I Brake for Moms

Have a food allergy? MyPlate’s recommendations aren’t for you

The USDA’s guidelines don’t account for potential allergens like dairy, bread and eggs.


If your goal is weight loss, check out Choose MyPlate menus

The MyPlate on My Budget challenge kept this family on a thrifty budget and at healthy weights.


What happens when MyPlate sets the menu? A starch overload

The USDA Food Plan considers potatoes, corn and frozen juice concentrate as produce.


Grocery shopping with MyPlate’s Thrifty Meal Plan in mind

The goal: Spend no more than $158.30 at Fred Meyer on a week’s worth of food for a family of four.

She’s retaking the month-long MyPlate on My Budget challenge

Can Jennifer Bardsley stick to the feds’ recommended grocery budget and nutritional requirements?

Ear piercing is a rite of passage — but when’s the right time?

This mom turned to the Edmonds Moms Facebook group for advice on getting her daughter’s ears pierced.

They’re prepared for ‘the Big One’ with back yard emergency kit

Recent earthquakes in Western Washington reminded this family of four to prepare for the worst.

Pop-up tent trailer lets family ‘upgrade’ their camping trips

This summer they’ll travel in comfort to Larrabee, Alta Lake and Brooks Memorial state parks.

Spirits flare on Independence Day in a war over chairs

You can set up chairs at An Edmonds Kind of Fourth parade the night before. But it’s not so simple.

Keep your kitchen cool this summer with Instant Pot meals

This stay-at-home mom loves the “The Healthy Meal Prep Instant Pot Cookbook” by Carrie Forrest.

This former teacher defends the scheduled summer vacation

The parenting trend for an “unscheduled summer” gives kids the opportunity to be bored for 10 weeks.

Do you have an air purifier? Prepare for a smoky summer now

This mom spent the family’s vacation budget on air purifiers, HEPA filters and tower fans.

Our children aren’t the only ones who are growing up

Her 14-year-old son’s high school orientation was an evening of reckoning for this mom.

My grandfather helped liberate Europe from tyranny on D-Day

He won the Silver Star and Purple Heart for his heroism. It was up to my grandma to tell his story.

Let’s Make Art: At-home painting lessons for the whole family

A subscription watercolor kit with online tutorials turns into affordable Mommy and Me art classes.

How an IKEA couch held up for this family of four — plus a dog

After five years, the cushions have become saggy and lumpy. But the slipcovers mean it can be cleaned.

The mysterious case of the garage door with a mind of its own

“It’s a good thing I have a guard dog with me,” she told their miniature poodle.

Your Mother’s Day Report Card

Sharpen your pencils, and get ready to grade yourself. Your Mother’s Day report card is waiting.

Child, whatever you do, please don’t practice the recorder

Do you remember the lyrics to “Hot Cross Buns”? If not, you will soon.

Lighthouse parenting: Guide and help them get their bearings

This style of parenting has two main principles: give unconditional love and let children fail.