Milbank: Forget the swamp, Trump digging moat around himself

And it’s filled with the cold-blooded reptiles willing to put the president above country.

Harrop: Hong Kong must wonder which America speaks for it

The president’s toadying to China’s Xi must sting in comparison to his weak words for Hong Kong.

Ignatius: If Congress can’t get testimony, courts next step

Suing to compel testimony from Trump officials would slow the process, but may be the best option.

McArdle: To be rid of Trump, Democrats must persuade GOP

Democrats need Republican help to unseat the president; so don’t make it hard to join Team Impeach.

Harrop: Pelosi’s caution on impeachment allows strongest case

The process still carries risk for Democrats, but the speaker’s prudence plays best with the public.

Ignatius: Insight into Post journalist’s death at Saudi hands

A United Nations investigator’s report provides information upon which the Saudis have yet to act.

Rampell: Yet another whistle blown; this time on Trump’s taxes

An anonymous whistleblower has alleged attempts to meddle with the IRS audit of Trump’s tax returns.

Robinson: Who’s making best arguments for impeachment? Trump

Republicans are coming up empty in their defense of Trump asking a favor of the Ukrainian president.

Burke: Trump’s own words — and staff’s cover-up — enough to impeach

For good measure you can throw in the president’s thuggish theats against the whistleblowers.

Saunders: Democrats have had it in for Trump, and he obliged

The Democrats waited two years for Mueller’s report and got nothing. Now Trump has delivered for them.

Rampell: Ukraine scandal latest example of Trump’s avarice

Trump, before and during his presidency, has been driven by greed and the need to protect his status.

McArdle: Impeachment may be right thing, but it won’t be easy

It will take resounding public opinion to move Republicans to accept the duty of pushing Trump out.

Milbank: Republicans distract but won’t defend Trump’s actions

Trump’s GOP defenders will point in different directions but can’t back his illegal behavior.

Parker: Never mind legality; Trump has his message down

True or not, Trump has tied Biden to scandal while the Democrats struggle to make their allegations stick.

Robinson: Focus impeachment on Ukraine shakedown and cover-up

Democrats can throw the kitchen sink at Trump, but quick and simple might serve the nation better.

Petri: A handy guide for when somone offers quid for your quo

We all know quid pro quo is bad, especially on a nothing burger. Good thing it doesn’t happen often.

Schwab: With whistles blowing we get silence from Republicans

There isn’t a Republican anywhere who wouldn’t scream for impeachment if this were President Obama.

Gerson: Impeachment is inevitable, regardless of the outcome

Trump has already pleaded guilty, but so used to the stench of corruption, he fails to recognize it.

Milbank: The other Trump scandal unraveling on Wednesday

Another House committee was told federal officials were looking the other way on the emoluments parade.

Harrop: GOP, now’s your chance to put country above party

Trump’s impeachment is now an issue of national security. Republicans have to join with Democrats.