A Reading Life

Talking Heads’ first album is still mesmerizing at 40

Talking Heads ’77 stands up to the test of time as a breakthrough for music.

More top reading suggestions from Everett librarians

The stories are about lady knights, the affordable housing crisis, young love, and wartime Russia.

One of these books might help you stop staring at a screen

There are a number of ways to balance technology and other aspects of our lives.

‘Butcher of Men’: A murderous woman thrives in a credulous era

“Hell’s Princess” chronicles the life of Belle Gunness, whose proximity always seemed to bring doom.

This YA novel taps the rich heritage and culture of Africa

Refreshingly, Tomi Adeyemi’s “Children of Blood and Bone” gets deserving publishing industry support.

Here’s what you should read this month

Some of the top new releases in May 2018, selected by the Everett Public Library staff.

Non-beauty of invasive species is in the eye of the beholder

One person’s invader is another’s worthy survivor.

The best music of 2018 (so far)

Albums by They Might Be Giants and No Age are worthy early entries for 2018’s full list.

New music arrivals: funk, folk, punk, hip-hop, rock and more

Chase away the clouds with some great new music.

It’s National Poetry Month, so here’s a poetry double-dare

If you aren’t into verse, here are three books that might change your mind.

From the science of lightning to the mythology it inspired

Here are some books that connect those dots …

’The Great Alone’: A dysfunctional family surrounded by beauty

Kristin Hannah’s challenging new novel is in great demand.

It’s time for you to give poetry another chance

Here are some contemporary writers whose works might resonate with you.

Two characters in different YA books have a lot in common

“The Poet X” and “Devils Within” explore the yearning to break free from parents and the past.

Here’s what you should read this month

Some of the top new releases in April 2018, selected by the Everett Public Library staff.

Of men and possums and opossums (different animals)

Everett Public Library recommends some reading about the marsupials and tricks to ‘play possum.’

Examining taste, fandom, ‘cult’ hits, and furries through books

Several books look at the relationship we have with pop culture and what that means.

Great music finds from ‘United States of Tara’ and ‘Weeds’

Everett Public Library takes a beat to examine the interplay of good music and great television.

Women, they got things done in Snohomish County

Everett Public Library’s Northwest Room examines the local historical record of women’s suffrage.

March is a time for memoirs

Everett Public Library suggests reading these powerful stories as part of #everettreads challenge.