does Sonic Fresh Work?


Sonic Fresh works by emitting light at the 275nm wavelength, which is in the ultraviolet (UV-C) spectrum.

This specific wavelength of light is the same wavelength used in medical settings and other applications. Studies show it destroys surface bacteria and germs upon contact.

Place your retainer or other oral device in Sonic Fresh and press the button outside the case. Each cleaning cycle lasts around five minutes, during which the UV-C light disinfects and cleans your dental appliance.

To enhance the cleaning power further, Sonic Fresh uses ultrasonic vibrations. These vibrations gently dislodge built-up debris on your retainer, helping to remove it. Specifically, the vibrations create thousands of small bubbles that remove dirt, grime, and debris. The bubbles pop when they hit your mouthpiece, and this popping action dislodges debris.

Instead of feeling grittiness against your teeth every time you wear your retainer, you can enjoy a cleaner retainer and a cleaner mouth because of the UV-C cleaning power and ultrasonic vibrations.

Sonic Fresh doesn’t require batteries or rechargeable cords. Instead, you simply plug it in while using it. Each Sonic Fresh comes with a cord that plugs into a standard electrical socket.

Fresh Knight has designed Sonic Fresh to fit dentures, braces, and retainers of most standard sizes. The interior of the Sonic Fresh cleaning tank measures 3.5” in diameter by 1.5” deep, making it easy to place whatever you need into the device for easy cleaning.

Sonic Fresh Features

There are other UV-C cleaning devices sold online today. Here are some of the features that distinguish Sonic Fresh from other products:

Plug in During Use: Sonic Fresh doesn’t require batteries, nor does it need to be recharged; instead, you plug it in during use and then unplug it when you’re done.

Ultrasonic Vibrations: Sonic Fresh primarily uses UV-C light to sanitize oral healthcare products. However, the device also uses ultrasonic vibrations to dislodge debris. The device is called Sonic Fresh because it uses ultrasonic vibrations to dislodge debris. Over time, small particles can build up on your retainers and dentures over time, giving you an unpleasant sensation with every use. The ultrasonic vibrations of Sonic Fresh can help.

One-Year Warranty: All Sonic Fresh purchases come with a one-year warranty. You have one year to spot any manufacturing defects and request a refund if you’re unhappy.

Works With Retainers, Mouthguards, Nightguards, Dentures, & More: Sonic Fresh cleans multiple oral health devices. You can use it with mouthguards, retainers, dentures, and more. The interior tank is 3.5” in diameter with a depth of 1.5”, giving you ample space for all types of oral healthcare devices.

Not Waterproof: Sonic Fresh is not waterproof. The device has electronic components, and those components cannot get wet. Use a glass to fill the tank carefully, then remove water from the tank after each use.

EPA Registered: Sonic Fresh is an EPA-registered device shown to kill microorganisms. Medical organizations and similar facilities use UV-C light to cleanse viruses, germs, and bacteria from surfaces – and Sonic Fresh uses this same technology to clean your oral healthcare device.

Chemical-Free Cleaning: You can buy cleaning tablets for your retainer or mouthguard. However, these cleaning tablets are often loaded with chemicals. On the other hand, Sonic Fresh offers chemical-free ultrasonic cleaning, allowing you to enjoy a clean mouthpiece without exposing yourself to toxins.

Easy for Anyone to Use in Seconds: Sonic Fresh works out of the box without a setup. Just fill the tank with water, plug it in, and press the button to start cleaning. Anyone can use it without reading an instruction manual or following a complicated setup process.

Create Thousands of Microscopic Bubbles to Lift Away Germs: Sonic Fresh’s ultrasonic vibrations create bubbles, which lift away dirt, grime, and debris from your mouthpiece. With Sonic Fresh, you can use the cleaning power of bubbles to remove germs and bacteria.

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How to Use Sonic Fresh

Fresh Knight has designed Sonic Fresh to be as easy to use as possible. Just fill the tank with water, plug it in, turn it on, and wait five minutes for the cleaning cycle to complete.

Here’s how to use Sonic Fresh:

  • Step 1) Fill the Sonic Fresh tank with water and close the lid.
  • Step 2) Plug in Sonic Fresh, then insert your retainer or other oral healthcare product.
  • Step 3) Press the button to initiate the 5-minute cleaning cycle.
  • Step 4) Remove your dental device.
  • Step 5) Unplug Sonic Fresh and empty the water.

