Ignatius: Trump’s Ukraine involvement goes beyond a phone call

As impeachment effort begins, more is being unearthed that involves the president’s past dealings.

Harrop: Klobuchar might be heartland moderate Democrats need

There’s nothing wrong with a moderate tack. It certainly worked for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Ignatius: After ISIS, hope for secular change in Arab world?

Another extremist could rise in Baghdadi’s absence, but protests for change may challenge fundamentalism.

Rampell: Even cooking books can’t make case for deregulation

Looser industry rules has helped only a few, heaped on social costs and been a bust for the U.S. economy.

McArdle: Cold comfort in who WeWork ‘mastermind’ victimized

Venture capitalists, such as SoftBank, were taken for billions; maybe they’ll learn from their losses.

Robinson: Boos at a D.C. ballgame? What was Trump expecting?

This wasn’t one of his rallies. He should have expected the same vitriol he’s heaped on many others.

Burke: Character indeed counts, Mr. President; let us recount

The president declared last week Character Counts Week. It was also Unintended Irony Week.

Saunders: Field of anonymous Trump accusers getting crowded

Can we expect that those with allegations will see their names on the cbecks for their book deals?

Dionne: Democrats needs short-, long-term view on impeachment

Democrats have two tracks to follow: impeachment and defeating Trump in 2020 election.

Robinson: The difference that Rep. Cummings invoked

Contrast the life of public service he led with the foolishness of the staged storming of a deposition.

Petri: Before you unsubscribe, try our Not-Failing edition

For a limited time, try our special news service, rewritten to please president and Fox host, alike.

Schwab: What future holds for health care, science and roads

For a society that depends upon all three, we seem little concerned with those who have no concern.

Harrop: Democrats letting details bog down health care debate

The pros and cons of Medicare for All are difficult to express. General goals are a simple message.

Ignatius: Russia didn’t win in Syria, so much as Trump gave in

But Putin has made the most of Trump’s pull-out by using the leverage and diplomacy we once employed.

McArdle: Why Trump’s removal by Senate isn’t so unthinkable

His support among congressional Republicans is broad, but it’s shallow enough that it can turn.

Parker: Court’s integrity matters supremely to 2020 voters

Democrats should share their thoughts on nominees but steer clear of lists that favor politics over law.

Harrop: Regardless of party, identity politics have no appeal

Those who think they can win certain blocs of voters by appealing to race ignore their issues.

Petri: The Secret Life of Mitt-y Romney, aka Pierre Delecto

Who else but the fearless Delecto could tweet measured criticsm of the president and praise for Mitt?

Robinson: Pelosi steps up as Trump abdicates responsibilities

Trump shows no interest in his most crucial duties. Enter Pelosi, who now fills the leadership void.

Saunders: Trump is no warmonger, but he may be worse

In allowing Turkey to invade Syria, Trump has ceded control to Russia and endangered national security.