In Our View

Editorial: Yes on Everett council districts; yes on 4-3 plan

Electing four council members by districts and three at-large allows the best mix of advantages.

Editorial: Lovick and Mead for 44th District House seats

Lovick is an effective and respected lawmaker. Mead has a realistic take on transportation funding.

Editorial: Logan, Wolfe deserve seats on PUD board

Logan is an advocate for PUD energy projects. Wolfe will push for efficiency and transparency.

Editorial: If not Nimitz, what can Everett expect from Navy?

With the carrier not returning, local leaders need more information on the Navy’s plans for the base.

Editorial: Report outlines actions to save state’s orca whales

Comments are being taken on a draft plan of actions that could help orcas by rebuilding salmon runs.

Editorial: Congress’ opioid bills only a start on what’s needed

Greater spending on treatment and enforcement will be needed to reverse the nation’s opioid crisis.

Editorial: Everett’s electric bus should be first of many

The state’s portion of a settlement with VW should go toward the purchase of more electric vehicles.

Editorial: Resume talks to replace I-5’s Columbia River spans

Even 200 miles away, Snohomish County needs a reliable span across the Columbia River.

Editorial: When politics collides with #MeToo

Assault allegations involving two women are different, but their decisions deserve the same respect.

Editorial: Allow tribes to benefit from a brewing opportunity

Legislation now in the Senate would erase an 1834 law that outlaws distilleries on tribal land.

Editorial: Everett budget cuts will be felt but are necessary

The mayor wants cuts to staff and popular programs, but waiting will bring the loss of much more.

Editorial: More sunshine needed on PUD’s choice of new leader

The utility’s board of commissioners should have announced its finalists before making a decision.

Editorial: Public lands, parks fund again faces termination

The Land and Water Conservation Fund will go dark if not reauthorized by Congress before Sept. 30.

Editorial: FDA right to act quickly on teen e-cigarette use

Seeing an ‘epidemic,’ the FDA has given makers 60 days to show they can keep them out of kids’ hands.

Editorial: Secure funding for light rail that voters approved

Lawmakers can consider an adjustment to the ST3 tax package, but full funding of the project is key.

Editorial: Trade disputes’ effects rolling in on prices, jobs

Talks continue with Canada, but as China and the U.S. swap tariffs, economic impacts loom.

Editorial: Support your local festival — and have fun

Some community festivals are struggling financially and need the help of businesses and residents.

Editorial: Students need an annual checkup on their loans

Congress is considering annual counseling for college students on their loans and how to repay them.

Editorial: Quiz candidates on health access and coverage

When a candidate rings your doorbell, be ready with some questions on how to ensure care for all.

Editorial: Clearing the path to careers in skilled trades

A new program would improve access for students to learn skills needed for apprenticeships and jobs.