In Our View

Editorial: State jobs a battlefield in Trump’s trade wars

Tit-for-tat tariffs between the U.S. and its trading partners will be felt sharply in Washington.

Editorial: High school diploma just not enough for a good job

About 740,000 jobs will open by 2021, but too few students have the post-secondary education needed.

Editorial: Quiz candidates on needed Social Security reforms

Social Security is now drawing from its trust funds. We have about 16 years before they run dry.

Editorial: Local governments ignoring law on electric cars

A 2007 law requires state agencies and local governments to buy electric cars. It isn’t happening.

Editorial: Use FAA’s new review of Paine Field terminal wisely

Rather than re-litigate old arguments, continue work to limit the impacts of commercial air service.

Editorial: Canada’s crude oil pipeline threat to our sea, sky

Beyond an increased threat of oil spills, a jump in tanker traffic will harm the San Juan orcas.

Editorial: Who or what to honor with new park’s name?

A new Everett park provides the opportunity to honor the memory of someone important to the city.

Editorial: BPA power kept in public’s hands

Selling off the BPA would have meant higher electricity bills and loss of control of a public asset.

Editorial: Pulling Planned Parenthood funds could backfire

The rate of abortions is falling in part because of the services that the agency and others provide.

Editorial: Find better funding source for charter schools

Rather than wait for a court ruling, lawmakers need to find reliable funding for charter schools.

Editorial: Balance the ballast in Coast Guard act

Good legislation is aground in the Senate in a disagreement over ballast and invasive species.

Editorial: Postage paid for now, but let’s make it stick

Except for King County, which will pay for its voters, the state will pay ballot postage this year.

Editorial: State ready to take on student loan watchdog role

With a federal agency hamstrung, it’s lucky the state passed a student loan bill of rights this year.

Editorial: Health district should adopt needle exchange

Run in Everett for decades, the program’s harm reduction benefits the public and those using drugs.

Parker: Hurrah for freed hostages, but there’s long path ahead

Not to let the facts rain on Trump’s parade, but North Korea hasn’t given up its nukes yet.

Editorial: Senate vote first step to protect an open internet

It may get no further, but it offers a starting point for legislation to restore net neutrality.

Editorial: Verdict’s in on left-lane camping; move over

A state appeals court has clarified that left-lane dawdling on highways is a traffic infraction.

Editorial: State should pay postage of returned ballots

The governor and Legislature need to provide the same access that King County just gave its voters.

Editorial: ‘Do no harm’ with wasteful medical procedures

A new report finds nearly half of common medical tests prone to overuse in the state are unnecesary.

Editorial: Makers of vaping liquid aiming sales at teens

The FDA sent out warnings this week because of packaging that resembles kids’ juice and other treats.