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Editorial: Endorsements for 1st, 39th, 44th House races

The Herald Editorial Board wraps up its primary endorsements for the state Legislature.

Cindy Ryu (left) and Lauren Davis

Editorial: Retain Ryu, Davis in 32nd LD for state House

Both incumbents have worked to pass legislation helpful to those in their district and the state.

Cindy Ryu (left) and Lauren Davis

Editorial: Logan deserves full term on Snohomish PUD board

The Herald endorses: Sid Logan has the experience needed to balance ratepayers’ diverse concerns.

Editorial: Robinson, Wicks best for 38th Senate, House races

The Herald endorses: Following appointments, both have the experience to serve constituents well.

Editorial: Support for school bond, levies invests in future

Everett is seeking upgrades at nearly all schools. Levies are sought in Darrington and Lakewood.

Editorial: Retain Mead on Snohomish County Council

Appointed in April, Mead has shown leadership and the ability to work with the rest of the council.

Editorial: Retain Peterson, Ortiz-Self for 21st LD, House

The past experience and effectiveness of both lawmakers warrants their reelections.

Editorial: Reopen schools in fall, yes, but do it safely

Rather than bully schools into reopening, the president should secure funding to protect students.

Editorial: Woodard, Paul for state House’s 10th District

The Herald endorses: Suzanne Woodard and Dave Paul for the ‘purple’ multi-county legislative district.

Editorial: What history is owed through our monuments

The decisions regarding whom we honor in our public squares require deliberation and consensus.

Editorial: It’s not just baseball that we may have to wait for

The AquaSox season is canceled. But if we don’t get a grip on COVID, we risk losing much more.

Editorial: Everett police reforms a template for others

The department’s response to an on-camera arrest shows the value of its recent reforms in policing.

Editorial: YMCA, Boys & Girls keeping campers happy this summer

Summer camp is back, with some changes and a new program to help kids cope with the pandemic.

Editorial: Stopping COVID is now up to each of us

With a resurgence threatening, we need to take greater responsibility to keep the virus in check.

Editorial: DACA preserved, but the ‘Dream’ remains deferred

Congress and president must still act to make its protections for young immigrants permanent.

Editorial: Better grasp of history can aid discussion on race

That better understanding can begin with Juneteenth and the often bitter history that has followed.

Editorial: Want to keep Safe Start going? Wear your mask

New research reinforces the importance of face masks in limiting the spread of coronavirus.

Editorial: What do we want police, deputies to do?

The ‘Defund Police’ slogan should lead us to discuss our expectations for law enforcement and justice.

Editorial: Congress nears breath of fresh air on park funding

The Senate is expected to pass funding next week key to creating and maintaining America’s parks.

Editorial: Our advice to the Class of 2020: Avoid the hornets

Graduates are entering adulthood in profoundly difficult times. Do they know how lucky they are?