In Our View

What got done and what didn’t in the Legislature

With Democratic majorities in House and Senate, lawmakers passed scores of legislation this session.

Editorial: Rights restored, time to strengthen school papers

Lawmakers have restored free speech rights for student newspapers. Now to restore those programs.

Editorial: Learning lab project moving ahead without state

A pilot project to tutor middle school students will get its start in Edmonds and Mukilteo schools.

Editorial: Trade war would have casualties in this state

Tariffs against U.S. trading partners will mean lost exports for the state’s agricultural industry.

Editorial: Students’ lesson in civics offers advice for all

‘Write, call, email,” Rep. Suzan DelBene tells Lake Stevens High students regarding gun legislation.

Editorial: State needs to begin paying down its bond debt

The state has used bonds to pay for needed infrastructure, but its debt has built to $19 billion.

Editorial: Tax break could bring more data centers to state

Currently, the state is losing potential IT construction and maintenance jobs to Oregon.

Editorial: Inslee must veto attempt at records runaround

And lawmakers may regret hasty passage of a bill that largely exempts them from the Public Record Act.

Editorial: Gun laws can make a difference; they already have

Several bills in the Legislature can have a part in reducing gun violence and saving lives.

Editorial: Lawmakers again exempt themselves from records act

Lawmakers are trying to avoid a court ruling on state law that applies to all others in government.

Editorial: Bill would give state initiative law needed tweak

The bill would require paid signature gatherers to provide names and other information to the state.

Editorial: ‘Harvest Box’ hides deep cuts to families’ food aid

The Trump administration’s suggested changes to SNAP are intended to starve a successful program.

Editorial: Capital gains tax could offer property tax relief

A bill would use tax revenue to keep seniors in their homes and lower the state’s property tax rate.

Editorial: County’s emergency radio system due for replacement

After 2020, parts will be hard to come by for the system used by the police, fire and EMS agencies.

Editorial: Support your schools and more; get your ballot in

Ballots are due today for most Snohomish County school districts and the Lake Stevens Library.

Editorial: Relief and anxiety following federal budget deal

The budget’s military and domestic spending may please many, but not deficit hawks or Dreamers.

Editorial: Cooperate for low-income pet owners’ vet care

Shelters and veterinarians need to work together to help low-income families meet their pets’ needs.

Editorial: A unified ‘no’ to Northwest offshore oil drilling

If Florida warrants an exemption from oil leases, other states deserve the chance to get the same.

Editorial: An opioid settlement presents some concerns

Settling a suit against the opioid industry demands a significant award to those who have suffered.

Editorial: Students deserve yes vote on school levies, bonds

A temporary spike in property taxes should not keep voters from supporting school levies and bonds.