In Our View

Editorial: Better grasp of history can aid discussion on race

That better understanding can begin with Juneteenth and the often bitter history that has followed.

Editorial: Want to keep Safe Start going? Wear your mask

New research reinforces the importance of face masks in limiting the spread of coronavirus.

Editorial: What do we want police, deputies to do?

The ‘Defund Police’ slogan should lead us to discuss our expectations for law enforcement and justice.

Editorial: Congress nears breath of fresh air on park funding

The Senate is expected to pass funding next week key to creating and maintaining America’s parks.

Editorial: Our advice to the Class of 2020: Avoid the hornets

Graduates are entering adulthood in profoundly difficult times. Do they know how lucky they are?

Editorial: Where we go from here after Floyd’s death, protests

We can welcome the work underway, but bad policy and poor decisions on policing must be challenged.

Editorial: Hard to see now, but we walked reform path before

In Initiative 940, we have an example of how to confront the issues that preceded ongoing unrest.

Editorial: Work ahead even if county can move to Phase 2

While easing restrictions would be welcome, there’s much to be done to get the economy going again.

Editorial: State officials’ pay raises poorly timed

Set by a citizen panel a year ago, the raises begin just as the state needs to make deep budget cuts.

Editorial: If not for yourself, wear face masks for others

Masks aren’t perfect, but studies are showing they can help limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Editorial: State gains keener watch of dams to protect salmon

The state can now require federal dam operators to maintain cooler river temperatures to aid salmon.

Commentary: Pandemic’s painful truth; we don’t value elders

Our ageism is seen in our lack of support for nursing homes and in how we allocate resources.

Editorial: More than buyer must beware in opening too soon

That businesses are eager to open is understandable, but the risks to safety and the economy remain.

Editorial: Extend protections for domestic violence victims

At the state and national levels, Republican leaders have balked at extending necessary protections.

Editorial: Lawsuits not path to reopening state’s economy

A majority of state residents back measured and safe steps to emerge from the state’s stay-home orders.

Snohomish County Auditor Garth Fell inspects the testing of ballot-counting equipment prior to the March 10 presidential primary. (Rachel Riley / Herald file photo)

Editorial: Pandemic forces some changes for 2020 election

What the coronavirus hasn’t changed is the need for good candidates and for informed voters.

Snohomish County Auditor Garth Fell inspects the testing of ballot-counting equipment prior to the March 10 presidential primary. (Rachel Riley / Herald file photo)

Editorial: Food banks and families they serve need your help

The number of people needing help has doubled, at a time when donations are down 70 percent.

Editorial: Pandemic hasn’t made it easy, but we can still help

You can show you care by downloading and printing the ‘I Care By…’ sign and posting it to social media.

Editorial: Even before COVID, need for nurses was certain

The state may face a shortage of 7,000 nurses by 2025; WGU’s online programs can help meet that need.

Editorial: For want of a cotton swab, will economy be lost?

What is most needed to reopen the economy of the state and nation is more testing for COVID-19.