In Our View

Editorial: Give Everett residents say on council districts

A ballot proposal switching the city council to district representation requires a public process.

Editorial: School funding half-full, half-empty, but not ample

The Supreme Court says the state’s school funding plan won’t meet its deadline. So there’s work to do.

Editorial: Senate Republicans make bigger mess of tax bill

Senate Republicans are using repeal of an Obamacare mandate to win votes for their tax reform bill.

Editorial: Don’t cut Verlot payphones’ 911 lifeline

The payphone at the Verlot ranger station is vital to protecting public safety in the area.

Editorial: Slap-dash tax reform goes all in for corporations

To afford tax relief for corporations, Republican bills eliminate deductions that help families.

Editorial: Democrats’ control in Olympia comes with a duty

The Democrats’ majorities in the Legislature could be short-lived if they don’t work with Republicans.

Editorial: GET college plans better option than student loans

The program has resumed, allowing parents to pay in advance for a child’s college education.

Editorial: Imagine museum a vital resource for families

Everett’s Imagine Children’s Museum fosters the play that is crucial to childhood development.

Editorial: A recap of Herald editorial board endorsements

Get our your ballot and make your choices for local races in your community. Ballots are due Nov. 7.

Editorial: Local issues should be driving voter turnout

The irony is that off-year elections, where the races are local, often have the greatest impact.

Editorial: Fee increase would do little to aid national parks

But an act in Congress would allocate needed funds for 30 years. And it won’t cost taxpayers a dime.

Editorial: Re-elect Terry Ryan to County Council’s District 4

Endorsement: Ryan has become the point person on growth and development issues for the council.

Editorial: Re-elect LeSesne to Everett Echool Board

Endorsement: Pam LeSesne has proved herself a leader who listens and applies that input.

Editorial: Choices for Lynnwood City Council

Endorsements: The editorial board recommends Christine Frizzell, Ian Cotton and Ruth Ross.

Editorial: Retain Lynnwood Mayor Nicola Smith

Challenger George Hurst raises valid budget concerns, but Smith has proved her leadership skills.

Editorial: Choices for Edmonds City Council

Endorsements: The editorial board recommends Josh Thompson and Adrienne Fraley-Monillas for council.

Editorial: Can we please keep a civil tongue?

A recent EdCC forum asked panelists: Are you alarmed at the tone and tenor of civic discourse today?

Editorial: Retain Gregerson as Mukilteo’s mayor

Both candidates offer impressive resumes, but Gregerson showed leadership and compassion as mayor.

Editorial: Endorsements for Snohomish City Council

Continuing Tuesday’s recommendations, the editorial board endorses Redmon, Countryman and Dana.

Editorial: Picks for Marysville City Council

Endorsements: The editorial board recommends Vaughan, James, King and Stevens to Marysville voters.