Harrop: Votes, not donations, are what determine elections

Bernie can spin the primary results all he wants; it doesn’t change the outcome of the voters’ wishes.

Saunders: The problem with widespread shutdowns

Where they are unwarranted or too early they risk creating opposition when they are needed.

Schwab: Virus brings out worst, best in leaders and ourselves

Trump’s lack of leadership is countered by good governors. Gouging has been countered by charity.

Harrop: Outbreak complicates elderly’s already stressful care

Coronavirus concerns have added to the worries we have in caring for those who aren’t independent.

Burke: Consequence of Trump’s lies have quickly escalated

It’s one thing to take credit for a LNG plant. It’s another to mislead the nation about a pandemic.

Saunders: Over-abundance of caution can cause economic harm

The decision to close down schools and empty out businesses could prove costly to many Americans.

Schwab: Virus deadly enough without Trump’s botched response

Trump’s disdain for science and penchant for falsehoods have always been dangerous. Now they’re deadly.

Harrop: AOC needs to choose between future and irrelevance

There’s much to admire about the congresswoman; but she risks letting ideology get in the way.

Harrop: Warren latest example of failure of identity politics

The senator’s attacks on Bloomberg made her a media darling but did nothing to keep her campaign alive.

Saunders: Schumer was aiming higher than two justices

Threat or not, the Senate minority leader’s message was meant for the Supreme Court’s chief justice.

Schwab: Viruses a wonder that holds as much promise as threat

Their ability to go, well, viral, as Covid-19 has done, offers hope for the cure of cancer and more.

Commentary: Democratic Party in 2020 looks a lot like ‘68, ‘88

Suffering through more than 50 years of ideological division, it can’t risk a contested convention.

Harrop: Paying a ‘plant nanny’ misses point of house plants

More than home decor, the act of caring for a plant can limit stress and improve concentration.

Burke: Why not bring back duels to settle political battles?

Nothing deadly, mind you; just weapons of choice appropriate to the quarreling parties in question.

Saunders: Trump’s freqent firing points to problem with hiring

The president has ever right to choose who serves him. But why is he so lousy at it?

Schwab: Russia’s Putin has gotten his ruble’s worth in Trump

When Putin’s activities are pointed out to Trump, they are met with denial and a Soviet-style purge.

Harrop: Sanders simply can’t match Bloomberg’s experience

Start with his being the mayor of the nation’s largest city, an entreprenur and a philanthropist.

Commentary: We need debates; just not these free-for-alls

The moderators for Tuesday’s debate couldn’t control the crosstalk and shouting; that can’t be repeated.

Harrop: How Trumpcare can lower medical costs. And life spans

It’s not law, but the White House already is working to adopt many of these policy provisions.

Saunders: Now, Mr. President, about the 14,000 more to pardon

Clemency is within Trump’s constitutional powers, but he’s using it selectively for those connected to him.