Cascade Hiker Podcast

Heather Anderson: From couch potato to the Appalachian Trail

“The beautiful thing about long trails and the mountains is that they are what you need them to be.”


Laura Esquivel and the Freedom hikers

They hike and raise money for victims of sexual slavery.


Craig Romano, trail guidebook author

He goes out in the field, finding small changes on trails here and there.

Clint ‘Lint’ Bunting is a triple-triple crown hiker

He’s hiked the Appalachian, Continental Divide and Pacific Crest trails three times each.

Cameron Eldred: Canadian family outdoorsman

He describes hiking trips in the Enchantments, Lake O’Hara and Assiniboine.

Bob Jepperson’s Wild Love Story

A perfect circle of sounds, pictures and storytelling from the Anacortes author.

Night Rider hikes the Pacific Northwest Trail

The trail travels through Skagit and Island counties, crossing I-5 and Highway 20.

The impact of social media on pristine wilderness

Mark Wetherington on the concept of Leaving No Trace in wild places made popular by publicity.

Anastasia Allison is an inspired, adventurous entrepreneur

The Everett podcaster feels called to help people go “from stuck to summit.”

How a GPS device helped a solo Everett hiker get rescued

Things could have ended a lot worse for Shannon Cunningham, who shares her story of a hike gone wrong.

At age 5, ‘Buddy Backpacker’ hiked the entire Appalachian Trail

Now he’s 9 with some more major hikes under his belt.

Sarah is a fearless hiker

She refuses to let her hardships define her.

Music in the mountains: ‘It’s a weather-dependant hobby’

Anastasia Allison of the Musical Mountaineers reflects on making music at the summits.

Taking the long way

The Princess of Darkness is a triple-crown long distance hiker with stories to share.

One man’s hike on the Appalachian Trail

His encounters with bears, bugs, blisters, skunks and friends along the way.

Couple provides hang-out spot for PCT hikers

Take a trail break in a tent or dorm with a shower, laundry, kitchenette, movies and Wi-Fi.

Taking a service dog on the trail

Tenley Lozano hikes with her service dog, Elu. They have section-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in Southern California and the Goat Rocks in Washington. Elu… Continue reading

The ‘Whimsical Woman’ shares what she learns on the trail

Jennifer Mabus came here from Nevada and Hawaii. She leads hikes and blogs about them.