Harrop: Are stores’ international aisles supermarket racism?

A restaurateur thinks they segregate shoppers. But aren’t they a celebration of international cuisine?

McArdle: Why the right’s view on marriage is best for the left

Government aid can’t substitute for the benefits of having two adults focused on a child’s needs.

Petri: The stages of Trump denial (or: Spines are over-rated)

Losing your principles can be disorienting, but you’ll feel more comfort when their nagging subsides.

Robinson: Maybe impeachment in Senate won’t be so difficult

Trump seems surprised by GOP objections to his betrayal of the Kurds; are there more to come?

Petri: Trump’s no kangaroo; so don’t try him in kangaroo court

Just because impeachment is outlined in the Constitution doesn’t mean it’s constitutional.

Schwab: Being rid of Trump not quite enough; pitch Mitch, too

The ‘do-nothing House’ has passed a raft of helpful bills, all blocked by Senate Leader McConnell.

Will: Trump’s balk at subpoenas is an attack on Constitution

His refusal is analogous to invoking the Fifth Amendment, and is an impeachable admission of guilt.

Ignatius: Turkey’s attacks in Syria could free ISIS prisoners

The Kurds guarding the prisons could be forced to abandon their posts to defend Kurdish regions.

McArdle: Do we fight the political tempest; or join it?

They are four plausible theories for the radical upheaval we’re seeing. Maybe all four are correct.

Petri: Law doesn’t apply to Trump because Democrats wrote it

Meanwhile, the GOP declares he wouldn’t be this brazen about breaking the law if he weren’t innocent.

Ignatius: The life-or-death talks we’re not talking about

If ever there were a moment for dialogue about how to avoid a misstep with doomsday weapons, it’s now.

Parker: NBA missed its shot to defend freedom of speech

Instead, a goofball cartoon, ‘South Park,’ hit nothing but net in standing against China’s censorship.

Harrop: Democrats should come to Biden’s defense

Afraid of playing favorites, the DNC has instead allowed Trump to let lies against Biden stand.

Ignatius: Kurdish commander warns of bloodbath if U.S. leaves

Syrian Kurds have done much of the fighting against ISIS. Allowing an attack by Turkey could be disastrous.

Robinson: Sadly, GOP’s cowardice toward Trump is no surprise

With exceptions scant, Republicans are blindly repeating Trump’s talking points on his Ukraine call.

Parker: There’s a difference in leverage Trump, Biden applied

Biden held back a loan to force policy sought by U.S. and Europeans. Trump was in it for himself.

Petri: Finland’s president has some thoughts about his visit

Maybe next time, if the president plans some personal yelling, he could wait for his guest to leave.

Saunders: Tweets, chopper talk are no way to mount a defense

Trump is tweeting more but saying far less, most of it repetitive and easily tuned out. That will cost him.

Ignatius: Trump saw Ukraine as a way to settle scores

What Trump and Giuliani were pursuing wasn’t foreign policy; it was a reelection campaign tactic.

McArdle: Trump’s indifference may finally have lost its magic

Statements and acts that would have ended others’ political careers had no effect on Trump. Until now.