A Reading Life

Get to know lobsters (and lobster recipes) with these reads

By Linda, Everett Public Library staff Did you know that in 1880s Massachusetts servants went on strike so they wouldn’t have to eat lobster more… Continue reading

LGBTQ history in Snohomish County displayed at Everett library

By Lisa, Everett Public Library staff In honor of Pride Month, the Northwest Room has just launched its newest digital collection: the papers of the… Continue reading

Revisiting the mockumentary for die-hard Sex Pistols fans

By Ron, Everett Public Library staff Ah, once again it’s those lazy, hazy (dare I say crazy?) days of summer when a young man’s thoughts… Continue reading

Book review: ‘Magpie Murders’ is a challenging whodunit

By Linda, Everett Public Library staff What a fun book! Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz is a mystery within a mystery book…. a really challenging… Continue reading

Dive into Everett Public Library’s summer reading challenge

By Jesse, Everett Public Library staff It is a busy time of year for Youth Services Librarians! We know how hard students work all year… Continue reading

Have the best barbecue on your block with these cookbooks

By Carol, Everett Public library staff It’s the most wonderful time of the year! When the gas grills are flowing and charcoal is glowing and… Continue reading

Family feuds, ‘thin’ places, ghosts and love in ‘A Million Junes’

By Jennifer, Everett Public Library staff I believe there are thin places in this world. The term ‘thin places’ refers to areas in the world… Continue reading

‘And Then You’re Dead’ mixes gallows humor, scientific inquiry

By Richard, Everett Public Library staff Of the many, many great reasons for using the library, one of my favorites is being able to ‘impulse… Continue reading

New June 2017 releases available at Everett Public Library

from established, new, and emerging authors — are some of the most anticipated new releases of the… Continue reading

The early 20th century Japan Bazaar on Hewitt Avenue

By Mindy, Everett Public Library staff May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. This is an opportunity to pay tribute to the generations of Asian and… Continue reading

New music in May to check out at Everett Public Library

By Lisa, Everett Public Library staff Spring is flying by, and it appears that May is giving us a sneak preview of summer as a… Continue reading

How I fell in love with the Ramones and why they still matter

By Ron, Everett Public Library staff Let’s talk about the Ramones, shall we? Few American bands have made a bigger impact than this group of… Continue reading

Seattle blogger, author gives insight to publishing path

By Carol, Everett Public Library staff Dearest Reader, I have a special treat for you today. I caught up with Seattle-based blogger Geraldine DeRuiter, aka… Continue reading

Must-read books about space at Everett Public Library

By Richard, Everett Public Library staff When it comes to space travel, both real and imagined, all the attention tends to focus on human expeditions.… Continue reading

Some Jewish American Heritage Month listening, reading recommendations

By Mindy, Northwest Room Historian at Everett Public Library In honor of Jewish American Heritage Month, the Northwest Room—the library’s local history collection—is highlighting two… Continue reading

‘Behind Her Eyes’ is unpredictable, haunting tale of love

By Jennifer, Everett Public Library staff The internet ruins everything. Sometimes the kinder sites about movies, television shows and books will state in bold letters… Continue reading

DeWitt’s “The Last Samurai” is ambitious, inspired page-turner

By Heartwood, Everett Public Library staff About a year ago, New Directions rereleased Helen DeWitt’s long out-of-print novel, The Last Samurai, which was accompanied by… Continue reading

New May offerings at the Everett Public Library

Spot-Lit for May 2017 by Everett Public Library staff This month’s list of fiction receiving the praise of reviewers, booksellers, and librarians from across the… Continue reading

Horse racing books worth reading ahead of the Kentucky Derby

By Jesse, Everett Public Library staff I’m not much for holidays and birthdays can kick it, but the first Saturday in May? That’s a day… Continue reading

Finding body acceptance from fellow ‘fat girls’ books, stories

By Carol, Everett Public Library staff Every body is a real body. Let’s get that straight right away. Often I see people online describing “real… Continue reading