business wisdom

Universal Basic Income idea is back, as flawed as ever

It’s touted as a way to deal with job displacement caused by robots, but we need better ideas.


Return policy speaks volumes about company’s values, strategy

Managers can make good policy through understanding and respecting their customers.


A new trade war won’t help us, or the Chinese

The most productive way to view the tariffs on China is that they are a negotiating tactic.


Giant power storage ‘batteries’ show promise

The systems could reduce the impact of power outages, whether they’re caused by storms or hackers.

Energy storage problem dates back to the ol’ mill pond

Major changes to the electric power industry will impact our lives.

Feds should bring back the savings bond program

A savings plan for those at the bottom of the economic order would be a benefit to everybody.

Health care costs can’t just increase forever

An economy cannot survive and thrive when one sector — health care — devours so many resources.

When the day goes bad, you can choose to get back on track

Everybody has rocky starts to their days, but a little planning ahead can keep things running smoothly.

Getting a bigger bang from a small budget as costs climb

Four myths of your marketing budget and what to do when that budget inevitably starts shrinking.

Housing boom in Puget Sound region missing crucial element: Condos

Developers are only building high-end condos where there’s enough margins to cover potential litigation.

Rising household debt casts shade on sunny economy

Real estate and the stock market are vulnerable to bubbles, while debt requires monthly payments.

The latest test for college students: Are you employable?

What is needed is not more outsider tests but more classroom tests and higher academic quality.

How much should you be saving?

I love hearing from my readers about their financial conundrums, and this month their questions included everything from how much they should save each year… Continue reading

Aluminum and steel situation shows complexity of ‘free trade’

The economic theory of free trade is no help because it is fragile.

Why real estate investors are watching self-driving cars closely

With decisions on real estate made years in advance, could self-driving cars change how we live?

It’s unlikely that the US economy is secretly faltering

One theory is that the US economy is in a lot worse shape than the standard reports reveal.

Why there’s so much work in teamwork

Here are three options for dealing with an underperforming team member; only one will cause you problems.

Big ad agencies make decisions that often aren’t the best for your firm

Here are three examples of the wrong and right ways of developing marketing communications program.

Don’t take economic forecasts to the bank — or the casino

Air travel delays could spur a rebirth of passenger rail service.

Be prepared for the downturn to come

Eric Sprink is not your typical bank president, so it was no surprise that Coastal Community Bank’s annual Fall Economic Forecast event was atypical in… Continue reading