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What can be learned from the optimism of Churchill, Elon Musk

A new movie, “The Dark Years,” depicts Winston Churchill during the perilous times he faced in 1940 when he first became prime minister. The country… Continue reading

Don’t let ‘what if’ become ‘what happened’

Even with limited resources, small business need to prepare contingency plans, because things do happen.

Tom Hoban

Are millennials warming up to life in suburbia?

They dominate the apartment market and their wants need to be accounted for, says columnist Tom Hoban.

Tom Hoban

How to rally even when you want to throw in the towel

Here are three strategies to push through even when things look the bleakest.

Be careful when testing job candidates

Managers should be aware that applicant testing is an area of numerous risks to the unwary.

Tom Hoban

Why owning property is key to liberty in U.S.

To own a slice of the earth from its center to the heavens is precisely how private property rights work in the United States. The… Continue reading

Tom Hoban

Don’t rely just on productivity measurements to value a worker

The controversies swirling around the productivity data at the national level are not really a concern for individual businesses. Owners and managers can still make… Continue reading

Making a dent in student debt

There are two words that can rock people with regret. Just ask them about their “student loans.” Then watch their… Continue reading

7 strategies to help you regain focus

Zig Ziglar, American motivational speaker I love this… Continue reading

Tech can upend, enhance apartment industry

I learn best by talking to people and I seem to be deeply curious about everything. So when I hop in a cab, I usually… Continue reading

Everett video business owner shares his secrets of success

‘We’re people builders,” says Guy Cochran, owner of DVE Store of Everett in describing his company. These words really stuck with me after a recent… Continue reading

How the power of belief can motivate

James O. Hornfischer’s bestseller, “The Last Stand of The Tin Can Sailors,” describes the ships and the men who sailed them into battle…and almost certain… Continue reading

Marketers, take a lesson from manufacturing

Most of us associate Six Sigma with improving the manufacturing process. Originally developed by Motorola, Six Sigma is a data-driven approach toward improving process, quality… Continue reading

Everett wins big with commercial air travel coming to Paine Field

Whether or not you use the airport, if you are a resident or business owner in the Everett area, commercial passenger service at Snohomish County’s… Continue reading

Workplace incivility on the rise; here’s what to do about it

How well do your employees treat each other? Christine Porath, an associate professor of management at Georgetown University, has found workplace incivility has dramatically increased… Continue reading

How to survive and thrive in today’s retail world

Editor’s note: James McCusker has recovered from an extended illness that kept him from writing his regular column. He wants you to know that he… Continue reading

How a new Everett mayor could affect local real estate scene

Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson’s about-face earlier this year on running for what would be a fourth term came as a bit of a surprise to… Continue reading

How to overcome everyday distractions

It’s crucial to learn how to work with focus, considering the many distractions luring us in every day. You can use your calendar dutifully as… Continue reading