In Our View

Editorial: Nhangkar, Berg deserve Everett schools posts

Among two strong slates of candidates, Jamyang Nhangkar and April Berg deserve election to the board.

Editorial: Start school year with talk about vaping, tobacco

It’s increasingly certain that vaping is exposing teens to addiction and other health problems.

Editorial: Graves, Katims for Edmonds school board

Among strong slates in both districts, Rory Graves and Nancy Katims merit voters’ consideration.

Editorial: Fingarson should continue on Everett port board

Bruce Fingarson and David Simpson agree on most issues, but Fingarson has experience the port needs.

Editorial: Gauging support for replacing the state’s gas tax

Surveys of drivers in a state pilot program showed increasing support for a road usage charge.

Editorial: Primary will put new election system to test

More testing would have been preferable, but the state’s new system needs to be ready for November.

Editorial: 50 years after ‘moon shot,’ we need an ‘earth shot’

Kennedy had faith we could reach the moon; we need the same confidence now to confront climate change.

Editorial: Uniforms at new school need more discussion

Uniforms aren’t a good fit, according to some parents at one of of two Everett schools adopting them.

Editorial: Question over Growler impacts now left to lawsuit

A suit by the state AG’s office has followed the Navy’s decision to walk away from discussions.

Editorial: Measuring the costs of preparing for rising seas

A new report estimates the costs of seawalls. They’re not a good fit for Puget Sound, but what is?

Editorial: County council should put fireworks vote on ballot

An advisory vote on a fireworks ban would give the council useful feedback as it considers a decision.

Ignatius: Democrats can’t just wait for Trump to beat himself

As candidates scramble to keep left of each other, Trump is benfiting from a strong economy.

Editorial: Go ahead, call us ‘Seattle NorthCountry’

If it helps visitors find us — and boosts our local economy — we’ll adjust to the new name.

Editorial: Report details earthquake risks to older schools

Among the buildings with the highest risks to safety were those in Marysville and Darrington schools.

Editorial: Bikini barista ruling protects public, free speech

An appellate court found Everett’s ordinances were neither vague nor a violation of free speech rights.

Editorial: Congress, agencies move to shut down robocalls

Recent actions should help, but there are steps you can take to limit your exposure to scams.

Editorial: Getting the best out of growth for next 30 years

With nearly 2 million new neighbors on the way, we have to have a plan that serves all our needs.

Editorial: The health care question that wasn’t asked

While candidates discussed Medicare for All, a Senate committee advanced bills that can lower costs.

Editorial: Give nation’s parks, public lands funding intended

The Land and Water Conservation Fund needs full and permanent funding to serve our needs for parks.

Editorial: Too many grads leaving financial aid untouched

About half of high school graduates fail each year to complete the federal financial aid form.