Sonic Fresh Tech Specs

Some of the technical specifications of Sonic Fresh include:

  • Exterior Dimensions: 6.61” x 5.67” x 5.59”
  • Interior (Water Tank) Dimensions: 3.5” (diameter) x 1.5” (depth)
  • Weight: 1.21lbs
  • Cleaning Cycle Length: 5 minutes
  • Wavelength: 275nm UV-C light

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Scientific Evidence for Sonic Fresh

UV-C power – and ultrasonic bubbles – have been shown in scientific trials to clean surfaces effectively. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations, in fact, regularly use UV light to sanitize medical equipment. We’ll review some of the science behind Fresh Knight’s Sonic Fresh below.

In a 2020 study, researchers reviewed the effectiveness of using UV-C light to sterilize medical equipment. Researchers analyzed 17 trials and found UV-C was “potent” against microorganisms like virus, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and vancomycin-resistant enterococci, among other serious bacteria, germs, and viruses.

In a similar study published in 2019, researchers found UV-C light treatment significantly reduced the risk of fungi spores and similar viruses, germs, and bacteria in a medical setting, based on samples collected before and after UV-C exposure.

UV-C light is so effective for cleaning, in fact, that some hospitals have introduced “UV-C disinfection robots.” These autonomous devices complement existing decontamination procedures, helping to sanitize further surfaces and clear viruses, germs, and bacteria. In that 2021 study, researchers found UV-C light reduced a yeast pathogen called Candida auris. That’s important because that yeast pathogen is resistant to antifungals and disinfectants.

Overall, multiple studies have shown that Sonic Fresh’s UV-C technology significantly reduces viruses, germs, and bacteria. There’s a reason medical facilities worldwide use UV-C light to keep surfaces safe.

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Sonic Fresh Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

The official Fresh Knight website is filled with reviews from customers impressed with Sonic Fresh and its work.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official website:

Many customers like how easy it is to use Sonic Fresh. There’s no need to read a complicated instruction manual or follow a complex series of steps. Just fill it with water, then press a button.

Customers are generally satisfied with the noise of Sonic Fresh. It’s louder than many people realize because of the sonic vibrations, but it’s quieter than the average electric toothbrush. Plus, you don’t need to sit beside Sonic Fresh while it runs: you can press the button, then leave the room.

Many customers find they have better breath and a better overall sensation in their mouth after using Sonic Fresh. Instead of having an unpleasant taste after they clean their retainer, they can enjoy a fresh and clean sensation.

Sonic Fresh is compact, making it easy to fit onto any ordinary bathroom countertop or space.

Some customers use Sonic Fresh after using tablet cleaners and other cleaning products. These denture and retainer tablet cleaners can make a mess and leave you with an unpleasant aftertaste of chemicals.

Customers are generally impressed with Fresh Knight’s customer service, shipping process, pricing, and overall customer experience. Few customers report any issues ordering or receiving Sonic Fresh in good condition.

Overall, Sonic Fresh has hundreds of positive reviews online from verified customers worldwide. Because of Sonic Fresh and its UV-C cleaning power, many enjoy fresher, cleaner mouthpieces, retainers, mouthguards, and dentures.

Sonic Fresh Pricing

Sonic Fresh is priced at $64.99 apiece. However, you can save money by bundling it with a Fresh Case and other Fresh Knight products.

Sonic Fresh is exclusively available to order online through GetFreshKnight.com, where it’s available at the following rates and packages:

  • One Sonic Fresh: $64.99 + Free Shipping
  • Sonic Fresh + Fresh Case: $89.23 + Free Shipping
  • Sonic Fresh + Fresh Case + Plaque Tablets: $109.57


Sonic Fresh Refund Policy

  • Sonic Fresh offers a 7-day refund policy on all unused products.
  • If you have already used Sonic Fresh, you cannot obtain a refund on your purchase.

About Fresh Knight

Fresh Knight, a New York City-based health and wellness brand, makes Sonic Fresh.

You can contact Fresh Knight and the Sonic Fresh customer service team via the following:

  • Email: support@getfreshknight.com
  • Phone: +1 (646) 609-8653
  • Mailing Address: 298 Fifth Ave, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10001, USA

Final Word

Sonic Fresh by Fresh Knight is a cleaning product that combines ultraviolet cleaning power with ultrasonic vibrations to cleanse germs, viruses, bacteria, and debris from your oral healthcare product.

Whether you’re cleaning a retainer, mouthguard, dentures, or any other type of mouthpiece, you can enjoy effective cleaning in under five minutes thanks to the proven power of Sonic Fresh.

Visit the official website to learn more about Sonic Fresh and how it works or to buy the cleaning device online today.


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