Schwab: With whistles blowing we get silence from Republicans

There isn’t a Republican anywhere who wouldn’t scream for impeachment if this were President Obama.

Gerson: Impeachment is inevitable, regardless of the outcome

Trump has already pleaded guilty, but so used to the stench of corruption, he fails to recognize it.

Milbank: The other Trump scandal unraveling on Wednesday

Another House committee was told federal officials were looking the other way on the emoluments parade.

Harrop: GOP, now’s your chance to put country above party

Trump’s impeachment is now an issue of national security. Republicans have to join with Democrats.

McArdle: Risks for both parties as we edge toward impeachment

Republicans risk accepting the unacceptable. Democrats risk giving Trump the battle he wants.

Milbank: Impeach, if only to put Republicans on the record

The GOP’s members of Congress must be asked if they’d be silent if a Democrat repeated Trump’s actions.

Ignatius: Trump compromised national security for his benefit

In leveraging military aid to Ukraine to aid his campaign Trump broke his oath as commander in chief.

Milbank: Democrats learning they can bulldoze past McConnell

The Majority Leader will delay, but ultimately he will give into pressure to defy Trump’s wishes.

Editorial: Thunberg, other youths, prosecute our inaction

If we dismiss the warnings of young climate change activists, we will not, should not, be forgiven.

Harrop: Trump has turned his vandalism to the environment

He is seeking policies that are unwanted even by the industries he claims to be helping.

Robinson: Trump’s brazen acts an invitation to impeachment

Even impeachment-averse Nancy Pelosi calls his latest actions a ‘grave new chapter of lawlessness.’

McArdle: Automakers, union can’t find road to mutual benefit

You can sympathize with each side and still not understand why they keep repeating past mistakes.

Saunders: Trump exactly right that San Francisco’s a ‘disaster’

City officials claim a compassion for the homeless, but the conditions there are simple cruelty.

Dionne: Why Trump gets away with everything

Lying and stonewalling have worked for the president because the GOP has been cowed into complicity.

Milbank: ‘Is anyone dumb enough?’ a question Trump should ask?

Because it’s really not hard to believe Trump would say something inappropriate to a foreign leader.

Petri: Stop pestering me, or I will make the planet warmer

Enough of your protests. Why would I save your planet if this is how you treat a member of Congress?

Schwab: N. Koreans can be excused for buying myth; what’s our?

Trump’s claims are no more credible than Kim’s — and easily refutable — yet his supporters won’t question.

Harrop: Don’t confuse inspiration with ‘cultural appropriation’

The term ignores the long history of cultural cross-fertilization in all forms of expression.

Ignatius: Trump’s conflict with Iran a crisis of own making

Iran knows Trump doesn’t want to go to war, and is forcing him to choose between two ugly options.

Milbank: Trump never said those things you heard him say

Not on Cokie Roberts. Not on ‘easy’ trade wars. Not on Mexico paying for the wall. Don’t listen to your ears.