Alleged shooter of TV is veteran with PTSD, prosecutors say

The Darrington man, a former Marine, appears to be struggling with mental health issues.

Darrington schools to re-ask voters to approve levy

The money is aimed more at enrichment and less at teacher pay, the superintendent said.

When tragedy strikes, Lacey Harper is government’s human face

She’s worked for the governor and now the county executive, helping constituents through tough times.

Yummo! Everett woman’s business is all about bug-eating plants

Mary Fosse, 35, teaches “Carnivorous Terrariums” classes at libraries, schools and parties.

Jailed man is accused of shooting TV and threatening people

He was reported to be suffering from the combined effects of drug use and possibly PTSD.

New state index grades schools’ success

Snohomish County’s alternative high schools and reentry programs are identified as needing high levels of support.

Interior secretary supports the return of grizzly bears here

Ryan Zinke said he favors re-introducing them to the North Cascades ecosystem.

4 years later, grieving Oso families remember the mudslide

The ceremony was held near a cedar grove of 43 trees which represent the 43 people killed in 2014.

Suspect identified in break-in and shooting

He fired one round into a television and more shots when an occupant tried to confront him outside.

Masked gunman sought in shooting at house near Darrington

The suspect — a neighbor — is still at large. There were no injuries reported, but a television was hit.

At national drug-abuse forum, students get loaded with ideas

Darrington kids learned about prevention and intervention in the midst of a national opioid epidemic.

Darrington superintendent gets contract renewed for two years

The contract was a point of contention during a time of upheaval for the school district board.

Expect more snow, ice Friday morning

The slick conditions made for some snarled commutes Thursday, and could do the same later.

Darrington considering movable, tiny cabins as lodging lure

The plan is for high school students, working with construction pros, to help build the cabins.

Officials monitoring known slide area east of Oso

Right now, there are indications it could slide but would not reach the highway.