In Our View

Editorial: Herald editorial board’s primary endorsements

The Herald Editorial Board makes the following recommendations for the Aug. 7 primary election.

Editorial: Return Stanford, Kloba to 1st District House seats

Democrats Derek Stanford and Shelley Kloba have proved themselves as effective lawmakers.

Editorial: Liias, McCoy and Hobbs for state Senate seats

The incumbents in the 21st, 38th and 44th district Senate races warrant a return to their posts.

Editorial: King, Vaughn for Snohomish PUD posts

Challenger Bruce King and incumbent Kathy Vaughn deserve election to the public utility’s board.

Editorial: Tyler Rourke best choice for Everett council seat

Ethel McNeal, Liz Vogeli or Rourke would serve Everett well, but Rourke has insight the city needs.

Editorial: Herald endorsements for 32nd Legislative District

The editorial board endorses Jesse Salomon for Senate and Cindy Ryu and Lauren Davis for the House.

Editorial: ACA’s pre-existing conditions protections at risk

A lawsuit threatens to end Obamacare’s guarantee of coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

Editorial: Mr. President, put down that paint can

Trump’s plan for a ‘more American’ design for Air Force One ignores the history it represents.

Editorial: Restore aid that helps inmates rebuild lives

Since 1994, most aid for college courses has been denied to inmates. The grants should be restored.

Editorial: States must do more to secure election systems

Washington state — and its paper ballots — are serving as an example of how to protect from hackers.

Editorial: Safe-storage laws can limit kids’ deaths, injuries

A proposed ordinance in Edmonds and I-1639 would require gun owners to lock their guns at home.

Editorial: Ranchers’ clemency threat to justice, public lands

The president’s commutation ignores facts in the arson case and may embolden foes of public lands.

Editorial: Counties should go after state’s unfunded mandates

State lawmakers often require counties to provide new services without the funds to support them.

Editorial: Give voters choice on Everett council districts

Voters should make the final decision on the number of council districts and at-large positions.

Editorial: Reject procedural challenge of gun-control measure

A suit to stop I-1639 on grounds that the petition’s text is too small would deny voters their voice.

Editorial: Why requiring fewer parking spaces makes sense

The move by Everett could make housing more affordable and encourage use of transit and bicycles.

Editorial: Everett would welcome carrier at naval station

As the station nears its 25th year, officials are urging the Navy to again homeport a carrier here.

Editorial: Protect jobs at newspapers and paper mills

A newsprint tariff is a threat to newspapers but also jeopardizes mill workers it seeks to protect.

Editorial: Renew fund key to protecting public lands, parks

If not renewed by Congress this fall, funding that provides parks and outdoor recreation will end.

Editorial: Stepping out of Seattle’s shadow

Former Gov. Chris Gregoire is leading an effort to promote the larger region for economic growth.