Bartender Q&A

The bar’s had different names, but she’s always called it home

Deanna VanderVate pours drinks at The Paddle Pub, formerly the Roadhouse Bar & Grill.


Megan Bingaman tends bar for Village Taphouse & Grill in Marysville. (Kevin Clark / The Herald)

This friendly bartender makes a mean margarita in Marysville

Megan Bingaman broke into the business after she got sick of her desk job.


He enjoys talking about cocktails as much as making them

Jason Castro loves to explain the history behind the drinks at Fred’s Rivertown Alehouse in Snohomish.


Cameron McCaffree, 26, is a bartender at The Anchor Pub in Everett. (Kevin Clark / The Herald)

From millennials to elders, he serves ‘em all at the Anchor

Cameron McCaffree says he enjoys the historic Everett bar’s diverse, colorful customers.

Cameron McCaffree, 26, is a bartender at The Anchor Pub in Everett. (Kevin Clark / The Herald)

The A-Team has poured beers at Bothell’s The Bine since Day 1

Bartenders Mallory Galash, Alethea Kendrick and Valerie Hackett have become close friends.

Nicole Geer’s listening skills once netted her a $500 tip

Accounting wasn’t a good fit for this “super-friendly” person, so she switched to bartending.

This Mill Creek bartender thrives when the place is slammed

Jessie Meyers feels a rush of accomplishment when she makes everyone happy.

Kuhnle’s Tavern bartender pours them as she sees them

Denise McKenzie has learned a few things after 12 years at the venerable Marysville bar.

This big personality tends a tiny Edmonds bar

Desmond van Rensburg says people skills are as vital as mixology knowledge.

She wishes she could make the late Anthony Bourdain a drink

Maggie Burton has worked as cocktail director for Bluewater Organic Distilling in Everett since 2016.