In Our View

Editorial: Making the 21st-century connection to smart cities

The ‘internet of things’ can be used to help local governments deliver services and meet challenges.

Editorial: Saving species for our sake as much as theirs

A United Nations report on biodiversity is a call to action to avoid the loss of a million species.

Editorial: Julia’s Landing a fitting name for Snohomish park

A Native American woman, Pilchuck Julia played her part — in life and after — in the region’s history.

Editorial: A troubling short cut for state tax increase on banks

Needing a quick source of revenue, Democrats took only 55 hours to propose and adopt the bank tax.

Editorial: Lawmakers delivered wins for environment, climate

With only a few exceptions, state legislators passed numerous policy improvements and investments.

Editorial: After vaccine mandate, talk with hesitant parents

They need the confidence that vaccines are safe, effective and best for their kids and community.

Editorial: Progress, but work ahead on school funding issues

Lawmakers avoided layoffs for some districts but have work ahead to meet the state’s paramount duty.

Editorial: Expand access to mental health telemedicine

Rural areas are lacking in mental health professionals; telemedicine can deliver care patients need.

Editorial: Making census 2020 count in our communities

An accurate count in the census will factor into representation and funding of vital programs.

Editorial: Give nurses a break and hospitals adequate funding

Lost in a furor over card-playing nurses are the needs of health care workers and rural hospitals.

Editorial: Capital budget funds vital projects in communities

As lawmakers make their final choices on what to include, we’ll make a final pitch for two programs.

Editorial: Protection of this land is up to ‘you and me’

Woody Guthrie’s song implied the duty we have to act as good stewards of our parks and public lands.

Editorial: Investment in supportive housing begins to pay off

The opening of Cocoon House’s Hub marks the first of three projects with the promise to change lives.

Editorial: Try again on safeguarding privacy of personal data

State lawmakers’ last-ditch attempt to pass a bill left consumer advocates out of the conversation.

Editorial: Lifting gillnet ban on Columbia poorly timed move

The return of gillnets would work against state efforts to increase salmon numbers and help orcas.

Editorial: State must cure poor funding of public health

The structure to allocate funds to health districts is in place; now, adequate funding is needed.

Editorial: Start work on regional response to climate change

Everett will soon start work on a local response to curbing global warming and its impacts.

Editorial: Vote yes for Marysville regional fire agency, levy

Voter approval would recognize an effective partnership and provide funds needed for public safety.

Editorial: Lawmakers must loosen school levy restrictions

The “levy swap” lawmakers adopted in 2017 has left some districts facing deep budget shortfalls.

Editorial: Restore prisoners’ access to books, Pell grants

Programs that promote literacy and pay for college courses in prison prepare them for life after.