Saunders: Can anyone feel safe amid the arson and looting?

The protests have been defended as ‘mostly peaceful.’ So peaceful that we can now defund the police?

Burke: A bolt worked for Saul, Sgt. York; why not Trump?

Hopes for our nation may rest with a ‘Road to Damascus’ moment for Trump’s MAGA-hatted supporters.

Schwab: Trump won’t address racism, so that work is left to us

Unwilling and incapable to unite us, Trump uses the unrest to his benefit. What’s our response?

Editorial: To restart the economy we need cash and childcare

Congress needs to extend economic stimulus support to individuals, businesses and local governments.

Harrop: Chafing at Covid-19 restrictions? Consider Sweden

The Scandinavian nation chose not to lock down; it now has a higher pandemic death rate than the U.S.

Saunders: Trump puts his vindictiveness on full tweet

Come the election, will his supporters recall his accomplishments or the collateral damage from his rage?

Harrop: Central Park confrontation provides stark contrast

Faced with a threat, Christian Cooper put self-control on display in reaction to Amy Cooper’s anger.

Schwab: It’s not fraud but the voters’ will that Trump fears

If mail-in ballots’ record in this state doesn’t convince, his objections to fact-checking should.

Harrop: Pandemic may have grounded ‘snowbirds’ for good

Those with second homes are reluctant to return to cities, bringing new conflicts and considerations.

Saunders: Trump can’t have it both ways on states’ rights

He can’t tell states to lead on the coronavirus response, then tell them how to run their elections.

Comment: Trump has name for those who tell truth: squealers

And their fate, as the White House Don has done frequently, is demotion or firing.

Burke: WWII general knew how to prove regard for his dead

Would that Gen. Lucian Truscott Jr. could show Trump how to speak of those who have died in ‘his’ war.

Harrop: Biden’s best option for VP? Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Picking Cuomo would go against his pledge to pick a woman, but Cuomo has too many upsides to ignore.

Saunders: Barr’s actions on Flynn case sought to curb abuse

The former prosecutors criticizing the AG are guilty of the overreach they assign to him.

Harrop: Pandemic has complicated end-of-life care

Even for a non-Covid patient, the precautions have added a level of difficulty to providing comfort.

Schwab: Trump had 2 choices: Fix it or lie about fixing it

The president went with the latter, hoping enough will blindly help him to reelection. Is he right?

Harrop: Believing all women has led to evil before

Countless lynchings of black men occurred based on the uninvestigated claims of white women.

Saunders: Closing schools will come at great cost to students

Governors acted to protect kids’ health, but those precautions may be sacrificing their futures.

Burke: Reopening too quickly would be playing with lives

Yes, we need to revive the economy and resume our lives, but should it cost the lives of others?

Schwab: Some thoughts on fact vs. opinion, reporting vs. columns

It’s our columnist’s opinion that some are unclear on the differences regarding those terms.