Saunders: Trump’s Cabinet churn comes with political costs

Along with filing positions with benchwarmers, Trump is wasting political capital on confirmations.

Milbank: Trump has turned Cabinet hiring into a Tinder search

Acting on his latest impulses, Trump is swiping right for Mr. Right Now to fill Cabinet vacancies.

Petri: Why Zuckerberg needn’t worry about Congress

Senators would have been better served if Facebook’s CEO had walked them through a software update.

Schwab: If Trump doesn’t, most know rule of law from witch hunt

The witching hour is approaching for Trump, but we need to let the facts play out for now.

Energy storage problem dates back to the ol’ mill pond

Major changes to the electric power industry will impact our lives.

Harrop: It should be clear now, but Facebook won’t change

With Congress content to cluck its tongue over Facebook’s sins, we should look at what Europe’s doing.

Milbank: As GOP ship sinks, departing Ryan thanks the iceberg

The House speaker, a promising young leader, miscalculated when he tied his fortunes to Trump.

Thiessen: North Korea closely watching Trump’s moves in Syria

The president needs to consider a wider audience when he moves against Assad’s chemical weapons.

Trump: After initial bluster, Trump slows repsonse to Syria

Trump appears to be taking the advice of his Defense secretary and weighing a strike’s consequences.

When is it morally right for you to duck out on debt?

There’s nothing morally wrong with trying to settle for far less than you owe.

Ignatius: A bigger problem than Facebook’s thirst for data

The market can handle Facebook. The larger concern is how readily we believe what we see on the web.

Milbank: Zukerberg’s team will get back to us on that

A social media CEO wasn’t saying much to senators who aren’t interested in regulating his business.

Thiessen: Win for Congress as sex-trafficking tool shut down

A bipartisan effort, in the face of tech companies’ opposition, ends’s child sex ads.

Milbank: Pruitt takes his Mickey Mouse ethics to Disneyland

What might have happened when the EPA chief’s 20-person security detail

Parker: My, but history does like to repeat itself

The deepening controversies surrounding President Trump couldn’t come at a worse time for him or us.

What to know about the new Medicare cards

The cards, which omit Social Security numbers, will be mailed out beginning this month.

Harrop: Farmers reaping what they sowed in supporting Trump

As a candidate, Trump vowed a trade war that farmers knew would hurt them, yet they voted for him.

Will: Red lines, ‘big price to pay’ and response to war crimes

Firing cruise missiles into Syria might be cathartic, but catharsis is not a foreign policy goal.

Milbank: To the obsequious go the Cabinet posts

King of the Sycophants is Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, whose bootlicking has saved his job.

Saunders: Prison reform efforts move ahead — if slowly

Jared Kushner cut a deal with Jeff Sessions that delays sentencing reforms but allows other changes.