In Our View

Editorial: Allow college athletes to profit from performance

A new California law would let athletes sign endorsement deals, but a broader rule is needed.

Editorial: E-cigarette users need to know what they’re inhaling

State law should require makers to list ingredients for tobacco and cannabis vaping products.

Editorial: Going shopping? Which bag is the greenest tote?

With Everett’s single-use bag ban begun, your choice of tote can make a difference for the environment.

Editorial: State’s Target Zero campaign needs renewed emphasis

Traffic deaths and injuries are on the rise statewide and require work on new laws and other efforts.

Editorial: Gutting Endangered Species Act won’t save jobs

A suit by Washington and other states seeks to protect species that otherwise could face extinction.

Editorial: Work remains for Boeing, FAA on public trust

Faulty software is more easily fixed than the loss in confidence that followed two 737 Max crashes.

Editorial: Your mileage may vary on Trump’s emissions rollback

A plan to roll back vehicle standards is meant to help oil companies, not automakers or citizens.

Editorial: Don’t delay reforms to shore up Social Security

We have about 15 years before its reserves run dry and benefits are cut. There are options to fix it.

Editorial: A new problem with paid signature gathering

An unpaid bill for signatures could cloud voter support for a change to the state’s affirmative action law.

Editorial: FDA needs to go beyond planned vaping flavor ban

That’s a good move, but a spate of lung illnesses shows the need for closer review of vaping products.

Editorial: Need, resources make for tough call on opioid deal

A settlement could bring money sooner, but some say a drugmaker is hiding money from plaintiffs.

Editorial: Need for aid mounts in Bahamas, U.S. after Dorian

Here’s where to look for advice on which charities will put donations to their most-effective use.

Editorial: State needs to help local districts build schools

A land swap could add to state school construction funds, but it’s a far cry from what’s needed.

Editorial: Shuffling money to wall threatens future abuses

Money has been diverted, perhaps unconstitutionally, from vital military projects to fund Trump’s wall.

Editorial: Kids need more than 13 minutes for lunch

A state audit recommends more time for school lunches and moving recess before lunch, rather than after.

Editorial: How best to pay for national parks’ upkeep

Park fee increases, advertising and selling land won’t do. Another funding model offers promise.

Editorial: Nation needs campaign finance watchdog on the job

A resignation leaves the Federal Election Commission unable to do its work ahead of the 2020 race.

Editorial: Rolling on to future of 100 percent clean energy

Snohomish PUD and the BPA are working to meet a mandate for electricity from all-renewable sources.

Editorial: Meetings canceled over threats show broken process

Online threats regarding the state’s wolf management plan limit the public’s voice in those decisions.

Editorial: Lungs or not, Amazon needs better protection

The metaphor fails, but the South American rainforest is vital to maintaining climate and biodiversity.