Harrop: Importing cheap drugs from Canada not going to happen

If Senate Republicans won’t let Medicaid negotiate prices, why is it OK to let Canada do it for us?

Burke: No confidence in Trump’s competence on North Korea

If it weren’t for the impeachment hearings, we’d be paying more attention to his failures there.

Saunders: Pelosi’s ‘hurry up and wait’ tactic shows insincerity

Her complaints of McConnell’s lack of impartiality ring hollow next to the Democrat’s preordained verdict.

Harrop: Investing in innovation better than natural gas ban

There’s no sense in going after an industry that’s already faltering. Let’s put our energies into renewables.

Schwab: Never mind the facts, we’ve got lies to protect

In a court of law, jurors such as Sens. McConnell and Graham would have been excused from service.

Harrop: What does Boris’ win mean for U.S. in 2020?

Rather than good news for Trump, the U.K. election may bode best for moderate Democrats.

Saunders: FBI, Comey shouldn’t be celebrating ‘vindication’

It’s acceptance of the practically unvetted Steele dossier is reason enough for alarm.

Schwab: Republicans practice art of defending indefensible

How hard is it to see if a president commits crimes, undoing the election is why we have impeachment?

Harrop: You don’t have to demonize the wealthy; just tax them

In contrast to Warren and Sanders, Biden offers a realistic and achievable proposal to increase taxes.

Harrop: Volcker’s medicine had bitter taste, but it worked

Under Carter and Obama, Paul Volcker had the cures, first for inflation and later for recession.

Saunders: The problem isn’t that Trump talks too much

It’s that he when he goes on — and he does go on — he steps all over his own message.

Burke: Three of Aesop’s fables, fractured by Trumpian lore

Written thousands of years ago, Aesop’s morals still hold true when applied to the Trump presidency.

Schwab: Hope for separation of powers rests with justice

The chief justice, namely, and whether his court will uphold a ruling that presidents are not kings.

Harrop: Romance of downtown toy stores has faded over years

Movies like to haul out the traditional scenes, but Amazon and ‘gift suites’ are now the present.

Harrop: Health care not only thing hurting Warren in polls

A willingness to post for selfies with fans isn’t proof of likability.

Harrop: U.S. military taking ‘friendly’ fire from Trump, GOP

The one-time party of superpatriots has turned against the military’s heroes, leaders and order.

Saunders: Boos hurled at Melania met with media’s silence

You can bet similar treatment of Michelle Obama would have been fully covered and roundly criticized.

Schwab: Some borscht to go with your Russian propaganda?

As long as Republicans are happy being spoon-fed by Putin, they might as well enjoy some beet soup.

Harrop: A holiday that celebrates gratitude for what we have

With the bulk of the year given over to accumulating more, Thanksgiving harks to our Pilgrim ethic.

Burke: The art of watching media in the fast lane

A racing movie — and its narrating dog — offer advice about keeping our eyes on where we want to go.