A Reading Life

Roses have prickles, not thorns, and other useful info

Everett Public Library offers a handful of rose-related reads to pick up this summer.

Delineating the types of punk music

Everett Public Library’s punk-in-residence guides you through the nuances of the genre.

Secrets, betrayals and kisses abound in ‘Who is Vera Kelly?’

Rosalie Knecht’s book has an engrossing spy plot and character-driven literature.

Susana Medina’s ‘Philosophical Toys’ packs big ideas, nimble style

There’s a lot in the new novel that moves across time in a young woman’s life in London and Spain.

Top-notch reads to celebrate LGBTQ pride

Everett Public Library recommends several books about life in the minority for all ages.

Stephen King’s ‘The Outsiders’ has action and a fast plot

The master horror writer turns his attention to characters, crime and a small-town murder.

What to hear, read and watch this month at the library

Everett Public Library’s recommendations for new releases this month.

Happy Birthday, Everett!

The Everett Library will host a 125th birthday bash June 2, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Learn about Everett’s 125-year history with the library

Extensive Everett Public Library photo archives provide a glimpse into the distant past.

Zombies, racism, and a what-if history shape ‘Dread Nation’

The book is an excellent work of speculative fiction: reimagining the Civil War and its aftermath.

Stories illuminate life on the wall — Hadrian’s Wall in the UK

Three books help us understand more about the past of Roman Brittania and its famous wall.

Talking Heads’ first album is still mesmerizing at 40

Talking Heads ’77 stands up to the test of time as a breakthrough for music.

More top reading suggestions from Everett librarians

The stories are about lady knights, the affordable housing crisis, young love, and wartime Russia.

One of these books might help you stop staring at a screen

There are a number of ways to balance technology and other aspects of our lives.

‘Butcher of Men’: A murderous woman thrives in a credulous era

“Hell’s Princess” chronicles the life of Belle Gunness, whose proximity always seemed to bring doom.

This YA novel taps the rich heritage and culture of Africa

Refreshingly, Tomi Adeyemi’s “Children of Blood and Bone” gets deserving publishing industry support.

Here’s what you should read this month

Some of the top new releases in May 2018, selected by the Everett Public Library staff.

Non-beauty of invasive species is in the eye of the beholder

One person’s invader is another’s worthy survivor.

The best music of 2018 (so far)

Albums by They Might Be Giants and No Age are worthy early entries for 2018’s full list.

New music arrivals: funk, folk, punk, hip-hop, rock and more

Chase away the clouds with some great new music.