In Our View

Editorial: Getting the best out of growth for next 30 years

With nearly 2 million new neighbors on the way, we have to have a plan that serves all our needs.

Editorial: The health care question that wasn’t asked

While candidates discussed Medicare for All, a Senate committee advanced bills that can lower costs.

Editorial: Give nation’s parks, public lands funding intended

The Land and Water Conservation Fund needs full and permanent funding to serve our needs for parks.

Editorial: Too many grads leaving financial aid untouched

About half of high school graduates fail each year to complete the federal financial aid form.

Editorial: Sun setting on attempts to fan coal’s embers

Enthusiasm for Snohomish PUD’s solar project offers hope for a 100 percent clean power future.

Editorial: Edmonds should reconsider waterfront overpass

Rejecting the project does nothing to resolve a public safety problem for emergency vehicle access.

Editorial: Heed south county fire officials on fireworks ban

A fireworks ban could limit damage and injuries that occur too often this time of year.

Editorial: Use 6-month review to strengthen housing efforts

An Everett review that has put a Housing Hope project on hold needs the public’s participation.

Editorial: Air Force One can’t be improved with new paint job

President Trump should honor the history of the aircraft and abandon his red, white and blue paint scheme.

Editorial: Don’t excuse state lawmakers from transparency law

The argument they’re already exempt is easily refuted and defies the intent of the Public Records Act.

Editorial: Google, Facebook should pay for news they use

Both have made billions selling ads linked to news stories but without paying those who produce the news.

Editorial: A tragedy compounded by lack of attention

Cases involving missing and murdered tribal women in the state have gone under-reported and unresolved.

Editorial: B.C., Canada should block mining on upper Skagit

Plans for test mining for gold and copper in British Columbia poses a threat to the Skagit River.

Editorial: Haze has returned, and with it a wildfire warning

Western Washington forests and wildlands face an above-normal risk for wildfires this summer.

Editorial: What two educators have meant for Everett, county

David Beyer and Gary Cohn deserve thanks for fostering education that served students and communities.

Editorial: Who should own K-C mill site? Port or private?

Competing proposals to develop 66 acres of Everett waterfront pit the port against private companies.

Editorial: Slow revolving door for lawmakers-turned-lobbyists

Guy Palumbo’s departure from the state Senate to lobby for Amazon should renew call for a ‘cooling off’ period.

Editorial: Keep Everett’s light-rail link on track

Seattle’s $1 billion upgrade for tunnels shouldn’t come at the expense of Link’s arrival in Everett.

Editorial: Assuring diplomas by solving student homelessness

Everett Public Schools and Housing Hope are partnering to reduce homelessness among children.

Editorial: Let cannabis businesses take their money to banks

Congress needs to allow banks in states where marijuana is legal to do business with that industry.