In Our View

Editorial: Increase state grant funding for parks, wildlands

The state wildlife and recreation program provides vital funding for parks and the environment.

Editorial: Bill would allow the composting of human remains

Washington State University used six donated bodies to evaluate the procedure. It takes about 30 days.

Editorial: McCoy bill would aid voting rights of Indians

The Native American Voting Rights Act would improve access to registration and voting.

Editorial: Help county food banks meet need during shutdown

Furloughed workers are now using food banks, and uncertainty over food stamps has increased need.

Editorial: Keep debate going on ‘Son of Connecting Washington’

A proposal by Sen. Steve Hobbs for $16.3 billion in transportation work deserves more discussion.

Editorial: County council’s bipartisanship an example for D.C.

Recent work by county officials reflects a renewed effort toward collaboration, regardless of party.

Editorial: Shutdown’s impacts are hitting hard and broadly

For now, President Trump is on the hook for the blame, but Congress can’t allow this to continue.

Editorial: Congress must join appeal to defend the ACA

A judge has declared Obamacare unconstitutional, threatening protections for millions of Americans.

Editorial: Everett teacher led students in free-speech fight

Kay Powers, who died this month, showed the need for a law protecting student journalists’ rights.

Editorial: Let’s take a close look now at paying by mile

Doing away with the gas tax will require accustoming drivers to devices that log their mileage.

Editorial: What we don’t know about finances is costing us

The state treasurer’s office has online lessons and tools that can improve your financial literacy.

Editorial: We can pay a little now for care we’ll need later

Like the paid family leave act, the Long-Term Care Act would help provide care for ourselves.

Editorial: Inslee right to ease path on marijuana clemency

Allowing about 3,500 to clear their records — before voters made cannabis legal — is simple fairness.

Editorial: $5,500 and a hashtag might help finish Highway 522

#Finish522 is meant to help make the case for ending a traffic bottleneck between Maltby and Monroe.

Editorial: State should act to limit teens’ e-cigarette use

Lawmakers should raise the smoking age to 21 and tax vaping products the same as all tobbacco.

Editorial: Cavities to fill in state corporate dentistry law

A 2017 state law made chains of dental clinics legal, but one now faces allegations of violations.

Editorial: Help newsrooms fulfill watchdog role — subscribe

New research finds there’s a cost to government — and taxpayers — when communities lose newspapers.

Editorial: Our resolutions for state and federal lawmakers

Democrats and Republicans at the state and federal level have much to prove to voters.

Editorial: New paths toward confronting climate change

Voters rejected a fee on carbon, but support is strong for addressing climate change. Here’s how:

Editorial: Counting on economic power of creativity

Edmonds is the first city in a state program to establish a district to promote creative businesses.