In Our View

Editorial: The one about a priest, a rapper and a comedian

Why we need to listen to the Rev. Pat Conroy, Kanye West and Michelle Wolf, even when we don’t agree.

Editorial: The work that remains for state’s ‘paramount duty’

With more funding secured for learning, the state needs to take a greater share in building schools.

Editorial: Teens need more than abstinence-only education

Courts have rebuked an agency’s decision to pull funding for teens’ comprehensive sex ed programs.

Editorial: Make DACA’s protections for Dreamers permanent now

Three court decisions have given President Trump and Congress a second chance to make this right.

Editorial: Honor former congressman by returning your ballot

Al Swift, who represented the 2nd District, from 1979 to 1995, championed the motor-voter bill.

Editorial: Work for Everett schools before next bond vote

The district needs a temporary fix at overcrowded Jackson as it tries again for a new high school.

Editorial: Take a look at your tax dollars at work

Three Snohomish County mayors point to the work being done because of recent state funding.

Editorial: What if the IRS did our taxes for us?

The IRS gets the same tax forms we do. Under a bill in Congress, it could send a filled-out return.

Editorial: Reliable source needed for national park funding

That national park fees won’t triple is good news, but it doesn’t solve the problem of park funding.

Editorial: Help direct Everett’s city council districts plan

What district representation will look like depends on the guidance that residents can provide now.

Editorial: How a lightbulb saved Sunset Falls

A hydropower project on the Skykomish River is not needed, says the PUD, thanks to conservation.

Editorial: A growing threat to local coverage of news

Local news consumers need to resist a Borg-like assimilation of print, broadcast and online news.

Editorial: Vote yes on Sno-Isle Libraries levy request

The library, which serves 23 communities, seeks funding to continue its current level of service.

Editorial: States must press EPA on air pollution standards

The EPA chief’s attempts to roll back mileage and emission standards go against the agency’s mandate.

Editorial: Zinke an unexpected ally for Cascade grizzlies

The Trump official has restarted a review of bear introduction plans; now he can help with outreach.

Editorial: County, cities add to toolbox for fighting opioids

Efforts are building to end a costly cycle of addiction, homelessness, jail and release.

Editorial: Keep citizenship question out of 2020 census

It could badly skew data needed for fair representation, and the question is asked in other surveys.

Editorial: Tariffs on newsprint a threat to newspapers

U.S. tariffs on Canadian paper have surged costs for newpapers with little benefit for U.S. mills.

Editorial: Voter support there for reasonable limits on guns

Candidates for the Legislature and Congress should consider public support for firearms legislation.

Editorial: Facebook not making it easy for some to stay

If it hopes to avoid losing users, it must convince them of its committment to their privacy.