Thiessen: Democrat’s unhinged hatred of Trump will cost them

Democrats’ recent rhetoric is alienating the tepid Trump supporters they had hoped to attract.

Harrop: A mostly fabulous start for an upstart candidate

On most issues, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows she’s smart and knows how to represent her district.

Robinson: Democrats must keep eyes on midterm wins

The party doesn’t need to iron out its differences now. It can wait until it controls Congress.

Saunders: Where’s indpendence among high court’s liberals?

Four justices’ recent dissent in an abortion case shows a lack of respect for free speech rights.

Milbank: Putting conservative on court may be GOP’s last move

Eight years ago, John Boehner predicted: ‘You can only ignore the will of the people for so long.’

Parker: If Trump wasn’t the trigger, has he directed the fire?

The president bears some resposibility for inciting hatred of those who are just doing their jobs.

Petri: Some rules of civility in an uncivil world

With table manners covered, here are some words of advice on other daily matters of etiquette.

Robinson: Democrats need to fight fervor with fervor

Stop hyperventilating that instances of incivility are going to jeopardize Democrats’ ‘blue wave.’

Homelessness is an economics problem

Instead of new buildings and taxes, local government should partner with charities on the issue.

Schwab: Those who are OK with Trump won’t listen to reason

The only solution is to flood the polls with voters who do see reason. Those with the most to lose.

How I got a perfect 850 credit score

While reaching this milestone is pretty cool, what does it really mean?

Ignatius: Is Trump’s deference handing Putin a win in Syria?

Syrian opposition leaders may view a Russia-led deal as a betrayal by the U.S. with consequences.

Milbank: What an upset in a New York Democratic primary means

The victory of a young Latina represents the party’s shift not in ideology but demographics.

Thiessen: Trump voters, you’re getting the courts you wanted

Imagine the outcome of recent — and future — decisions if Hillary Clinton had been elected president.

Harrop: Truth is, we were madder than the cows 14 years ago

Better science reporting could have kept Americans from losing their cool during the ‘mad cow’ scare.

Milbank: Justice Roberts enshrines religious discrimination

In relying on the travel ban’s wording — on its face — rather than its impacts it repeats a past mistake.

Parker: Dissent is essential, but must it incite incivility?

Confronting political differences with civility doesn’t abridge our freedoms but protects everyone’s.

Ignatius: First battles of ‘space force’ will be over turf

The military needs to plan the defense of space, but Trump has launched a turf war with his idea.

Milbank: Trump gives podium to white nationalist beliefs

In decrying violent crimes by immigrants, the president gives a platform to white supremacy.

Thiessen: Democrats take border issue too far for own good

Given a winning issue by Trump, Senate Democrats went overboard by backing a ‘catch and release’ bill.