Seattle mayor’s free community college idea has some merit

We don’t know how it would be paid for, but students failed by the K-12 system need a second chance.

Ignatius: Democrats need to find voice on Trump’s tariff push

Many in the GOP are raising objections. Democrats must now decide where they stand on trade.

Milbank: Oh, say can you see Trump saluting his ego

Snubbed by the NFL’s Eagles, Trump fumbles his staged patriotic White House rally.

Saunders: Trump bucks pardon process, but so did Lincoln

Trump’s pardons skip a review by the Department of Justice, but that’s as it should be, say some.

Harrop: Trump’s immigration policy mean-spirited, ineffective

Wider use of E-Verify would humanely move enforcement from the border to the employment office.

Milbank: How Bill Clinton helped bring us to this point

Clinton’s handling of the Lewinsky scandal eroded standards enough to pave the way for Trump’s abuses.

Parker: Swatting at the Bee in the bonnet of Barr’s defenders

A tit-for-tat firing — Samantha for Roseanne — makes sense only if your world is defined by politics.

Thiessen: Google’s distaste for mililtary work makes no sense

Employees said they didn’t want to work with the Pentagon. What’s so objectionable about saving lives?

Who should foot the bill on the first date? #WhoPays

Some advice on avoiding awkward silences when the restaurant check arrives.

Robinson: Trump’s claim he can pardon himself is telling

Trump’s lawyers have shifted arguments away from his innocence and now claim he is above the law.

Milbank: Was Obama ahead of his time, or are we behind ours?

Yes, we elected a black president, but that only fueled the current fever of white insecurity.

Saunders: Trump can move beyond pardons to prison reform

Kim Kardashian made her case for a convicted great-grandma. Others are working for a broader fix.

Parker: Barr’s tweet was racist; excusing it is worse

And the rejection of Barr’s excuses by ABC and others may show that things are getting better.

Robinson: Roseanne fooled into thinking racist tweet was safe

Did Trump’s success with dog-whistle tweets lull Barr into thinking she could get away with it?

Harrop: ABC’s firing of Roseanne was quick, dirty and smart

The comedian was the focus of scorn 28 years ago for a ‘disgraceful’ rendition of the national anthem.

Schwab: Now for something different — Trump tells truth

And for something completely different, Sid finds something nice to say about the president.

What’s behind the NFL player protests? Control

The players want more control over their workplace and careers.

New federal ‘security freeze’ will be a win for consumers

You’ll be able to freeze your credit files for free — but identity theft will still be a threat.

Ingatius: Truth suffering in era of weaponized information

With a degraded information marketplace comes a need for transparency about journalists’ sources.

Milbank: Easier for Republicans to speak truth on the way out

Rep. Trey Gowdy, who headed the Benghazi hearings, is calling out Trump on his attacks of the FBI.