LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager Review – What are Customers Saying?

How long do you find yourself seated for extended periods? 8 hours, 10 hours, or 12 hours? Are you required to be seated for said hours every day? If so, you might be at far greater risk of developing unwanted health conditions than the average smoker. This might sound nonsensical, but the truth is, that several researchers and healthcare practitioners have arrived at this conclusion. So, what is the rationale here? In short, the most straightforward explanation is that people may have an increased risk of heart disease, vascular issues, and back and spinal pain.

Naturally, each person is responsible for incorporating some form of movement, whether it be pausing to stretch, going on multiple short-length walks, or introducing a workout routine. One team believes that, besides the aforementioned, it might also be worth finding means to improve muscle contractions. Curious to understand their proposed angle? This review aims to shed light on The LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager.

What is the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager?

The LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager is, as explicitly stated in its name, a foot massager that uses electro muscular stimulation (EMS) to reverse the health damage brought on by one particular lifestyle choice. In addressing the latter, the LUMI+ team explained how their massager has been demonstrated to significantly reduce overall stress levels, improve sleep quality, soothe and revitalize fatigued muscles and feet, and ensure better blood flow and circulation throughout the body.

The LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager, which draws inspiration from acupuncture, can be perceived as a natural and effective way of looking after one’s health. There’s so much unpacking left to do, and much of it has to do with its underlying mechanism, which will be delved into next.

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How does the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager work?

To understand the potential that the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager has in liberating people from muscle, leg, and foot soreness, we need to address three aspects: the culprit, acupuncture points, and EMS.

Sitting Too Long

According to the LUMI+ team, foot pain arises due to prolonged sitting. Prolonged sitting has been proven to give rise to chronic diseases, two of which include obesity and chronic stress. This duo then snowballs into high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess fat, and, in the worst possible case, the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. If prolonged sitting persists, the legs and glutes will likely weaken.

As we are sitting, we do not rely on our legs to hold us up. In turn, the muscles weaken, putting people at risk of injury. For those who have some knowledge of varicose veins, it turns out that these take shape due to excess blood pooling in the legs. While said indicator is no cause for concern, it isn’t pleasant to see. What might end up in complications is deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

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A DVT is a blood clot commonly found in the legs. When part of the clot cracks, there will be a pause in blood flow to other parts of the body. Failing to move enough can become a medical emergency crisis. Similar to the glutes and legs, the back and hips will be affected, primarily resulting in shortened hip flexors, which will induce bad posture (if the discs are compressed, chronic pain will be added to the mix).

Acupuncture Points

Acupuncture is an ancient practice that involves inserting special thin needles into specific points (or acupuncture points) on the body (depending on the health condition under question) in the hopes of balancing energy flow. So far, it has been proven to help with nausea, headaches, dental pain, tennis elbow, stress, and asthma, to list a few. Although traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners believe there are more than 2,000, the WHO Scientific Group finally agreed that there are, in fact, 361.

Without getting too technical (as there is so much to say about this practice), acupuncture points fall within 14 meridian channels, including the lung, large intestine, stomach, spleen, heart, small intestine, bladder, kidney, pericardium, triple energizer, gallbladder, liver, governing vessel, and conception vessel. As the needles are gently inserted, acupuncture points are generally believed to communicate with certain visceral organs to provide healing. What are the pressure points in the feet attributed to?

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One source listed the location and the area it influences, respectively.

  • Tips of the toes: head and brain
  • The middle of the toes: face and sinuses
  • The base of the toes and pink toes: teeth, gums, and jaw and neck, respectively
  • The outer side of the foot: arms, elbows, knees, and legs
  • The inner side of the foot: neck, brain stem, thymus, spine, and bladder
  • The outer side of the ankle: lower back
  • The inner side of the ankle: lymph glands, fallopian tubes, and groin
  • The top, middle area of the foot: lungs, chest, breast, and upper back

Essentially, the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager doesn’t only have the potential to ease the legs, feet, back, and their associated muscles (or, more simply, the physical aspects of the body), but also that of the mind. But of course, people aren’t required to insert needles into these points to experience said improvements. This is where the use of EMS comes into play.

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Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation sends electrical impulses through the skin to repair tissues and weak, injured, and damaged muscles. These impulses supposedly mimic those of natural muscle contractions, which are necessary for healthy blood flow and repair. There are two types: EMS and TENS. EMS is said to use a slightly stronger current to get the muscles to contract. Regardless of the type, the healing potential is multifold. This technology could probably help those with back pain, joint pain, muscle conditioning, muscle injury, nerve inflammation, and poor muscle strength, to name a fraction of the list.

Thinking that something as sedentary as sitting influences every possible aspect of health is undoubtedly frightening. Hence, people should make walking, or simply moving, a part of their day-to-day life. Fortunately, the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager can mimic natural muscle contractions for those needing an extra nudge to ease pain in the back and legs (and by stimulating the right pressure points in the feet, even the mind). With that, let’s move to its attributes.

What features does the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager have?

The LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager stands out from its competitors because of the following features:


The LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager weighs no more than 210 grams, making it extremely lightweight. This feature makes the device extremely portable and travel-friendly. To add to its lightweight nature, the device is also completely wireless. So long as it is fully charged, it can be used anywhere without having to worry about outlet plugs.

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Multiple Uses

To our surprise, the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager can be used on not just the feet but also other parts of the body. This is only for body parts that require muscle toning, relaxation, recovery, and general pain relief. As for foot health, this device is believed to be effective for a wide range of foot conditions, ranging from plantar fasciitis to heel spurs. Even people with flat feet are trusted to find relief, but getting a medical opinion is the best course of action here.

6 Massage Modes

Kind of like sitting on a massage chair where people can alternate between settings, the same can be done while using the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager. In particular, individuals have six different massage modes, including relax, tighten, intensify, kneed, jitter, and punch. These can be paired with 19 different intensity settings, providing users with 114 different possibilities.

Long-Lasting & Quiet

A single charge (roughly 90 minutes) provides anywhere between 25 and 30 hours of consumption. Remember that this is not continuous use; should individuals require continued relief, one full charge will last between 6 and 8 hours, which is still pretty solid. The last of the major selling points is its discreet nature. At no point during each massage session will people be bothered by undesirable noises.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What are the dimensions of the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager?

A. The EMS Foot Massager pad measures 320 mm by 320 mm, whereas the remote control measures 35 mm by 97.8 mm.

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Q. What battery does the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager have?

A. The LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager relies on its built-in lithium battery. Also worth noting is its maximum voltage, which is 5 volts.

Q. What’s included in each LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager purchase?

A. In addition to the massager pad, individuals should find a charging cable, a remote control, and an instructions manual

Q. Is the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager safe?

A. Since EMS is generally well tolerated and accepted for treating certain conditions, the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager can be perceived as a safe device to use. For those who are still concerned about safety, it might be a great idea to check in with a healthcare practitioner.

Q. How do I use the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager?

A. Individuals are asked to simply place their feet (or other body parts) directly onto the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager and adjust the mode and intensity to their liking. To reap its benefits, the LUMI+ team encourages at least 15 minutes of use every day, but it is entirely up to the user to extend each session past the 15-minute mark.

Q. Can I use the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager if I have a pacemaker?

A. No. The LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager is not recommended for people wearing pacemakers or with a pre-existing heart condition. For further guidance, individuals must consult a healthcare practitioner.

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Q. What color does the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager come in?

A. The LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager only comes in the rainbow.

Q. Does the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager include a warranty?

A. No, LUMI+ currently only offers one-year limited warranties for its hydrogen water bottle. It must be clarified beforehand whether this still applies.

Q. How long will it take for LUMI+ shipments to arrive?

A. The estimated arrival time for LUMI+ shipments is 5 to 7 business days in the continental United States and up to 21 business days internationally.

Q. What if the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager doesn’t work as advertised?

A. A 30-day money-back guarantee has protected the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager. If, 30 days after the date of purchase, people see no merit in using this device, customer service can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. To learn more about the eligibility requirements, the support team can be reached at contact contact@lumiplus.com or by submitting a form.

Q. How much does the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager cost?

A. Normally, the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager costs $199, but for a short period, it is available for $99. On top of that, shipments making their way to the continental United States and Canada will not be subjected to shipping and handling fees. On the other hand, international countries will be subjected to a minimum of $39.90, depending on the country.

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Meet LUMI+

LUMI+ is a health and wellness company on a mission to help everyday people develop healthy habits that contribute toward their betterment. Their series of wellness products is allegedly the result of countless hours of research and testing on themselves before launching publicly. On the topic of having discovered the powerful benefits of EMS technology, this team was quoted as saying the following:

“After regularly using EMS technology, we are amazed by the results for healing chronic back [and] foot pain. It almost seemed too good to be true.”

Concluding Remarks

To summarize, acupuncture and EMS technology inspired the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager. In the former case, it has been repeatedly proven that pricking at specific acupuncture pressure points induces neural communication, naturally easing the location and other associated body parts. As noted much earlier in this review, inserting special needles into different pressure points in the feet alone can unleash mental and physical benefits. In terms of EMS, the goal is to mimic muscle contraction, which is critical for blood flow and circulation and, consequently, the healing of the cells, tissues, organs, and muscles.

Instead of devising a dietary supplement, the team at LUMI+ was in awe of the benefits that stemmed from targeting the sole and sides of the foot. Logically, they developed the pad so people could place their feet on it while electrical impulses were delivered. This, in effect, might trigger certain pressure points without inserting needles. That said, acupuncture and EMS are different because of the process, but they aim to produce similar results in the end. About the device itself, it is completely lightweight, rechargeable, and noise-free and allows users to play around with different modes and intensities for maximum recovery.

In light of everything discussed thus far, the LUMI Wellness EMS Foot Massager appears to be a valuable solution. However, this device does not replace movement of any kind (whether standing up, walking, or working out). Therefore, people must also ensure that their lifestyle choices are up to par.

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