Harrop: Has social distancing rewired our consumer brain?

Just because businesses reopen doesn’t mean shoppers will resume their former spending habits.

Saunders: Las Vegas mayor was wrong, but so was CNN

Her hope to reopen the city’s casinos was used by Anderson Cooper to mock her and others who disagree.

Burke: Monroe COVID crisis raises questions about prisons

The crisis should have us asking about the purpose of prison and its effectiveness in rehabilitation.

Schwab: White House occupant can’t be called president

Not when he foments armed rebellion against governors he had ceded authority on pandemic response.

Saunders: Gov. Whitmer’s orders do more harm than good

The Michigan governor’s unreasonable stay-home orders have alienated many in her state.

Harrop: States in best position to make call on opening up

Trump doesn’t need to ‘authorize’ governors to do their job; he just needs to get out of the way.

Schwab: On the plus side, coronavirus has taken us to school

We’re replete with lessons learned regarding the motivations and intentions of Trump and the GOP.

Outbreak has made a difficult time harder for nursing homes

I am a retired family physician who followed many patients in nursing homes. I saw firsthand how most are caring but often with very difficult… Continue reading

Harrop: ‘War of the Worlds’ a better metaphor for Covid fight

The H.G. Wells novel describes a powerful enemy, but one defeated on a microscopic battlefield.

Saunders: Trump’s use of persuasion over diktat right approach

Many on the left ironically have called for force when they’ve railed against Trump for executive action.

Schwab: Self-dealing, election-fixing bitter pills to swallow

Nov. 3 election may be the only sure remedy to the abuses of the Trump administration and the GOP.

Saunders: Why are Post, Times boycotting briefing room?

Suddenly, the White House is as dangerous to reporters as a natural disaster or war-torn nation.

Harrop: Gov. Cuomo drawn into leadership void Trump created

While Trump sought scapegoats, Cuomo has taken on the role of explainer, strategizer and comforter.

Schwab: It’s not all bad news; the president’s ratings are up

One Obama-era legacy of which Trump approves: Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Harrop: Fleeing for ‘safer’ pastures could backfire

Heading for the hills (and lower infection rates) could also mean going without adequate care.

Burke: Trump wanted to fill the church pews for Easter

A veritable Easter parade of doctors, scientists and even GOP governors are telling Trump, no!

Harrop: One upside to the shutdown; air is easier to breathe

This has given us a clear view to what our environment can be with a cleaner-running economy.

Saunders: Worst-case scenarios aren’t the only possibilities

We can’t lift vigilance tomorrow, but there are risks in keeping the economy shut down for months.

Schwab: Covid-19 outbreak may put Trumpism’s tenets to test

Covid-19 has turned America into a massive social experiment; a test of liberalism vs. Trumpism.

Harrop: Even when socially distant, we’re in this together

Even without physical contact, we find ways to connect and feel a sense of purpose to this separation.